Weigh-In Wednesday

So I didn't want to be late with posting my weigh in again... So I'm posting this from my phone sorry if there are any mistakes or crazyness.

DQ and I are actually at Carebears house for the second night in a row (hence the phone post) The Hubs cough turned into the full blown flu so I ended up staying on the couch. After two nights of that my back was killing me and definitely not conducive for a well rested, relaxed body that is supposed to be running some major miles this weekend. So I packed up and decided to crash at Carebears for a few nights Thank Gawd for guest rooms and awesome friends!!

Anyway I stayed the same 189 no loss but no gain, and I'm ok with that. I have been snacking a bit more than usual but for the most part it's been healthy, I just want to make sure I'm fueled for this weekend and and that I'm not run down and get sick on top of it. Don't know if really make any sense or a difference for that matter but hey I'm feeling pretty good so I'm gonna just go with it (for this week any way) and then I'll buckle down and cut out some of those "extra" snacks.


  1. I'm so excited for you! I will be thinking of you this weekend. Good luck and have fun!


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