Ahhh gotta love vacation. So far it has been pretty relaxing (as far as camping can be anyway). I've gotten in one run the first day, but not sure if I will get any more in ( it's suppose to be 113f today). Just a little ok, way to hot for me, but I'm making sure to be the one to take Emily (our dog) over to the dog park a few times a day, and walking the trash to the dumpster which is a bit of a walk away. Better than nothing I suppose, and I'm also trying to swim as much as possible without getting run over by any boats or getting a massive sunburn.



Now that  TaTa's graduation is over and most of vacation packing is done, I figured I better get my big butt up and go for a run.  Well running is a strong word, and I'm not quite sure if what I do is actually considered running...I'm thinking it's more like a really fast walk with some bouncing thrown in for good measure haha.  I really REALLY want to be a runner, I want to call myself a runner, but I'm not quite sure I'm there yet?  I started off strong a few weeks ago with C25K and I made it all the way to the end of week three,( that's running 3 YES, 3 FREAKING minutes straight).  Then graduation jumped up right in front of me and I just stopped.  WTH?? What was I thinking?  Damn it... Uggg So now I start again.  I didn't put C25K on for this "run" I figured  I'd wing it  I planned on 3 miles and ended up doing 4 I actually felt really good, though my pace was very slow 14'.49".   I just have to remember...


Vacation Time

Woop Woop it's vacay time!!! Every year for the last 27 years me and my whole family (mom,dad, stepmom, long story but it ends well , my brother and his fam so ya everyone) goes to the river over Memorial day for a week.  It's fun times, can you tell I'm excited (maybe just a bit).  I was a little worried at first, (is it me or do I always "seem a little worried" oh well) anyway like I was saying I was a tad bit worried about going on vacation this upcoming week and what it's going to do to my weight loss goals, but after a successful week of avoiding all the crappy crap food during teacher appreciation week I feel that I can control myself and be master of my goals (haha sounds pretty epic). 

I know that there will be tons of  not so good for me food there but I am going into it prepared.  I am making a list of healthy options for myself and going to bring what I need to keep on track, like fresh fruit instead of chips, I'm really enjoying oatmeal with a tad of peanut butter in the morning so I'll stick with that instead of the fried eggs and bacon, or the chrizo and beans that is the favorite.  Also for lunch I'm thinking turkey sandwiches or some of those pre-cooked chicken breasts from Sam's Club (easy and healthy).  Dinner will probably just small portions of whatever everyone else is having.  We all take turns making a breakfast and a dinner and for lunch/snacks we bring our own so I'm going to make sure the two meals I'm responsible for are healthy and yummy. 

I also plan to at least walk and maybe throw in a run but it is supposed to be over 100+ the week we are there and I really hate, HATE working out in the heat and though the trailer is air-conditioned there is just no room to work out in there to a DVD  so the plan is to wake up early or go late and walk around the campsite. I would love to comeback from vacation having lost a pound or two but I will settle be happy with not gaining.


Not That Bad

Yayyyy Meee!!!! I am so happy this week has not been as bad as I thought.  Yes there were doughnuts, yes there were cookies, and even cake, but I have done awesome.  Today was the first day I had even a bite of that crap and YES it was just a bite (a tiny, tiny bite of homemade mini cupcake with chocolate frosting).  I Think weigh-in helped with this. I was just so excited to see the scale actually move down (3 whole pounds) that it kept me motivated enough to not put that crap in my mouth and risk seeing the damned scale go up.  The funny thing is I also haven't done as much exercise as I did the week before (due to TaTa's graduation)  WEIRD???.  I'm thinking that maybe I was actually going to low in my calories I try to stay between 1300-1400 and the week before I was just making 1300 then running or doing the Just Dance game on the Wii (that thing is awesome and so much fun hardly feels like a workout...until the next morning anyway) which was burning anywhere from 150-350 calories.  I'm no expert but that is the only thing I can think of as to why the scale barley budged the week before... Anyone have any thoughts?  

TaTa and I just before Graduation



For the last 11 yrs. I have looked forward to this week, but this year I am scared, yes totally scared shitless...  What is so special about this week you ask?? Well I am a teacher and this week is Teacher Appreciation week at my school.  I work at probably the best school in the world the teachers friends there are amazing the students cute as buttons and the parents are well, freaking AWESOME!! When I say we are appreciated we truly are and boy the school, and parents show it.  So why does this week have me shaking in my Chuck Taylors well as often as we suggest that we enjoy healthy snacks (like I have said before, I work with all women and you know us always on the diet train) we inevitably get the homemade cookies, the incredible cheese danishes from the little french place down the way, and mugs filled with chocolate. UGGG these are my ultimate weakness, I can totally drive by In-n-Out, Taco Bell, hell even McDonalds and not bat an eyelash but put a cookie in front of me and watch out...So this is why I'm a little worried going into the week.  I know I can have one, or just a little of "whatever" but I CAN'T!!  That is a problem for me I am the kind of girl that is "outta sight outta mind" if I don't see it I really don't crave it (hence that is why I keep very little of that stuff in my house only the bare minimum for the kids & husband and stuff I don't care for so I'm not tempted).  So my willpower will be put to the test this week and it's gonna be one helluva a fight. Wish me luck.


Not Going to Do It!

So Wednesday was  "weigh-in" day and this week I have been awesome!! Kept on track with eating and writing everything, and I mean everything down even the lick of the spoon when making Drama Queen her PB&J.  And to top it off I have done some kind of exercise everyday YES EVERY FRICKIN DAY!!  So I felt great when I stepped on the scale then I look down and...well shit I only lost 0.6 pounds.  I know,  I know I should be happy about that,  just over 1/2 pound but come on ugg!  And I must admit it has put me in a funk, enough so that yesterday was my scheduled longer run and I totally blew it off, now I really feel like shit double ugg. So short story longer  (I'm really good at that) as I woke up this morning feeling like a big ol' loser i promised myself i would not fall off the wagon just because of some slow progress, everyday I have to remind myself this is not temporary this is what it is going to be FOREEVER!!!  really I'm starting to get used to it, not saying there won't be some bumps or hell even a head on collision once in a while but I need to be happy with any progress no matter how small and know that I am healthier if not thinner  for it !


No More

OK so that's it I finally had it with being (as my friends and I kindly put it) "fluffy", I DON'T WANT to be fluffy any more. I want to be solid,  sexy, hot...happy.  Honestly I'm not sure exactly what the the last fluff ball was, maybe trying to find a cute outfit for my daughters up coming High School graduation, or everyone at work talking about losing weight ( I work with all women so this topic cycles often as you can imagine), but what I think it was is, is my daughter Ta-Ta (her baby sis's nickname for her). She is absolutely beautiful all tall and curvy, and has a ton of style and can wear anything...yay one of those and she's mine, so really  can't hate her, well I could but then really I'd be kinda' a shitty mom and really do we need any more of those in the world. Anyway every time I we are together or I have introduced her to someone, it's always the same wow you guys look so much alike, and I always look at her and think really I DO NOT look like that I wish, hell I'd give my second born to look like that, ok maybe not give but sure as shit loan her out for a while (she can be quite the drama queen). So my comeback is always and I do mean always "haha ya she is the young, hot, thin version of me" believe me this gets the laughs. ;) One day i was like really I want to be that version of me, I can will be that version of me...so now the journey or fight as I like to put it begins.

Me and the Drama Queen

The young, hot, thin version of me 

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