Hittin it Hard

So as I've been saying over and over again so I will convince myself to do it I need to get back on track with running ( like what I did there, track running, haha I kill me), I've been slacking since about mid to late July and nosed dived in Aug.  When I started the at the gym in Sept. it was suppose to be so I could run on the treadmill instead of melting by running on the surface of the sun outside, but then I was lulled away by all the fancy classes and new machines and as I said so many times that you are sick of hearing it I only lose the weight when I run.  So now I am getting back to it FOR REALS THIS TIME!!! and I've been totally hittin hard. Check out that awesome sweat!

Though Sept. is almost over my goal is to log at least 25 miles for the month.

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  1. Baha, I loved your little funny in there ;) No one loves running, well the sane ones anyway, but it's good to know someone else is hitting it hard anyways!


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