Weigh In Wednesday...Shove This Up My What...


Happy WiW  let's see how we did...

  Yes!!! 172.8 that's a loss of -2 whole pounds!! 

T-minus 3 days until the OC Half and guess what...I have a fricken cold...ugh it was bound to happen I have been really lucky and have always dodged the bullet before races even when the Hubs got really sick a few days before my first half last year (I slept on the couch for 3 days just to avoid it). 
So I had all these grand plans to get in a good two runs this week and maybe even hit up a Body Pump class but that is now shot to hell. All I want to do is shove tissue up my nose (oh yes I did)  and drink tea and sleep. 

Yup that's me in all my, no make-up, tissue nose glory

At least I got in a pretty decent 5 miler on Sunday

and I may try for at least a 2 miler after work today or Thursday depending on how I feel.
In happier news I got these beauties this weekend. 

 I'm so excited, we really needed a new washer our old one was leaking and if I did any more that 2 loads at a time the garage floor was soaking wet, so yay for dry floors.  But my favorite thing was the dishwasher, I wasn't expecting that.  I hate dishes more than anything in the world I would scrub a million toilets rather than do the dishes, so the hubs surprised me. I love going to bed with a clean sink and waking up to clean dishes in the morning.  Funny how our ideas of romantic changes as we get older haha. 

I also linked up with Liz from Fitness Blondie for

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Cause she is awesome-sauce!


Can't Get You Outta my Mind...

Ok so even though Easter has come and gone, I CAN NOT get carrot cake outta my head.
I was a vey good girl and stayed away from all of the yummy carroty, cream cheese goodness hoping the craving would pass
Umm a week later and it's still there!
Only one thing lest to do then...give in to temptation...hell to the no I told you all I'm looking for a good loss this week so I did the next best thing went on pinterest.
I found this great recipe for Healthy Carrot Cake from Kristy at Southern In-Law (you should go check her out she has a ton of great recipes and she is cute as a button).
I did change it up just a tad but not much and I'm glad because they were perfect, and so easy to whip up, and really the only other thing I might do would be to add some chopped up pineapple or raisins to give it a little bit of a tang and sweetness (I have a major sweet tooth).
carrots, cake, healthy

As you can see here this is one of the "changes" I made was instead of grating carrots I went the lazy way and used already grated carrots...in hind sight probably not the best choice as my muffins weren't quite as moist from the fresh grated carrots, but they did look so lovely and rustic :)

carrot, cake, healthy
They totally satisfied my craving and these will now be my go to carrot cake recipe.
*Makes approx.10 muffins and  106 kcal per muffin,
 calculated by myfitnesspal not including frosting

I've also linked up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Life  for Marvelous in my Monday  and Wendy at A Daily Dose of Del Signore for Motivation Monday. 


Da' Bomb

So I am participating in Camo & Lipstick and  Brew Mama's Swag Swap14.

Brew Mama

It's this fun little thing that gets you to interact with other bloggers get to know them and get some fun swag in the process.  Candra and Alicia  gave two options for us, a diva or fitness swap I went ahead and let them pick since I'm easy and like surprises (just ask the hubs haha).  So I was paired up with Tabitha from A Hundred Tiny Wishes for a Diva Swap. We actually  have a lot in common from our love of make up to both being owners of tortoises.  It's been really fun getting to know her and finding fun swag to send her.

Like at this fun place  

I love this store, it smells like heaven, and these bath bombs are well...the bomb 


So not to much is planned this weekend just a birthday party for one of DQ's friends so I may try to get in at least 5 miles before the OC Half next weekend.  Not gonna lie I'm getting a little nervous for this race.  I'm used to running 3-4 days a week and averaging at least 15+ miles per week.  This week I've run 0 yep 0 miles, I'm just so worried that I will be sore if I run too much or get half way through and not be able to finish it if I don't run enough.  

Ugh What have I gotten myself into?


The one thing I'm looking forward to this weekend is diving into this awesome "Viva Vox Box"  it's a box of free goodies I got from Influenster to review.  

This program is so cool and totally free go check it out.  If you would like an invite to join just shoot me and email or comment below (just make sure you are NOT a *noreply-blogger*) and I'll send you one.

Have a great weekend!!  


Weigh In Wednesday...Let It Ride

I'm hooking up with these lovely ladies again for

This is what it looks like this week

In Vegas terms it's a push, no gain, no loss so let it ride.  I am going to work extra hard to get a good loss next week. 
So to finish up my recap Vegas was a blast the Bastille show was fantastic they are great live so much energy I probably burned 500 calories just jumping around and dancing.

