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I've noticed that some of the earlier blogs I read have kinda vanished so I've been scoping out blogland for some new reads and motivation cause I have so much free time ya know and it's not like I want to actually clean my house or get stuff done.  So I've stumbled on to a couple of really good ones that fricken funny and a little wrong (in a good way).

One of them is the Mustache Diaries by Marcy  she pretty much keeps it real and doesn't sugar coat it.  So today she and two friends Jenna and Lori are doing a Link up!

So  I mentioned in my last post how the scale is slow going lately and as most of you know I am a total scale whore....yes I just totally said that.  So it's been pretty crappy feeling like I'm eating so well working my ass off at the gym and staying in groove with running (which I actually have been doing I know I'm pretty surprised myself), and seeing such slow progress.

So I decided to quit procrastinating and take some new progression pics and measurements. You can see all my before and afters here.

HOLY CRAP!! That scale is a lying B*tch.....(ok not really I guess it does say I've lost 38lbs but being at this almost a year and the work I feel I put in it should say more)

May 2012                  March 2013
              Waist  49"                           38"             -11"
             Hips   51"                           46"             -5"
                   Bust   41.75"                       38"            -3.75"
                   Arms  15.75"                    13.5"            -2.25"
                 Thighs   27"                      24.50"           -2.5
That's a total loss of 24.5"   Booya!!!
So I guess this means I really need to not focus on the numbers so much and take more motivation away from the tape measure  (he might have to become my new BBF).

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Weigh - In Wednesday #48

Holy crap I've been at this for 48 weeks!!!

Wow that's amazing!

Welp this week's numbers are 183.2  a loss of 1.4lbs almost 40 pounds down, I'm happy with that.  The scale has been very slow going lately, but at least it's going in the right direction.

So this weekend a cute a furry little animal is going around filling baskets and such with a shit load of chocolate and sugar...ugg  damn bunny!

This also means family dinners or in my case brunch.  We are definitely a family who loves food and most of our gatherings revolve around it.  Brunch is at my brothers house this year, when I asked SIL what she wanted to bring the answer I got was..."whatever you want"... nice that leaves a lot.  So I changed my tactic and asked "What do you have already?" and I got the run down, ham eggs cinnamon rolls, bacon doughnuts, in other words not much of the healthy stuff (big surprise). 

Ok I should add some back story here.  I love my brother and his family (yes SIL included, ok sometimes) but they are not very healthy or active,  but my brother is one of those people we love to hate that actually has to eat a ton to maintain his weight and is pretty active but the rest not so much.  But what eve who am I to judge, no one.  The problem lies that  ever since I started my weight loss or "healthy lifestyle" she asks my about it.  I never volunteer information or bad mouth anyone elses choices. I just do my thing,  anyway when she asks or it comes up in conversation of course I talk about it  (I'm damn proud of what I've done so far) and  you asked right.  Then come the excuses or the "oh ya that's normally how we do, but you know its a special occasion, vacation, or fill in the blank... but I call bullsh*t.  I'm not judging you so don't make excuses, you don't have to I don't really care what you are doing or how you live your life.  If you want help or advice I'm here I will help or just offer support.  But this is what really pisses me off to no end,  She will offer DQ a soda or candy (not just one but like a Costco bag) but always follow it up with a "Oh but you need to ask your mom first cause I don't think she will be ok with it"  then why offer it to her WTF??  and it's not that DQ or I for that matter can't have it we just do it in moderation.  Yes she can have a small sprite but not a giant Big Gulp of Mt. Dew, she can have a handful of M&M's but not a pound.   Besides being a bunch of crap and unhealthy DQ is a child and a hyper child, like she needs any extra sugar geesh!

So as you can see by my rant brunch will be interesting as is every family gathering.    In the end I think I'm going to bring a nice fruit salad and some low fat muffins and just do my thing and smile.  Also I will be totally rockin my cute new spring dress cause like I said I'm damn proud of what I've done and I'm going to show it off!!


Frankie says Relax... Then get Sick

This weekend was pretty relaxing...finally.

I could have just used a meme with the saying
but the muscles make it so much nicer to look at :)

Friday, what I thought was my allergies were kickin up, so I decided to take a rest day. Have to admit it was kinda nice just relaxing and clearing out my DVR  (anyone else watching the Following OMG! talk about suspenseful it's so good) also watched the season finale of Biggest Loser so glad Danni won I loved her and damn her arms were amazballs, but bummed that Gina won the at home prize I was hoping Lisa would win she looked fantastic and turly did most of it at home.

Saturday rolled around and there was no soccer game. CareBear came over so the hubs could replace her brakes (have I mentioned how nice it is to have a guy who can fix things) and we were planning on going to the gym.  Well time got away and before we knew it it was 1pm.  Kids Club closes at 1pm on the weekend so we decided to bust out the Just Dance 4.  It was so much fun like a mini dance party at home and we sure worked up a sweat and kept it going for well over an hour. 

