WiW…5ks vs. Half Marathons

I'm So I'm a little up this week (.8 pounds) I fully blame TOM he came to visit with a vengeance this week and I will admit to some chocolate and peanut butter shenanigans.  

And the fact that I didn't get in my full hike. It's still majorly hot here so our hiking trails were closed due to high fire danger.  

We didn't completely bale though and did a 4 mile run/walk on the paved trail. It was nice just not quite as challenging.
 So this Sunday is the Long Beach Full and Half Marathon. I totally lagged and never signed up for it not to mention train.  I've kinda lost the running bug, not fully but just for halfs it just takes so much time to train and it seems my commute for work is getting longer and longer every year (what used to take me an hour is almost up to two on the way home) there are just so many people on the roads it's starting to wear.  Its all I can do to get in 2-3 miles or hit the gym I'm just to tired when I get home after a 12 hour day every day!  

But my friend Carrie and Barb aren't the slackers that I have been and signed up for the 5k and the 1/2. I thought about the 5k but never signed up *insert Lazy Song* they have been talking and prepping and I have to admit I'm kinda jealous not so much the running part but the social part.  It's so much fun being a part of races there is such a community and team atmosphere.

Then yesterday Barb asked if I still wanted to run the 5k with Carrie (Barb is doing the half cause she's awesome like that)…Turns out one of her friends who signed up can't do it and they offered me the bib.  So looks like I get to run after all YAY!!

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  1. Good luck on your 5k!!

  2. Sorry about the gain but good luck with the 5K!

  3. I'm so with you on losing the running bug for half marathons...finally getting back into it and need to pick a 5k soon to keep me motivated :)

  4. Good luck with the run, and I so get the lazy part. When the heat is up I don't want to do anything. But here's hoping that with the fall weather things will start to pick up.

  5. All the best for your race! I love the mountains!

  6. Good luck on your half marathon this weekend!! I'm debating on doing another one in the Spring, I did two in 2013 and got burnt out as well...

  7. Good luck on your run!

  8. Coming over from the link up. I used to do a lot of runs but the knee situation won't really allow that so I do shorter ones for charities. Sometimes my knees are feeling good and I can run for a short while.

    Sorry about the gain but don't give up!

  9. I'm with you! I'm considering a half but just don't feel like doing the long runs. I'm happier to go out and do 4 miles and call it a day


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