Five on Friday....Ghosts

I am so excited in a few hours I will be going on vacation!!
Bags are packed, DQ is with Grammie ,and TaTa is house/dog/chicken sitting so we are good to go.

Now I didn't hit my goal of getting to the 160 before leaving for vacation, but the other day I was looking through old pics on facebook and realized I have still made progress. 

So in honor of Halloween here are some "scary" pics that used to haunt me...I guess you can call them ghosts of the past me.






Have a great week all , I have a few posts scheduled just in case I can't get on the computer, but I will be trying to get in a least one post while there or at least a few instagram pics you can follow me here.

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WiW... Pack It Up, Pack It In

Sorry this is so late but I'm back down a few ounces… I am perfecting this yo-yo thing.

Well I didn't get to my goal of getting into the 160 before leaving for Dominican.  At first I was really bummed by this, then the other night I was just browsing through some old facebook posts and started to look at some old pics.  Though I haven't lost what I would have hoped by now I have still made progress.  So with that in mind I put together a collage of sorts.  I'm almost done so I'll get it posted on friday.  It's actually pretty awesome so come back and check it out.

This is what my office looks like right now and why it has taken me so long to get this up.   

I am dow to the wire and really need to get things packed. I never realized how many "summer" dresses I had.  It's so hard to pick.
I'm sure I will over pack but a girl needs options,  right, and as a bonus Carrie is coming and now that I can fit into some of her clothes it's brings even more options lol.


American Horror Story to Frozen

This week end was all about my girls.  Since this was the last weekend before the hubs and I leave for vacay I wanted to get in some girl time with them.

We have signed DQ up for gymnastics recently and she loves it.
  We have been trying to fine her "thing" for a while.  We tried soccer for two seasons but she was never really into it and it was more of a fight to get her to go.  We came by gymnastics on a fluke actually.  I belong to 24 Hour Fitness and I love that there are so many all over.  I also pay the extra flat rate to be able to take DQ to the kids club whenever.  So we have tried a lot of the gyms between home and work.  One day out of the blue I asked her which one she like the best and her answer "TaTa's gym" what?? We've only been there once and it wasn't even a 24 Hour Fitness. I asked why she liked that one and it was because they did a kids fit class with them. 
So I randomly started looking for kids gyms...ya not much out there.  There were a few kids crossfit, but the prices were kinda outrageous.  Then I saw gymnastics I figured close enough right so I took her to try a free class and she fell in love.  So now Friday gym nights take on a whole new meaning. 

and bonus points for being next to a Yogurtland!

Saturday night TaTa came over for a bit to visit *aka borrow my sewing machine and make-up.
She was going to a Halloween party and need to finish up her costume.
Damn she is a great artist. She did this all by just looking a picture.
She was Tate Langdon from American Horror Story

Finally to wrap things up Sunday we went to a birthday party at Pump it Up.
It was a Frozen theme...I swear it need to be let go already lol...

Anna looked pretty good but Elsa was a bit questionable.

But at least she could face paint :)
I was very good at the party I had one slice of pizza and a ton of veggies, no dip. 
I did have a small piece of cake which I had no guilt about since I had run in the morning, and did a ton of jumping at the party.
How was your weekend?


WiW...Look At Me I'm A Yo-Yo

Seriously I really do feel like a damn yo-yo…down a little up a little.  This week up almost a pound.  Looks like I'm not going to make my goal of getting into the 160 by the time vacay rolls around unless I chop off a limb or something.  *Sigh*

Ugh I am really getting tired of this I feel as though I am taking two steps forward and one step back.
I have been hitting it hardhat the gym doing HIIT workouts and lifting last week I only took one rest day.  

I have been doing pretty good with food (not perfect but ok) I'm tracking my calories and staying with in them (except for maybe a day a week) but even then it's not super over.

I really feel like I am in a slump. *sigh again*

Any one have any advice?? Help 


She Left Me...

 This weekend we shipped the little one off to grandma's just so we could have a quiet weekend (I tell you grandparents are the best!!)   So I started my Saturday off by dropping my car  at the dealers for service.  Since it's only a few miles from my daughter's we had decided that I would run to her house then she would drop me off at home so I could get some stuff done and then meet up later so I could pick up my car then we would go get a massage.

So after dropping off my car I ran to her place and stood outside and text her. She didn't answer right away so I ran around the block then I finally got a text back…that little shit forgot about me really.... She had stayed at her boyfriends WTH!!  I will give her points for offering to come get me (it was still pretty early) but I told her to forget (and to let her feel a little guilt lol) and called the hubs to come get me, it was a beautiful cool morning I told him I would just keep running until he found me. About 2 miles later we finally met up, so what was going to be a quick 2 miler turned into about 4.  Bonus points right.

