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I've noticed that some of the earlier blogs I read have kinda vanished so I've been scoping out blogland for some new reads and motivation cause I have so much free time ya know and it's not like I want to actually clean my house or get stuff done.  So I've stumbled on to a couple of really good ones that fricken funny and a little wrong (in a good way).

One of them is the Mustache Diaries by Marcy  she pretty much keeps it real and doesn't sugar coat it.  So today she and two friends Jenna and Lori are doing a Link up!

So  I mentioned in my last post how the scale is slow going lately and as most of you know I am a total scale whore....yes I just totally said that.  So it's been pretty crappy feeling like I'm eating so well working my ass off at the gym and staying in groove with running (which I actually have been doing I know I'm pretty surprised myself), and seeing such slow progress.

So I decided to quit procrastinating and take some new progression pics and measurements. You can see all my before and afters here.

HOLY CRAP!! That scale is a lying B*tch.....(ok not really I guess it does say I've lost 38lbs but being at this almost a year and the work I feel I put in it should say more)

May 2012                  March 2013
              Waist  49"                           38"             -11"
             Hips   51"                           46"             -5"
                   Bust   41.75"                       38"            -3.75"
                   Arms  15.75"                    13.5"            -2.25"
                 Thighs   27"                      24.50"           -2.5
That's a total loss of 24.5"   Booya!!!
So I guess this means I really need to not focus on the numbers so much and take more motivation away from the tape measure  (he might have to become my new BBF).

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  1. This makes me feel a thousand times better. Scales are seriously ridiculous lol. I look at me 33 pounds ago, and I'm like I look 50 pounds lighter at least. You look soooooo good! Like.... I am LOVING those before and after pics.

  2. Also just saw where I was under your "awesome blog" category. Heart=Melting. Thanks ;)

  3. Love the side-by-sides! It's encouraging, right? I think I'm going to go the "Skinny Meg" route and throw out the scale, going only by measurements and how clothes fit.
    Also, Marcy is hilarious. And she scares me. ;-)

  4. That is awesome! You can definitely see how much smaller you are. My weight hasn't changed much since September, but I tried on a dress I wore to a wedding and it's a lot looser.

  5. Very motivating!! Thank you! I need to do pictures, but I've always avoided the camera... But it doesn't lie and you amazing!!


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