Can't Get You Outta my Mind...

Ok so even though Easter has come and gone, I CAN NOT get carrot cake outta my head.
I was a vey good girl and stayed away from all of the yummy carroty, cream cheese goodness hoping the craving would pass
Umm a week later and it's still there!
Only one thing lest to do then...give in to temptation...hell to the no I told you all I'm looking for a good loss this week so I did the next best thing went on pinterest.
I found this great recipe for Healthy Carrot Cake from Kristy at Southern In-Law (you should go check her out she has a ton of great recipes and she is cute as a button).
I did change it up just a tad but not much and I'm glad because they were perfect, and so easy to whip up, and really the only other thing I might do would be to add some chopped up pineapple or raisins to give it a little bit of a tang and sweetness (I have a major sweet tooth).
carrots, cake, healthy

As you can see here this is one of the "changes" I made was instead of grating carrots I went the lazy way and used already grated carrots...in hind sight probably not the best choice as my muffins weren't quite as moist from the fresh grated carrots, but they did look so lovely and rustic :)

carrot, cake, healthy
They totally satisfied my craving and these will now be my go to carrot cake recipe.
*Makes approx.10 muffins and  106 kcal per muffin,
 calculated by myfitnesspal not including frosting

I've also linked up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Life  for Marvelous in my Monday  and Wendy at A Daily Dose of Del Signore for Motivation Monday. 


  1. Clever of you to find a healthy alternative. I am such a picky eater, I already don't like most fruits/veggies, and the few I do eat, I'll only eat plain, not fixed up in any way (smoothies, cooked, etc). It does make eating healthy hard, but I am also not tempted at all by things like carrot cake or apple pie... although there are still PLENTY of naughty things I do like.

  2. Yum, yum, yum! Thanks for sharing my recipe lovely! xoxo

  3. Mmm! Looks so yummy-mail some over to me lol! J/K
    Love this recipe!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Sheetal...it's on it's way haha :)

  4. Looks good! This is one of my dilemma. I can't stop thinking about food all the time. Smart of you to curb cravings with healthier choices. So, I'll try this trick next time when food cravings hit. :)



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