He found me!

Then sunday I was debating about going hiking but decided to do it,  I love this sunday morning routine.  I get to catch up with my girl hit the framers market, and not feel guilty about having a baleg after the 5 mile hike :) and this week I met her new guy.
He was very nice and bonus was able to keep up lol.

another beautiful morning.

When I got home it was time to clean the coop and spend some time with my other girls.
They totally think they are lap chickens.


5 on Friday

Holy Crap! October is halfway over already! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.

I am proud to say that I still have not bought ANY halloween candy (yet).  Mostly because we are leaving for DR on the 31st so my mom is taking DQ trick-or-treating so no one will be home to pass out candy.  

I am finally in the pumpkin everything spirit.  I tried this the other day, a rice cake with some Trader Joe's pumpkin butter on top. Wasn't bad, wasn't great.  I think I prefer it mixed in my oatmeal, now that is heaven.

October is fire safety month.  So we have two dads at our school who are firefighters, they came and did an awesome presentation for the kiddos.

Day three of my work outs hitting over 500 calories burned.  Dare I say I'm on a roll.


Yesterday was kinda a bummer we went to our body pump class only to find out is has been changed to Insanity.  We did give it a chance and it was a great burn but I really missed Body Pump. 

Have a GREAT weekend!


WiW....Sweat Bomb

Weigh In Wednesday
I'm back down, but only a few ounces. I really wish things would move a little faster, but I guess as long as it's moving (down) I shouldn't bitch. 
 It had been a pretty quiet week so far. The hubs has been out of town since Monday for work.  This is both good and bad, bad because I miss him when he's gone, but good because I don't feel so bad being at the gym.  He really doesn't give me crap about it, it's all me. I'm sure I've said this brfore but I commute a long ways to work every fricken day so that means I'm pretty much gone from 5am to 5pm then if I hit the gym right after I end up getting home after 6 most of the time and we go to bed pretty early (between 8-9) since we get up at 4am so that doesn't leave much time for a whole lot.

Any way I digress, since he's been gone I have turned into a sweat bomb (thanks DQ for helping with the pic though she took like 500 lol)

and that smile is coming straight from the heart.  I did my treadmill HIIT workout. Then I was feeling so good with the running parts I ran another 2 miles after.

Look at that burn, and my legs have that great achy feeling, not bad but just enough to let em' know who's boss. 

Another great thing when the hubs is gone is that if I don't feel like cooking I can just make a protein smoothie.  I found this while browsing online the other day. The brand is Cellucor and they have a bunch of different flavors I haven't really seen and the great thing is the sell them in a 4 serving "trial" pack. It's a little more than buying the big one, but I hate when I buy something then turns out I don't like it.  It's worth the extra to test it out.  So far I've tried the Red Velvet (yum!) Cor-fettie Cake Batter (yum and it even has cute little  sprinkles in it) Cinnamon Swirl (just ok as a drink but great to cook with)

And of course no post is complete without a chicken picture.  They are all getting so big and Noodle is finally not looking like a crack head anymore, and finally has some feathers.

from top to bottom DQ, Xena , Princess, and Noodle.
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Runner Friends... Long Beach ReCap

Turns out it was a great weekend for a run. Definitely not as hot as I expected and thank god the cloud cover stuck around a while.  So let's recap shall we.

There was a butt load of traffic getting into LB (what's new) and parking was a bitch even though we had pre-paid which actually was a bit of a disadvantage since I saw at least 2 other lots that were cheaper and not nearly as much traffic to park at.  Anyway Since Barb was running the half it was getting close to her start time we decided to jump out let Carrie park and I would walk her to the start line and see her off.

After Barb was off and running,  Carrie and I found each other and passed the time by taking pictures of course.  The 5k didn't start until 8:30 so we had about 40 minutes to kill.  I love this race it is so well organized and everything runs right on time.

I matched the sign!

The course was a pretty easy loop around Shoreline Village, but Carrie made the decision for us that since we were only doing the 5k that we had to run the whole thing.  Wait... What??  I don't think I have ever run a whole 5k.  When I run it's more run a mile walk a bit run a mile walk a bit.  Even when I have done my previous Half Mary's I've always done the run/walk combo.  

I was a little nervous.  I had made a new 5k playlist and it was 41 miutes long so that was my goal to finish before the playlist ran that would be a 13:13 minute mile.
Yup blew that outta the water!!

I totally crushed my time and have a new PR of 34:21. 

I have to thank Carrie  (and my playlist..there were some freaking good songs on there) I just kept up with her and moved my ass.

When we were done we found a spot to wait for Barb, about 1/2  a mile before the finish.  When we found her she asked us to come run with her and push her through it was getting tough.  So we ran with her until the fencing then veered off and let her take it home.