Sunday I started out with a 4mile run.  It felt really good to get out there in the early morning air.  Even though I wasn't feeling all that great (I think I have a slight cold and not the allergies I had thought).  I aimed for a nice easy run and turned out I had a pretty good pace 12:20 per mile and it still seemed easyish.  I think all the cross training and weight lifting and evil squats are helping with my running.

 When DQ woke up her cough seemed to be worse but she was still bouncing off the walls and it was such a nice day (75F +  the perks of living in So. Cal.)  I just couldn't keep her inside.  We decided to hit up the regional park and do some pony rides.  Turns out they were having an Easter Event so it was pretty crowded but we stayed anyway.
Such a happy girl with her horse.

We played some games, decorated cookies ( I didn't even have a bite) and just enjoyed the sunshine.

Sun, butterflies, and frosting, what could be better
After all was said and done Sunday night turned out to be pretty rough. DQ was up most of the night coughing, and when she wasn't I was. So not much was happening in the sleep department.  Monday I was able to get her into the Doctor"s and turns out my little peanut has a sinus infection and bronchitis...ugg again I win mother of the year...NOT! Poor thing my only excuse is she seemed fine except for the cough and she was still totally driving me to drink crazy.  So now she is on meds and all is well... and she is still driving me right to the wine bottle crazy.

Hopefully this will help her sleep, if not maybe I'll down
the bottle of Nyquil so someone sleeps, whatever works right?


Geckos, The Munchies and Weigh-in

Let me start this post by saying it was written on Monday and again I forgot to hit publish geesh.

I feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes.  So it is Wednesday weigh-in day and I was up +0.4lbs  that puts me at 184.6 not the way I was wanting to go, and if you keep reading you'll see why.

I'm kinda bummed I was so motivated last week then.....

My car took a shit again!  Ugg on Wednesday the air went out and froze something (the hubs told me but when he talks cars I feel a little like Charlie Brown when an adult is talking all I hear is waa, waa, waa, waa but anyway) so it was pretty much undriveable until he fixed it. Which meant I had to cancel my Wed. gym session with Soben.

 Then Thursday this happened:

But we ran out of light and it didn't get fixed,  so I had to borrow mom's car again (have I mentioned she is the best mom ever!)  But that also meant no gym again, I know I could should of run but I didn't.  I talked myself into picking up the house because my stepdaughter Ash was visiting (that is actually a BIG  deal as she lives in Arizona and her mom can be, let's just say indecisive so we don't get to see her as often as we'd like) so even though I could have squeezed it in I didn't, and of course a case of the lazies got me and I didn't work out at all.

and this also happened...

DQ was taking out her Leopard Gecko and slipped knocking down the aquarium.  Luckily everyone was all right and Kiyou (her lizard) survived but the aquarium did not.  So it was a mad dash to find a suitable home for it in other wards something it couldn't escape from until we could get to the pet store and replace it.  So I was stressed and used that as an excuse to.

the one positive was my eating was really good all weekend I avoided pizza when DQ and I went over to a friends Saturday and opted for a salad with chicken and dressing on the side instead.....until Sunday afternoon.  I just felt super snackie. The morning started off great on the way to Disneyland we stopped at Starbucks and I got a passion tea unsweetened and a egg white spinach wrap.  We only stayed at Dland for a couple of hours and when I got home I had the rest of my salad.  Then the munchies hit I swear I didn't smoke anything  and I had a serving of cinnamon pita chips, then another, then another... then I had some Peanut Butter Toast Crunch (dry) then some more.  Crap I wasn't even hungry!!  I also made sure to track everything into myfitnesspal.  I didn't go over my calories but it was empty calories and made my feel like crap the rest of the day.  So I'm not to hopeful about weigh-in this week, but it was my fault and I need to take responsibility and move on.


Weigh In Wednesday #

184.2  this weeks loss  -1.2lbs

Oh My gosh I can see it I'm almost there....

 the 170's  it's so close I can almost reach out and grab it...

and that's what I'm planning on. I made a mini goal for myself and that is to say good-bye to the 180's and be in the 170's by the end of March.  That's 2.5 weeks to lose about 4 pounds, I hope think if I really do well with staying within my calories and hit it hard at the gym I can get there.


Tattoos, Punk, and Soccer Mom

I have a little secret I love punk music and tattoos. In high school I was that weird chick with black hair,  red lips, who wore all black and Doc Marten boots up to my knees... I know can you believe how normal I turned out... Well sort of :)

So Friday was a throw back to my youth.  After work the girlies and I went to the Musink festival (a tattoo and music festival) which was pretty sweet. We met up with our friends D&D and enjoyed some awesome art and great music. We were really excited to see The Vandals and Bad Religion they still got it!  It was a great show and everyone was so nice even the tattooed freaks lol oh wait I'm one of those.   And to top it off I did really good with my eating though I did have a few beers.

