WiW... Pack It Up, Pack It In

Sorry this is so late but I'm back down a few ounces… I am perfecting this yo-yo thing.

Well I didn't get to my goal of getting into the 160 before leaving for Dominican.  At first I was really bummed by this, then the other night I was just browsing through some old facebook posts and started to look at some old pics.  Though I haven't lost what I would have hoped by now I have still made progress.  So with that in mind I put together a collage of sorts.  I'm almost done so I'll get it posted on friday.  It's actually pretty awesome so come back and check it out.

This is what my office looks like right now and why it has taken me so long to get this up.   

I am dow to the wire and really need to get things packed. I never realized how many "summer" dresses I had.  It's so hard to pick.
I'm sure I will over pack but a girl needs options,  right, and as a bonus Carrie is coming and now that I can fit into some of her clothes it's brings even more options lol.

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