My Ass Button...

 I am ready to strangle my family!!
See another "deceiving" picture lol...jk we really do like each other.
I only had to yell at them 50 times(as opposed to the normal 100) during these family pics 
  Don't get me wrong I love them and all, but for the right price I would totally sell them off...
ok not really but I would so rent them to someone for an extended period no prob.
I swear there must be a button on my ass that goes off every time I sit down cause as soon as it hits the chair some one NEEDS something, or can't find it, or can I help them finish it, the list is endless.
Seriously what would the world be like if there were no mothers /wives.
A scary place with husbands and children walking around aimlessly trying to find something and never finishing anything!
**ok rant over thank you for letting me vent I feel so much better*
So shit just got real here

I officially registered for the half there is no backing out now!! Yikes I'm a little skerd...
Oh well the worst that can happen is I come in dead last, right!
eff it so what, as long as I finish.
I'm so looking forward to this weekend I'm meeting up with some friends for a day of shopping lunching and drinks (it will give my ass button a break lol).  I am planning to do my long won (walking/jog)  tomorrow so that way I have a few extra kcals banked so I won't feel too guilty.  
What are your weekend plans? 


  1. I LOL'd when I read the first half! So so story of my life too lol ! UGGH !It bugs me to no extent --can't live with them and can't live without them! Good luck with your half training!

  2. My button for my baby is every time I pick up the laptop. Seriously, he's 2months old and knows every.single.time I pick the darn thing up! Such as right now - just got him down and guess who's crying for mommy! Ugh, ok, off to rock him back to sleep ... again. :) Have a great weekend!


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