We got home around 1:00AM (that, I am to old for yikes) then Saturday morning reared it's ugly head to soon and off we went to DQ's 8:00AM soccer game.  Followed by OZ the Great and Powerful.  TaTa of course bought a huge popcorn and I had NONE of it!! I was resolved to stay on track and the fact that I was so tired I was lucky to even stay awake for the movie  helped.

I made home made pizza's on Saturday and they were so yummy.  For mine I actually used a Light Flat Out instead of the regular crust. It was pretty yummy I'm thinking I'll make it again and post the recipe. It really was that good.


Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

So to keep up with my running cause I've been doing a pretty shitty job as of late and spend time with my family so they actually remember I do live here I decided that I am going to wake my sorry butt up and run in the mornings on Thursdays so I have the evenings to nag spend quality time with them.

This may not seem very daunting to most but for me this means waking up at 3:30AM  to be on the road for work by 5:15AM.  So today was my first Thursday and of course DQ was up all night with a cough.  At 3:30  I called off work and seriously debated going back to bed (I have to stay home all day with a sick kiddo I need my strength...right??)  I even got as far as climbing back into bed...and stayed there for a whole 5 minutes before good choices or guilt but what ev kicked in.  I got dressed  grabbed a banana and off I went.

Yes folks that's AM

That gym was a ghost town, only a few hard core peeps were there (look at me I'm hard core!)  and I totally kicked some treadmill butt HELL YA!  Though it was hard to get up I love morning runs and always do better than in the afternoon or evening.

Look at all that liquid awesome!!
and that weird face, what was I doing?

A little full body shot for ya.
I'm so glad I didn't flake this morning I felt great afterwards.  Then I remembered I have a session with my trainer this afternoon at 5PM doh...  Oh well looks like a double hitter today, but at least I will be home sooner that if I stayed a ran afterward.  Also since I was home with DQ I was able to get a crapton of stuff done today (which means I spent the day cleaning the house).

Do you like to workout in the mornings or in the evenings?

Weigh-In Wednesday

Ok I know it's not Wednesday but I did write this yesterday I just forgot to hit post... Duh

Yay!  Down just a smidge over a half pound  0.6  putting me at 185.4

 I'm starting to get a little excited about reaching my next goal of 175.  Also our annual Memorial day trip to the River is coming up in a little less that 3 months.  I'd actually like to lose another 15lbs by then and be smokin hot (totally doable) so that's my goal for now and to get fully back on track with my running.

I've kinda been slaking in that department so I have to find a race quick and sign my butt up so it holds me accountable and I don't look like a complete idiot, cause you know that just being healthy isn't enough motivation it requires being terrified of  looking like a dumb ass.  Yup I guess do what works, hey that's what got me through my half mary.

and just because here is a random pic of my bi monthly
Sam's Club visit


Bars, Converse, and Towels

This weekend was filled with so many surprises and they were all good!! 

It actually started on Thursday, the girls and I went out to happy hour at the yard house to celebrate Barbies birthday.  I was actually pretty good only one Blue Moon and one Gobstopper Martini (though I really wanted another 3 they are that good, but I was a driver) and split and appetizer BBQ Chicken Pizza with CareBear.

You have a BABY in a BAR!!!   Yup I'm that mom.

Then the other girls went out to another bar but being the good girl that I am, I took DQ and I back to CareBears for bed.  Also I am totally OK taking DQ to Happy Hour and a restaurant bar, but pretty sure it would be fully frowned upon to take her to a full blown bar at least after 9pm.

When I got home on Friday the Hubs surprised me with a quick overnight at the Mission Inn for a little R&R which was sooo needed and totally awesome!  The hotel was absolutely beautiful and super fancy.  After checking in and freshening up we headed to the Presidential Lounge (named for all the Presidents that have stayed there) for some drinks and piano jazz while we waited for our dinner reservations.  Dinner was YUM and very romantic.  I very rarely eat red meat (just my preference) but I ended up having the filet mignon and it didn't disappoint. 

So romantic *hearts*

It was so nice we really wanted to stay longer but had lots to do Saturday (so we are going to just have to go again darn...lol) But I had a great NSV while I was there.  When I got out of the shower the towel actually wrapped all the way around me!!!  I normally take my own beach towel *hence big ass towel* so I can wrap it around me while I get ready but since this was so last minute I forgot.  It totally made my day.

and finally Saturday afternoon I was so excited to take family pics of my Bestie Kyss, her hub and two dogs.  Then I got this surprise

I'm going to be an AUNTIE!!  I'm so excited.  When we got to the location I asked if the had any ideas, and they said a few then pulled out these tiny Converse.  I totally freaked and started to cry.  I am just so happy for them.  They are going to be such awesome parents.  So "family" pics were actually announcement pics.

How was your weekend?    Did you have any surprises?

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