Changing it up a Bit...

Why hello stranger.... As you can see I have been MIA for a few weeks.  This new schedule has left me with very little free time at all, so of course as much as I love blogging I have to admit I love my fam a bit more as well as sleep (sorry gotta be truthful) so in stead of apologizing every few weeks I've decided that I am going to take a break.

I really want to focus on being healthy and losing the rest of this weight (and the extra 10 I've put on this year).  I also want to spend some good family time with the kiddo and hubs, and I resigned with group training so I have no extra time yikes.

I am not just vanishing though... I will be posting things on Facebook and Instagram,they are much easier and quicker and it requires much less time sometimes it's all about instant gratification. But don't worry I will not abandon it completely,  I'll be Poppin' by and posting updates, recipes and randomness :) just not as frequently or on any set schedule. 

So please follow me on Instagram and Facebook and keep up with me and keep me honest!  

Love ya, Alma 


WiW... Can't Keep Up

Holy smokes all I can't believe it's already Wednesday and almost the end of the month. Our new schedule has time flying by.  Pretty much I am busy every night during the week and that's after working a full day and commuting 1-2 hours one way.  Since starting the new TC24 training we meet 3 times  Mon, Wed, Fri. From 6-7 then on Tues & Fri DQ has gymnastics and Thursday is girls gym night with my BFF Carrie.  I pretty much have not been home all month. 

The good news at least is the weekends have been pretty quiet, so Sunday the hubs decide he wanted to go to breakfast, since I didn't get a run in I talked him into walking to the restaurant, and to my surprise he actually said ok! It was a fun walk with the family and not to long just over a half mile one way.
Even though we went out I still wanted to make the healthier choice so here is the yummy veggie omelette and side of fruit but those damn hash browns were calling my name happy to say I didn't cave. #onepointme

Training club has been super awesome I am loving the accountability and of course Doben is always awesome and ready to get my ass in gear.  On Friday I totally had Biggest  Loser moment...we did 1/4 sprint on the treadmill and Soben came by and bumped my speed from a 5.2 all the way to a 7.1 and told me not to touch it!  Holy shit I was freaking out but I so did it I'm not sure if it was cause I was scared to fall on my face or look like an ass with all the other ladies around but I did it 4 FREAKING TIMES!!!

and the consistent burn is right on track.

This is the current group of ladies that are trying now.  They are all really nice and everyone encourages everyone. I love the camaraderie of group I really hope that 24 hour fitness keeps this program around awhile, and it's actually pretty affordable compared to one on one training.

and finally here it is down another pound.  Awesome!


Oh Hey 5 on Friday…Moments

Thank you all for your sympathy it really is appreciated.  Though it is hard it just reminds me to never take a single day for granted and to make the most of every moment.
So here a few great moments that have happened. This week:

Last week was also my Moms birthday.  It was great spending the day with her and planning our next half marathon. Yup we are doing it again the OC half in May! 

Spending some one on one with my big girl she also has a birthday next week.  I can't believe she is turning 21 where has the time gone.  I love her so much and am so proud of the woman she has become. Beautiful, fearless, kind. 

Moments like this are my favorite.  Just some quite time (after a run) sitting down enjoying a cup of coffee at my own personal zoo otherwise known as my backyard.  

And now my zoo is finally paying it back. We got our first egg yesterday.  Was it writes that I was so excited!! DQ wants to keep the shell so I will blow it out tomorrow and make a scrambled egg out of it. Hope it's all that it's cracked up to be. Sw what I did there lol I'm so funny. 

I love when I find a Pinterest recipe and it really is as good as it says and looks. This is a Pesto Caprese thingy <--- thats a word right?  Any way its a whole wheat roll split in half with about a tablespoon of pesto spread then topped with mozzarella tomatoes (you are supposed to add basil leaves but I didn't have any) a bit of Parm then put it under the broiler for 3-5 minutes and drizzle with balsamic glaze.  

What's your favorite Pinterest find lately?

The Diary of a Real Housewife


WiW… I'm Trying

Sorry for the late weigh in. It's been a rough week. I am actually down a bit ( not quite a pound) I wasn't expecting much so this is good.  182.8

As I said this week was pretty hard Monday we had a funeral to go to, and it was very difficult.  My cousin lost his 19 year old son very unexpectedly.
 TaTa drew this portrait of  "little" Timmy to give to his dad.  I am in awe of her talent and have no idea where she gets it from.  

Since it has been a busy week and DQ started up school, added a day of gymnastics and my group training started we are trying to get into the new routine.  I have discovered I pretty much have no time so I had to use my lunch break to hit up the grocery store #noexuses  

and yesterday was my first day at group training.  So far I really like this group of ladies, a lot of them are new to training so we are starting out a little on the easier side but Soben is so awesome and modifies mine so it's a little harder or adds more weight for me.  I already feel it in my booty :)

my burn from last night.


What Motivates You...Track The Tank Giveaway!!

So a few many months back I was contacted by Tia over at Hands On, Pants Off and Candra at Camo & Lipstick about this awesome idea to get together a bunch of bloggers all over the U.S. and put together a giveaway.  It's kind of like that movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with a workout tank. 
It started way back in the beginning of fall and has traveled all over getting tagged up and helping us stay motivated.  You can read my "What Motivates You" post here.
But I'll give you a hint.... It's these beauties right here

And now after many long months it's time to finally give this baby away!

