WiW… I'm Trying

Sorry for the late weigh in. It's been a rough week. I am actually down a bit ( not quite a pound) I wasn't expecting much so this is good.  182.8

As I said this week was pretty hard Monday we had a funeral to go to, and it was very difficult.  My cousin lost his 19 year old son very unexpectedly.
 TaTa drew this portrait of  "little" Timmy to give to his dad.  I am in awe of her talent and have no idea where she gets it from.  

Since it has been a busy week and DQ started up school, added a day of gymnastics and my group training started we are trying to get into the new routine.  I have discovered I pretty much have no time so I had to use my lunch break to hit up the grocery store #noexuses  

and yesterday was my first day at group training.  So far I really like this group of ladies, a lot of them are new to training so we are starting out a little on the easier side but Soben is so awesome and modifies mine so it's a little harder or adds more weight for me.  I already feel it in my booty :)

my burn from last night.


  1. A drop is always a step forward! Considering the family dynamics, you did GREAT, obviously, handling the sudden stress load.

    I'm so so sorry for your family's loss. :(

  2. First, rock on! You lost = winning! And so sorry about your cousin's son . . . so sad. I lost my brother when he was 19 so I can totally understand. And geez, TaTa has some serious talent. What a touching gift!

  3. So sorry for your family's loss...

  4. Sorry for your loss.... That drawing is really good. Congrats on the loss - a loss is a loss no matter what.

  5. I was sorry to read of your family's loss.


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