The -20lb Difference

I know I lagged a bit on getting this up, but finding a time to get TaTa and I home and free (even for just a few minutes) is pretty near impossible lately.  Then to actually get the photos uploaded and posted takes all of forever five minutes so you know lol.  Any way here they are, the shirts are the same style just a different color cause my brain is a sieve and I can't seem to find the black one.


                                                            May 1, 2012 - 221.8lbs.
Waist: 49"
Hips: 51"
Arms: 15 3/4"
Bust: 41 3/4"
Thighs: 27"

Sept 22, 2012 - 199.8lbs - 22 pounds
Waist: 40 1/2"
Hips: 49 1/2"
Arms: 15"
Bust: 39 1/2"
Thighs: 24 1/2"

 So it's not actually -20lbs on the dot but close enough :)  I also posted the measurements this time.  It seems that this last 10 lbs has taken so much longer to come off than the first 10 lbs I don't know if it was just the lull of summer or the lack of running ding ding ding yes that would be it.  But when the scale stopped moving I took the advice of almost everyone out there who has had the same problem and took measurements.  Overall I've lost 15 1/2 inches I'd say that is a pretty big deal and one I'm super happy about.  

Oh and just so ya'll know I hit my mark and logged in 25.9 miles for the month YAY!!!!! It also didn't hurt that I had publicly put it out there so I knew I had to do it :) can't be lettin you think I'm a big ole' loser.
So that being said I'm working on a post of goals I want to accomplish for October. That way you all will keep me in check! 


Weigh-In Wednesday #22

Wellp I stayed the same 196.0 no loss, but no gain either.  I'll take it seeing as how I only got in one run (and a short one at that) and being sick, so like I predicted it all evened out in the end.

I'm glad to say I think we are finally finding our groove on the home front, between school, working out, and now starting this week dun..dun..dun... HOMEWORK!  Drama Queen is so different than her big sis TaTa. It's like pulling teeth to get her to sit down for 5 min and do some homework, not like  TaTa as she was a little sponge and loved doing any kind of school work and for the most part still does .  So now this is the new challenge at home, if any one has any suggestions I'd love to hear them :)

Also I'm starting to get excited the Color Run is coming up pretty quick (Nov. 2nd) in San Diego and we are hoping to make a weekend of it. So I'm looking into hotels and stuff and trying to coordinate who wants to stay, one or two nights and all that jazz it's kinda a pain in the ass but I'm hoping totally worth it.

Weigh-In Wed. #21 (I think?)

196!!!!  Booyah!!!

When I got on the scale this morning I was pretty confidant I'd be down, since I've been getting my mileage in, but I never thought I would be down 4.8 holy crap on a stick.  So let's see I ran 11.37 miles last week and lost 4.8 lbs that equals about 2.36 miles per pound.  Not bad :)  Now to keep it going...


Tissue Please?

Ugg go figure I'm sick.  I knew it was just a matter of time with all the new little germies milling around. I started to feel kinda ick on Tues. but I toughed it out and ran 3 miles anyway and went to Aqua on Wed. but Thursday was Back to School Night and I worked 12 hours and that was all she wrote... Ugg I'm doing so good on my running this set back sucks!  I just can't seem to get my self up to do anything not even eat so I guess it will all even out in the end.  I'm really wanted to get up this morning and at least try to get in a short 2 miler but my head and throat said hell no and to top it off it's still over a 100 degress here.  I hate, HATE, being sick in the heat :(   Ok enough of poor me, hope evryone else is killin it for me.


Hittin it Hard

So as I've been saying over and over again so I will convince myself to do it I need to get back on track with running ( like what I did there, track running, haha I kill me), I've been slacking since about mid to late July and nosed dived in Aug.  When I started the at the gym in Sept. it was suppose to be so I could run on the treadmill instead of melting by running on the surface of the sun outside, but then I was lulled away by all the fancy classes and new machines and as I said so many times that you are sick of hearing it I only lose the weight when I run.  So now I am getting back to it FOR REALS THIS TIME!!! and I've been totally hittin hard. Check out that awesome sweat!

Though Sept. is almost over my goal is to log at least 25 miles for the month.


Cupcakes & Running... What????

OMG! I think I'm dreaming I was catch up on all most of my blog reading (this has been sorely neglected due to the massive screaming I have been enduring during the day which in turn causes me to find a dark quiet closet somewhere and rock back and forth until bed time)...I kid you not.

