American Horror Story to Frozen

This week end was all about my girls.  Since this was the last weekend before the hubs and I leave for vacay I wanted to get in some girl time with them.

We have signed DQ up for gymnastics recently and she loves it.
  We have been trying to fine her "thing" for a while.  We tried soccer for two seasons but she was never really into it and it was more of a fight to get her to go.  We came by gymnastics on a fluke actually.  I belong to 24 Hour Fitness and I love that there are so many all over.  I also pay the extra flat rate to be able to take DQ to the kids club whenever.  So we have tried a lot of the gyms between home and work.  One day out of the blue I asked her which one she like the best and her answer "TaTa's gym" what?? We've only been there once and it wasn't even a 24 Hour Fitness. I asked why she liked that one and it was because they did a kids fit class with them. 
So I randomly started looking for kids gyms...ya not much out there.  There were a few kids crossfit, but the prices were kinda outrageous.  Then I saw gymnastics I figured close enough right so I took her to try a free class and she fell in love.  So now Friday gym nights take on a whole new meaning. 

and bonus points for being next to a Yogurtland!

Saturday night TaTa came over for a bit to visit *aka borrow my sewing machine and make-up.
She was going to a Halloween party and need to finish up her costume.
Damn she is a great artist. She did this all by just looking a picture.
She was Tate Langdon from American Horror Story

Finally to wrap things up Sunday we went to a birthday party at Pump it Up.
It was a Frozen theme...I swear it need to be let go already lol...

Anna looked pretty good but Elsa was a bit questionable.

But at least she could face paint :)
I was very good at the party I had one slice of pizza and a ton of veggies, no dip. 
I did have a small piece of cake which I had no guilt about since I had run in the morning, and did a ton of jumping at the party.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Wow TaTa's makeup is awesome for her party! So glad DQ is loving gymnastics! Sounds like a great fit for her!


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