 So enter below,  good luck, and I love to here what motivates you?


Oh Hey 5 on Friday

So wrapping up the first full week after the holidays I'd have to say  who knew I could love a day so much…Thank god it's Friday.  So as always getting right to it.

Carrie and I started back with our Thursday night gym dates.  We went to a fancy one in the Spectrum (a mall) I've never been to a gym at the mall before. It was nice and even had a water feature cause we all need one of those in our gym

Been burning the calories this week and just gonna keep at it and hope the weight will follow.

I was not completely perfect with meals this week . The Hubs and I had a chance to go to happy hour ALONE so we took full advantage.  I didn't use it as an exuse to go crazy though. I did have a drink or two but instead of all the fried apps I went with a very yummy beet salad. It's all about the balance.

I love how silly my oldest TaTa and I are.  Some times we will text each other in just meems.  Or do this...


while in Arizona the hubs and his bestie were being funny and taking a bunch of selfies (I posted it here) Then I saw this yesterday… 

Uh-oh I better keep an eye on the hubs….
Have a great weekend everyone!



WiW…Spiraling Out of Control

Yup it's back to reality… There are no more excuses.  so here it is in all it's unwanted glory…

I have packed on a few holiday pounds, but guess what I'm over it. I'm moving on and going to get things done.  I can wallow in what I could have done or what I should have done different, I'm not going to do that I'm am just gonna do it. 

Last year I wanted to be fabulous by forty (about a month and half away) whelp it didn't happen quite as I wanted it to.  I'm up about 10 pounds from this time last year so instead of being fab as I turn forty I'm going to make forty my bitch!! and I'm starting NOW.

I am getting in my workouts weather it be at home or the gym.  I did just take my happy ass to gym last week and handed over my christmas bonus to my trainer and politely asked her to get my ass into gear.  
They have a new program at 24 Hour Fitness called TC24 basically its small group training at a more affordable price. (12  one hour sessions for $200) so it works out to be 3 days a week for a month not to bad.  I just need some help being accountable and Soben  (my trainer) was really great at keeping me in check.

It doesn't start until next week so in the mean time I've been woking at the gym on my own or doing my resistance bands at home (I'll have to get the hubs to get a picture of me in the act). 

Also my eating has been on point. I threw away all the crap I could (with out giving DQ or the hubs heart failure) and have been using this awesome christmas present my mom gave me.

I want to spiral all the veggies.  Don't get me wrong I can't trick myself into thinking its pasta or nothing but I like veggies and this is a fun and easy way to eat them.  
This is zucchini with pesto and chicken.

and this is also zucchini tossed with marina and turkey meatballs.

So I am determined to make this year a fan-freaking-tastic one.  I may not have come in like a lion but damned I'm come it out of it one hot cougar! lol 


A Little Late...But I'm Ready

Hello??   Anyone still there?....
Well if you are,  thank you :)  seems Christmas came in and everything else went out.  I had all these lofty goals of what I wanted to get done on the blog, around my house, at the gym.  Instead it was a lot of family time.  So really it was great!  I may not have done everything I wanted but I spent so much time with my family and friends and who can complain about that.
I'm a little late to the recap party but I'm gonna do it anyway.
Christmas was great, very low key I had the family over for Christmas eve dinner then it was just the Hubs DQ and myself on Christmas day.  We watched movies played with our new toys and enjoyed each others company. 

Saturday after Christmas we drove to the California/Arizona border to pick up Ash so she could spend the week with us.  Always a long drive but so worth it we love having her she is such a sweetie and DQ just loves her.
We did a lot of fun things while she was here unfortunately the hubs had to work the first few days so my mom and I took the girls out and went ice staking in Old Town Temecula.

the next day we went to the trampoline park were we all jumped for two hours straight.  Even grandma.  Holy cow was I sore the next day, but still so much fun, and not to mention a great workout.

New Year was low key as well, we invited our friends over to just hang out, snack and play a little Cards Against Humanity (seriously the funniest and most inappropriate game ever) while the girls played Just Dance and watched movies.  None of us made it to midnight seeing as we are so old. We called it a happy new year at 10:00 and I was asleep by 11:00 such a party animal.
This weekend we wrapped up our break by taking Ash all the way back to AZ.  We left a day early so we could spend the weekend with our friends in Phoenix  (the husbands have been besties for like ever... seriously like high school forever)

They also have girls DQs age so they loved playing together and we sat around a caught up on life.  We used to go out a visit them almost monthly, but life gets busy so now we are only doing 3-4 times a year. 
Caught in the act, even though they may deny it boys take selfies too!
And even though I didn't work out nearly enough over the break I did get in a run with Amy (she just ran her firsk 5K non stop!!) so proud and now she is thinking of running a half...and I'm thinking if she does I may go out there and do it with her. 

and like I said I didn't work out or hit the gym as much as I wanted, but I wasn't a total couch potato. I went on a few hikes and runs, made it to the gym once and I also played with my awesome at home resistance band work out gear that the hubs got me.  I also found this cool fitbook at Target while doing some after Christmas shopping.

So now I am reved up and ready to go for the new year!!  Watch out.

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