But now it's back to the regularly scheduled program or as most call it real life. I had to make a skirt for DQ's spirit day on Friday it's 50's Day so a purple poodle skirt is what she wanted. Luckily I have a few hidden talents and was able to sew this yesterday.

I have been taking it easy with my run/walks the last week. I was a little sore after that 7 miler.
My mind thinks I'm all well but my body has not quite caught up.  I'm confidant that I will be able to finish the Half (in two weeks holy shit!) but I don't want to fight through a lot of pain and my doctor will have my head. So I've tried to stay pretty low impact and do the elliptical and only run once durning the week.  I hope this doesn't screw me up.

Speaking of doctor I finally got the steri strips off and my incision is finally healed.
I can't believe how long it took.  I'm just happy I can take a shower with out Saran Wrap!! 
It's the little things...

How'd you do this week?


Waken up in Vegas

I survived Vegas and only minimal damage was done to my waistline and liver. 
the only casualty was Friday's post (it didn't happen).
We arrived  late Thursday night and stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget.  I've always stayed on the strip so this was different but so fun.  It's much more laid back and crazy down there. We went out for just a bit when we got there. 

The next day we hit up the Hash House for breakfast and it took all I had NOT to order the French Toast, but Mom did so at least I got to have one ok two bites.  I ended up getting a goat cheese and red pepper scramble and it was so yummy.
We hung by the pool for a while but it was actually pretty chilly so we stayed just long enough for TaTa to go down the waterslide that goes through the shark tank.

Then we got ready to go to the strip and just stay for the show.  Mom handed me the tix to put in my purse and ummm the show was for SATURDAY!! 
 Mom thought the show was Friday so then we had to scramble to find someplace to stay for another night, but it worked out even better since we found a deal at Excalibur for way cheaper and it's walking distance to the House of Blues.
We decided to go and hang at the strip and walk around anyway and boy did we walk my fitbit said we walked over 9 miles on Friday.  So I didn't feel any guilt eating this yummy burger at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant BURGR.  It was the best seriously!!

Then walking around we saw a ticket place selling half priced tickets for that night shows.  Mom was so sweet and treated us to this.  It was amazeballs.  Those performers are indescribable, the things they can do are out of this world like for real. 

I'm gonna stop here cause this is supposed to be a blog not a novel. I'll finish up on the next post.  But real quick I wanted to mention how excited I am about meeting my SwagSwap 14 Buddy Tabitha.  I can't wait to get to know her better and get her fun goodies together!!


Weigh In Wednesday...Blue Light Special

Well as expected this little blue light was not my friend today.  I am way up.
That was some serious girls day geesh... one day I tell ya that's all it was.
So I am up a total of 3.2 lbs  Ugg

It's nobody's fault but my own.

So now to move onward and upward or should I say downward. Next week will be better and I promise myself I will make better choices.  Now moving on to more positive things.
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these already if not  you really should
check em out...

I have been planning on buying a new pair for a while.  I have quite a few miles on my magic smurf shoes (what I call my blue ones) but I was never able to commit.  So when I was out trying to find an Angels Baseball shirt for DQ to wear to school for "Angels Day" the next day because I like to wait till the last minute like that.  I ended up at the mall (only after going to 3 different stores with no luck)
So after opting to not buy a $40 shirt that she would probably wear once and getting $5 temporary tattoos instead (cause she likes to rock the ink like her mama.)  I decided to see if they had any thing at the Nike Outlet next door.  Dude jackpot!  I paid $100 when I bought my smurfs and here they are in Hot Pink for half the price,  I had to talk myself out of buying like 5 pairs, but I still working on that and trying not to go back.

So now it's time to break them in a bit.  I really want to wear them for the OC Half.


Bread, Cheese, and Vodka oh my....

I'm not gonna lie,this weekend filled with less than stellar choices...

  Drink wise, food wise... pretty much all the way around.
Actually it really wasn't all weekend, just Saturday but when I do it, I do it big so I packed all I could into that one day. 

I started off Saturday with a 7 mile run, I wasn't planning on doing that much but when Bruno Mars comes on you just have to go with it.  I swear people probably thought I was crazy running and dancing I may have even started singing at some point. Good times, but on the fly I changed it up a bit and did an out and back route but dummy me didn't bring any water or shot blocks and I normally don't eat to much before I go  so by mile 5 I was getting sluggish.  Lesson learned be prepared or at least know where a water fountain is :)

After my run I caught up on Grey's and had coffee before heading out for girls day.