Any who I was catching up and ran across the most awesome thing I've seen a Cupcake Run.... Yes you heard that right Jess over at Run with Jess is hosting a Virtual 5k Run called the Cupcake Classic during the week of Oct 14th-21st.  Basically a virtual run is a race running/jogging/walking a specified distance, timing yourself, without actually being present in a race location.  Then the best part of this race is after your "race" you go treat yourself to a cupcake! Now that is a race I can so get into!   It's totally free to do just sign up, but she does have these very cute medals and even cuter shirts for purchase if you want them and of course I want so I ordered one of each :)

 If you'd like more info on Jess's Cupcake Classic click here.  I am so looking forward to it and it will give me a goal to work towards seeing as how I won't be able to run the race I was planning for Sept. for no other reason than I totally lagged and didn't sign up and I really don't feel it seeing as how I have also been totally lagging in the running department.  Though I am coming back strong!

and seriously how cute is her button...


My Ears Are Bleeding!!!

Ok so I totally failed on the weigh-in...I'm fing up to 200.8! Ugh...up 1.2 pounds

But I'm not letting it get me down, I totally know why it's up... I've been eating like crap, ok actually I've been eating ok but snacking like crazy on crap! And again I know the reason, it's September, and that my friends is the beginning of the new school year which means new kids and pretty much hell for me...
 I've mentioned it before but I am a Pre-school teacher and I teach the 2 yr. old class most of which have never been in school or away from their parents before *(why oh why do parents do this it's NOT a good thing, it is OK to leave your kid with a sitter or family friend or anyone who is not an axe murder or cult member. I know you love your kids more than anything in the world, just like I love mine most of the time but never leaving them for a second when they are babies then all of a sudden when they are 2 you drop them off to a complete stranger in a place they are unfamiliar with, and then wonder why they are screaming their heads off??? Come on it's not rocket science.  If you ever plan on taking your little bundles of joys to pre-school when they hit that magic #2 just remember practice makes perfect go out and have some grown-up time and show them you come back both of you will be happier for it!  and believe me your kids teachers will forever be grateful!!*

OK I'm off my soapbox now...but all that being said I am an emotional eater especially when I'm stressed so lock me in a classroom full of 17 kiddos, 6 of whom are screaming their heads off and making my ears bleed and yes I am running straight to the red vines, cookies, and anything else thats in the staff room.


Disney Weekend

It was a pretty kickback weekend. Not much going on so DQ and I decided to go to the Happiest Place on Earth cause we only ever stay a few hours. We have Disneyland passes and love to go as much as possible, but with the new Cars Land opening we have stayed away all summer, sorry I love the place but nothing is worth standing in line for 3+ hours with a 5 year old, and I figure we'll go hit those rides when the crowds die down in late sept. So we pretty much did our usual Fantasy and Adventure Lands.

I did pretty good food wise I almost always pack us a lunch and or snacks otherwise I am totally tempted by the Monte Cristo sandwich.

This thing is like crack...I'm totally serious
If you've never heard of it you should feel deprived and thankful all at the same time. This little slice of heaven is so damn bad for you, basically it's a turkey, ham, and Swiss sandwich that is deep fried sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with berry preserves weird I know but oh so good... Any way Disneyland is one of the very few places you can get one here in So. Cal.

 But I regress like I said I packed lunch P.B and J (better than the deep fried one) ohh deep fried PB&J and apples, but we did splurge on a churro... Come on how can you go to Disney and not get a churro.

It's a Small world after all :)

The Teacups
My girl loves the carousel.
and a churro on the train...
Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Kindergarten Weigh-In

LOL I just couldn't help it with the title... Hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day?  We had a great 3 day weekend filled with good friends, family and of course the requisite ton of  yummy food.  So I'm only down .2 pounds so I'm 199.6, not bad considering all that wine yummy food I mentioned before and I did skip one day at the gym and actually had two rest days in a row.  

But the good news is everything is quickly getting back to normal or some degree of it anyway.  Drama Queen starts kindergarten today, so summer is officially over.  Now to get back into a routine which I'm still trying to figure out since I really haven't had to worry about a kid in school for the last 4 years or so. Yes there is/was TaTa but when your in high school and now college you pretty much figure it out on your own and god forbid you ask your parents for help sheesh.

I did start back on my running schedule so I think that is a start and yesterday was my first "back on the wagon"  run and it was flippen hard! It amazes me how fast your body can forget. I warmed up with a 5 min brisk walk the ran for 2 miles slow as a snail but I felt great and my brain and body weren't ready to quit but my feet on the other hand felt differently. So we came up with a compromise and walked (briskly) another 2 miles for a total of 4.1miles.
sweet! So my plan as of now is to run on Tue, Thurs, & Sun and squeeze classes in between :)

Drama Queens first day of Kindergarten

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