Thursday Weigh-In

Lol doesn't have as nice of a ring to it as Wednesday Weigh In but hey gotta do what ya gotta do.

This week I'm so happy to say I
 actually  down again, wow two weeks in a row this may be a record for me seeing as I've been bouncing up and down for over 3 months.  So today was 167.8 whoop whoop!!! Down 0.8 not quite a pound but far enough away from 170 to make me smile and think I may have finally broken through that damn plateau! 

So tomorrow I'm going with a few girlfriends to San Diego's gas lamp district for some bar and dare I say club hopping... Yikes I haven't done that in years and I'm hoping I can hang with the youngins' in my life I have two sets of friends -  the under 30s and the over 50s- with the exception of 2, lol so it's either super mellow or loud and crazy!! So we'll see if I survive the night.  

I had to go shopping for a worthy outfit since most of my clothes don't fit (they are all falling off) so it was interesting and dare I say fun. I love to shop but it's always been hard finding cute styles when I was bigger.  It was so cool grabbing things to try on and realizing that I needed to go smaller, my brain still thinks I'm a size 16/18 sometimes and I actually bought a few things in the Juniors section WOW! I know a 38 year old woman shopping in the Jrs department, but don't worry it was tasteful and not overly trendy...(ok maybe just a little), but hey it's a club...dis gurl gotta fits in riiigghhtt!!   Oh and I got a killer pair of heels not sure how long I'll last in those 5 inch beauties so I'm gonna stash a pair of flip flops in my purse :) 

This is what I'm used to...one of my "exceptions" and my over 50  PJs, wine and TV 


Ahhhh Finally Some Rest...Sort Of...

It was finally a somewhat relaxing weekend!  There really were no major plans so that was nice, I feel like I've been go, go, go for what seems like forever and the next 3 weekends will be back to that.  Mind you it's all fun stuff like girls weekend and concerts but sometimes those are just as much work lol.

The Long Beach Half Marathon is coming up quick (like less that a month.)  I'm actually feeling pretty good about it this time around.  Now, I am nervous but I feel like I am prepared and know what to expect.  This half Mary though I won't be running alone.  One of my girls Barbie will be running with me it will be her first Half and I'm so excited for her.  She is a little nervous at the distance and has never run anything over 6 miles, and has admitted to me that she is having a hard time getting out on the weekends for her long runs.  So we made a plan for her to spend the night Friday and we would do our 8 mile run together.  Now it was my turn to be nervous as I've always said I prefer to run alone.  To me it's my quiet time, and I prefer to listen to music than try to chat god know it takes all I got to just breath and run at the same time and deep inside I'm nervous to run with others because I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up or I will slow them down.  So I told her my concerns and funny thing she had the same ones.  We decide to just take it as it came and neither of us liked chatting while running so that was good :).  

 Saturday at 6:30am we headed out is was finally a cool crisp day and overcast to boot. Perfect running weather.  All I can say is I would run every run with Barbie if I could.  We are actually pretty we'll matched and having someone else there pushed us to do better and not give up as easily as if we were alone.  I'm not gonna lie I probably take way to many walk breaks when I'm running on my own even though I know if I pushed through I could keep going.  With B there it was that little extra push I needed to keep going, and she said the same to me.  We ended up running 8.5 miles at about a 12:08 pace with only 3 quick walk breaks.  

Pretty much when we got home I had to get ready for DQ's soccer game.  I didn't even have time for a shower thank god I wasn't too sweaty.. ya right! 

And after that is was a quick ok not that quick stop at Sam's club for some fruit and nessecities. All that running and running around gave me over double my daily goal of 10000 steps and I was only half way through the day!



Really I change my weigh in to Thursday because I'm always a day late a look what freaking happens I'm late!

Well this time was because yesterday was my back to school night. I'm  usually not nervous because I've done them for so long but this year it was a new age group a new team and a few new things we're doing this year, so it took a little more prep work.  Any way it's over, it went well I got a few laughs and everything was covered win-win.

So on to weigh -in.  I was down this week by quite a bit 168.6.  I really wasn't expecting it...I always hope lol but really with the whole baby weekend I ate like crap.  I was at the mercy of anyone who would bring us something.  I tried going to the cafeteria to try and find some healthy option but by the time I got out to look it was closed.  So it was pretty much trail mix diet coke and McDonalds  which I have to admit I was kinda stoked about I haven't had a full on McD's Value meal in a while, but when I actually ate it I was pretty disappointed.  I suppose that's a goos thing!