That's when things got bad... it all started at Yard House with this

and got progressively worse.  I am so not a big drinker but every once in awhile...
after shopping we headed back home for more drinks and I'm pretty sure I ate a loaf of bread and a block of cheese,we also may have killed a bottle of blueberry vodka....no lie.
 Then we hit up the Casino and there may have been some nachos involved and more vodka.

Not the best choices "diet" wise.  But the great thing is I woke up with only a little regret and maybe a minor hang over damn cheese  and was right back on the wagon.  I'm a little bummed because now I probably won't hit my goal (169) for Vegas but I'm ok with that.  It was only one day and I didn't let it turn into more than that. The old me would have said eff it I'm going to Vegas might as well make this whole week a free for all.  So I consider it a win, and a damn good time :)

How were your weekend choices?


My Ass Button...

 I am ready to strangle my family!!
See another "deceiving" picture lol...jk we really do like each other.
I only had to yell at them 50 times(as opposed to the normal 100) during these family pics 
  Don't get me wrong I love them and all, but for the right price I would totally sell them off...
ok not really but I would so rent them to someone for an extended period no prob.
I swear there must be a button on my ass that goes off every time I sit down cause as soon as it hits the chair some one NEEDS something, or can't find it, or can I help them finish it, the list is endless.
Seriously what would the world be like if there were no mothers /wives.
A scary place with husbands and children walking around aimlessly trying to find something and never finishing anything!
**ok rant over thank you for letting me vent I feel so much better*
So shit just got real here

I officially registered for the half there is no backing out now!! Yikes I'm a little skerd...
Oh well the worst that can happen is I come in dead last, right!
eff it so what, as long as I finish.
I'm so looking forward to this weekend I'm meeting up with some friends for a day of shopping lunching and drinks (it will give my ass button a break lol).  I am planning to do my long won (walking/jog)  tomorrow so that way I have a few extra kcals banked so I won't feel too guilty.  
What are your weekend plans? 


Weigh In Wednesday... Run Baby Run

Weigh In Wednesday

Oh Wednesday not sure if I  love or hate you let's see.....

Yay I'm down 2.2 lbs!! This week required lots of saying no or just having a tiny taste to my favorite foods damn teachers lounge lol.  But that means I only have to lose less than 2 lbs next week to hit my goal of being under 170 for Vegas next weekend!! Whoop Whoop
Well now that that's done I wanted to tell ya'll about my epic run on Sunday
I figured since I'm really committing to this Half Marathon I better get my ass moving and at least try and train as much as possible though the doctor has not given my the all clear quite yet Shhh don't tell and I haven't done a half or trained since the Long Beach Half.

I headed out early on Sunday morning. I was actually kicking myself a bit because I had thought about going on Saturday when it was all cool and overcast (my favorite type of weather to run), but didn't,  and on sunday it was quite a bit warmer and full sun.  Oh well next time I'll just move my ass and go lesson learned.

So out I went. I really had now plans except to do more that 5 miles I ended up doing 6.09.
 Longest run post surgery (only 9 weeks),  and to make it even more awesome I managed to keep a steady 14.05/mi.  

The best thing about this run was I had no real expectation going into it.  I really just wanted to stay below a 16/mi so that I could feel comfortable doing the Half and HELLO nailed it!

For one hot sec I was bummed because before surgery I had finally gotten to a 11/mi pace and that took me what felt like fooorrevverrr! But then I really thought about it,.. I was "running" 9 weeks post op.I'm doing another Half 13 weeks after having a freaking TUMOR removed...

I fucking rock!

and what did I do to celebrated this epic-ness.  Why an Iced Coffee of course.


Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this picture on Friday

Ahh isn't that sweet 

just goes to prove looks are deceiving. That was the most painful walk ever!! 
She wanted a smoothie "You promised mom"  but I wanted to get a workout in so I asked if she wanted to walk to the Starbucks (it's about 2 miles really not that far and she's done a few 5 ks with me so I knew she could hang) 
OMG she is slower than molasses in the winter. Seriously look...

  Our nice spring walk turned into me yelling "dude hurry up, quit lagging pay attention, your going to get hit by a car" like every 5 minutes and then the whole way back she tortured me with Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....Saying it, singing, it yelling it, you name she did it....
 Really Mary I don't give a rats ass how your garden grows after about the 100th time!!
But when all was said and done and we were home guess what that little turd nugget asked
"Can we do it again tomorrow mom".... Know what I said??
"Sure honey that was fun"....
Saturday we actually didn't get to do that walk instead we hit up the Science Center in Santa Ana
They had Bubblefest and Animal Grossology.  It was lots of fun and super cool. I though we would only be there a few hours and instead ended up there all day. It was that fun!

