Race for the Rescues

This weekend me and the girls ran the Race for the Rescues 10k, for our friend Nell's So. Cal Bulldog Rescue.  It was a pretty small race ( probably one of the smallest I've done). But it was very well organized and put together.   

It was held at the Irvine Great Park which was on part of the old El Toro military base.  Though it was well done the course was pretty boring (we ran on the old Tarmac) and it was a gradual incline and decline... Not too bad but enough for my quads to hate me for it.  

This was actually my very first 10k.  I have done several 5ks and two half marathons, but I guess I just kinda skipped over the 10ks lol. I actually REALLY like this distance.  It was long enough to make me work for it, but not so long that I was cursing myself :)  

I will admit it wasn't my best run (Tom came for a surprise visit that morning, if you know what I mean) so I was off and crabby but I put on my big girl panties  (literally lol) and ran.  I finished in 1:13, so now I Offaly have a 10k PR and something to beat!  


Too sweet!

I truly have the greatest friends ever!!

Remember last post I said I wasn't going to be able to do my group training anymore... Damn car payment I'm still bitter can't ya tell... Well Monday I got a call from the girls telling me that I had to make sure I came on Wednesday to group for the free demo session.  I told them of course I would.  Then they asked if I was free for the month of nov on training days and I said yes but I couldn't do it for a while but I would surely  stop by and say hi.  Then they hit me with a big surprise..... T (one of the group girls and who I meet up to run with on T&TH mornings)  paid for me to do Group for Nov.  WHAT??? 

I didn't even know how to respond, I am still in such shock!  She said I inspire her and I help her get her butt to the gym... Oh wow still don't know how to respond.  It is truly one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.  So I better get with it and work my ass off no slacking this month!!

Love my girls!! They are the ones that help keep me going!


This Post is Brought to You By The Letter "C"

As in  "C"rappy "C"ar ... oh my god I am so sick of car troubles if I ever see another tow truck  again it will be too soon!!!  Not sure if I've given  you all, the run down on my car problems over the last year but believe me there have been too many to count from a broken A/C last summer then agian twice in 3 months this summer   to our failed attempt to go out to Arizona for Thanksgiving last year when the car died on the freeway.   But this was the last straw.

I went to the gym on Tuesday morning before work (read 3:30am)  car worked fine though the transmission has been "slipping" lately but no problems.  Jump forward to leaving and the effing thing wouldn't stay on.  It would start but then just die. Really, Really you have got to be kidding me!!  So called the hubs and then called AAA, to have them tow me home.  Luckily DQ didn't have school so one less thing to stress about there.  

The hubs called off to try and fix the car for the umpteenth time, but just couldn't get a code to come up.  As I was looking through my FB feed (I had posted a pic of me waiting for the tow truck). A friend's husband posted to just suck it up and buy a Prius and that the money I would save on gas would help cover the payment.  I told the hubs and we laughed a ya right laugh for a minute, then about an hour later we thought well why not just go look.  We still owed a bit on the Santa Fe and it wasn't running so we were not to hopeful but headed to the deal anyway.  We were honest and told them what was up (a POS car) and what we could afford (not much) and let them try to work some magic. 

DQ waiting so patiently...Thank god for iPads

Finally they came back with something doable.  So this is my new ride

Mind you I am not over joyed by the fact that my car payment more than doubled, but if all goes well the gas savings will cover most of it.  The only bummer was I have to give up my Group training sessions for pretty much forever at this point (that was an extra $250 a month), but getting to work in a safe and mostly stress free manner is pretty important too I guess. 

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