So due to the less than stellar eating this week I stayed on track I've been super hungry so I have been above my calories (only by 100-200 ) but it has been good healthy nutritious food like fruit, lean protein and tons of veggies.  I'm actually thinking of bumping up my calories from 1400 a day to more like 1600... I'm wondering if that why I've kinda been stuck for so long.  I've been doing killer workouts and training for the half Mary in less than a month (YIKES!) but still super slower if at all scale movement.  Hummm  def something to consider, and the fact that I'm hungry lol!!! 

Well I'll leave you with this awesome picture of my ripped arms (I'm kinda in love with them right now) but ignore the stupid face... Ya I don't know what I was thinking either ;)



This weekend was like no other... I'm actually still recovering!   But it was one of the best weekends of my LIFE!

My bestie Kyss finally had her BABY...  Actually she was about a week early but thank goodness she was, her little princess weighed in at 9lbs 7oz  and 21 inches long WOW.

The reason it was so awesome for me, besides my  best friend having her first baby, was I got to be apart of it all.  Early on in the pregnancy Kyss and her hubby T knew they wanted the birth to be private and not a lot of hupla (she has a bit of anxiety so the calmer the better for her) but she did want thanks to pinterest to capture the most special time of her life, and lucky for her, her bestie (me) is a photographer.  So they asked me to be apart of the birth.  Now don't go thinking eeeww  who would want and do vajay jay shots!  They were so not like that.  They just wanted some pics of the little moments the things you really don't think about or remember when all is said and done.  They are very tasteful and NO vag shots at all! 

So I've been on baby watch for the last two weeks so its been kinda nerve wracking making sure to always have my phone and a plan to get out to Palm Springs(about an hour away)  quick.  Also I needed to make sure to have someone at the ready to watch DQ too.  So when she called work on Friday to say it was go time it worked out perfectly.  DQ was at Grammies for school and it was Friday perfect.  I headed out to Palm Springs about 11:30am and everyone was in good spirits when I got there.  Things were mild until about 9pm that's when all the hard labor and pushing began.  Going into it my plan was to lay low and just take pics, but that didn't quite happen... I got some great pics but I also helped first hand! I was holding legs and hands saying things like breath and push harder, I even got  pain induced yelled at by the mommy to be lol.  

It was amazing to say the least.  I had both my girls C Section so I missed out on all the pushing stuff (though not the labor part, with TaTa I was in labor 19 hours before the Dr decided she wasn't coming out so emergency C it was) Then with DQ we just decided to schedule her C.   So it was amazing (can't say that enough) to see it all happen literally

CJ was born at 11:19pm on Friday the 13th... So cool and it's pretty awesome because DQ's birthday is on a 13 to so I've always thought a Friday the 13th birthday is pretty awesome!   Everything went well and mama and baby are doing great and daddy was so GREAT!   

It was a day...weekend I will never forget, and am so blessed that they even thought to ask me to be apart of such an incredible part of their lives.   Here are a few of the images I captured




Time for a Change

Ok so seeing as I'm always a day late for weigh-in I was thinking I will just change up my weigh in day to Thursday... Duh why didn't I do that sooner... and I will also be consistent and weigh in on my scale (because I'm now at Carebears on  Wednesday mornings so I was weighing in on hers.).

So I still haven't been consistently under the 170's. this week was 170.4 really again I'm really starting to hate that number.  But I'm trying to accept it.  The reason is I have a HUGE NSV!!  Showing that even though the number on the scale is not really moving I'm still losing and or at least changing my body (for the good).   Well what happened was I spent the usual night at CBs and packed all my stuff forgetting that we were to wear red white & blue for Patriots Day on Wednesday. I asked CB I she had a shirt I could borrow ( side note this is another NSV Being able to borrow my friends clothes) and this was all she had

Yup that's a freaking MEDIUM!! Holy shit I don't think I've worn a medium anything since junior high. How awesome is that, it made me realize a little more that the scale is just a number and things are changing but I would still really like to see that shit move down, not gonna lie!


Time for School

I was so tired yesterday I just did not have the energy to get online for anything (even Facebook *gasp*).   It was our teacher in service day so basically it was get as much shit done as possible and get ready for the kiddos!!  We really need two days but unfortunately we do not have that luxury.  I did weigh in and was up 2.5 pounds to 172.0  and even though it killed me I was expecting it it's that time of month and though I did do another double gym day... Ran 3 miles in the morning and did a little group circuit with my girls from work, we went to Taco Tuesday after (not the best idea but it was a blast and I really don't get out with this group of girls that often). So between all the junk they fed us at the in service and the 2 margaritas -with salt- chips (just a few) and two tacos I knew I would be up mostly due to all the salt.  The ok news was that most of it was gone today and I was back down to 170.2 so I'm ok with it.  If I'm gonna play I gotta pay!  Time now to buckle down and do this sh!t

Our group this week 

And now time for the damage!

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