Not gonna lie Bubble Guy was kinda hot

So many fun things to do...and only minimal yelling required ;)

When I got home I saw that I hadn't hit my steps even though I was on my feet all day. So though I was tired  I laced up my shoes and went for a walk ( had to do almost 1.5 miles to get them in).
See those Goals keeping me on track!!

Oh and just so you know all is good with DQ's backside though the doc did give her antibiotics "just in case".  And as far as mine went I'm still sportin steri strips and taking Saran Wrap showers ugh!

 How was your weekend?  Hit any goals?


Fab Friday...Goals

 I had to call off work today... my poor Drama Queen has a slight issue.
 *ICK ALERT* if your squeamish stop reading, this is pretty gross...Just pop down to Fab Friday 
So DQ has a BIG ole boil on her butt and it popped yesterday (if you don't know what a boil is whatever you do, DO NOT Google that shit, really trust me you will have nightmares or vomit probably both... so not kidding) seriously it was like Mt. Vesuvius when that thing blew and it was nasty. She laid on her tummy for an hour while stuff came out ewww .  Today it doesn't hurt as much but it looks pretty gross still so I'm gonna take her into her Doctor just to have them check it out.  God kids are gross!

Now time for Fab Friday
So let's be honest last Friday's Link-Up was a flop  *a few tears here* so this week I'm just going to do my own Fab find/tip and maybe when I get a few more followers and spread the word around a little more I'll try again.
This week started a new month and that means time for some new goals.  Goals are a great way to keep yourself on track and in check. They don't need to be huge they can be as simple as making it a goal to park in the farthest spot and walk the extra steps to the entrance. Or not eating your kids leftover pizza crust (guilty)!
 But the tip/trick is you need to WRITE THEM DOWN !!
This really does make it more tangible  if you just keep it in your head you can always change it or alter it or even next time it.  Writing it down makes it "REAL", and helps you stay accountable.  If you really want to keep it "real" share it with someone, a friend, a spouse, or with the interweb friends like I do (hello blog).  Believe me when I put goals or say I'm going to do something on here I better do it or I feel like a complete shit and I let you  my awesome interweb friends down.
So I try my best to getter done.
 Give it a try
And since we are talking goals, here are mine for the month

#4 is some thing my trainer (when I was big ballin' and could afford a trainer, ya right like I was ever big ballin' more like debt callin')  She kept telling me to do this for many reasons like, it aids digestion, helps with cravings, balances your pH levels and a bunch of other stuff you can check out here.  I would off and on but never really stuck with it. So this month it's a goal and I put it out there so I better do it right!!

and this cute new mug I got will totally help...adorbs

 What are your April goals?


Weigh In Wednesday - I Got a Secret

Morning friends ...   I have a secret....

But first lets do this weigh-in.

Weigh In Wednesday

 I'm little bummed I fricken stayed the same!! 173.8
I have worked so hard this week to stay on track with my food like super on track and I walked... a lot.  The only thing I think they may have derailed me is TOM stated yesterday, but geez man can't a girl get a break.

Soon to my secret... this is  something I've been thinking about for a while and I was pretty sure  i was going to do it,  then on Sunday I finally made the decision, and this was the confirmation ....my long "walk".

hell ya a 14 min pace it's far from where I was but I will get there again
just gonna take some time.

I'm going to do another Half Marathon.... In a MONTH!!
Can I do it, probably... Should I do it, ehh. ... Am I crazy,  YES.

I was so sad that I wasn't able to do the Surf City Half because of my surgery, and that totally messed up the beach city challenge medal I was after (you have to do the 3 races consecutively). And being into instant gratification i don't want to wait another whole year!! 

So I decided to just do it.  I know I won't be able to run any most of it but I wanted to see where my "walking" pace was because you need to keep at least a 16 minute mile before I committed. Also to help keep me from hurting myself and running more than I should I asked my mom to do it with me.  
She is NOT a runner at all but that woman can walk, and walk fast also she has started her own fitness journey a few months ago and already has lost 28 pounds.... I am so PROUD of her!!   When I asked, she was totally on board and TaTa decided she would join us, but she will run with my girls Barb and Care.  I am so excited to do this with ALL my girls, but it will be especially awesome to do this with my mom....

 When I first started running my mom was always behind me 110% even when I didn't believe I would ever run a mile much less a Half Marathon or 2 and when people thought I was crazy to even try.  She always believed in me!

Me and Mom

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