The running crew. Back where it all started.

When we were done we went to celebrate Rob's (Barbs hubby who also ran the 5k along with some other friends) birthday with some margaritas and Mexican food, 

I am so glad that even though I totally slacked I was still able to run this race with my friends and their friends.  I promise no more slacking, from now on I will sign up and do it cause I would hate to miss this.

and really isn't this medal just gorgeous.  


5 on Friday

So glad it's 5 on Friday I don't think my brain could handle any more right now. I  am so ready for this weekend, the only bummer is I'm not feeing 100%.  I think I have  something brewing *figures* but better now than in 3 weeks I will not be sick for vacation so…

I am doing everything I can to get this thing knocked out

I finally picked up some beets at the farmers market last week and tried roasting them.  Gotta say they weren't bad I made a great little goat cheese and salad thing with them.  

Yup I'm sure your tired of hearing it but it is still hot here.  I shouldn't complain really I mean hitting the pool in (almost) mid October some people would kill for that.

TaTa and I workin' it old school.  We had a few Just Dance workouts this week.  I forgot how much fun it is :)  We even busted out all four of them.

This is what breakfast looks like when you forget your lunch at home not for one but two days ugh!!
but on the flip side a PBJ is still pretty damn good.

HAve a great weekend all and I can't wait to recap the LongBeach race this weekend.


WiW…5ks vs. Half Marathons

I'm So I'm a little up this week (.8 pounds) I fully blame TOM he came to visit with a vengeance this week and I will admit to some chocolate and peanut butter shenanigans.  

And the fact that I didn't get in my full hike. It's still majorly hot here so our hiking trails were closed due to high fire danger.  

We didn't completely bale though and did a 4 mile run/walk on the paved trail. It was nice just not quite as challenging.
 So this Sunday is the Long Beach Full and Half Marathon. I totally lagged and never signed up for it not to mention train.  I've kinda lost the running bug, not fully but just for halfs it just takes so much time to train and it seems my commute for work is getting longer and longer every year (what used to take me an hour is almost up to two on the way home) there are just so many people on the roads it's starting to wear.  Its all I can do to get in 2-3 miles or hit the gym I'm just to tired when I get home after a 12 hour day every day!  

But my friend Carrie and Barb aren't the slackers that I have been and signed up for the 5k and the 1/2. I thought about the 5k but never signed up *insert Lazy Song* they have been talking and prepping and I have to admit I'm kinda jealous not so much the running part but the social part.  It's so much fun being a part of races there is such a community and team atmosphere.

Then yesterday Barb asked if I still wanted to run the 5k with Carrie (Barb is doing the half cause she's awesome like that)…Turns out one of her friends who signed up can't do it and they offered me the bib.  So looks like I get to run after all YAY!!

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Ok  now check this awesomeness out...
Candra and Tia  came up with a crazy idea to get together a bunch of bloggers all over the U.S. and put together a giveaway.  It's kind of like that movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with a workout tank.

 They made a custom tank top, with the hashtag, #TrackTheTank, and it's going to a bunch of awesome bloggers who will sign the shirt, takes a selfie and then write a post about what keeps them motivated to stay in shape, stay healthy, commit to be fit, whatever.

At the end of the journey, it will end up with Tia, and will probably have accumulated a few extra goodies along the way. Who doesn't love some extra goodies.
We will do a GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner to receive the tank top and all the other stuff that came along for the ride.
Pretty cool, huh?
Image Map

So last week I received the tank from Crystal @ Crystal Michelle's Mess.

I didn't even need to think about my motivation it's these two right here

 being silly with my girls...

They (along with the hubs of course) are one of my biggest motivating factors.  Not so much to lose weight,  but more of being a healthy role model for them.  I may not be a size 4, 6, or hell even a 10 but they see me at the gym, running races, and doing a ton of fun activities with them and with friends.  

My oldest TaTa and I have a Sunday ritual of going hiking then the farmers market, and of course we now run races together.  We have even done a half together too!

DQ and I love to ride bikes and go to the park or swimming.

My goal is to be here for a long time and show them a healthy, fun lifestyle, that even a crazy busy mom can keep up with.  And that it may not be perfect all the time but as long as you try everyday to do your best and keep moving!

Now I get to send off the tank to the one and only Mama Laughlin!!  (I know can you believe it) How awesome is that.  So go check out some of these awesome ladies and see what keeps them going.

Candra @ Camo and Lipstick
Angela @ Mean Ang
Jasmine @ Fleurty and Fit
Aubrey Leigh @ ALG Uninterrupted
Brandi @ Mama Laughlin
Tracie @ Tracie Everyday
Bailey @ Bailey McKenzie
and finally, Tia.

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