Weigh In Wednesday...Shove This Up My What...


Happy WiW  let's see how we did...

  Yes!!! 172.8 that's a loss of -2 whole pounds!! 

T-minus 3 days until the OC Half and guess what...I have a fricken cold...ugh it was bound to happen I have been really lucky and have always dodged the bullet before races even when the Hubs got really sick a few days before my first half last year (I slept on the couch for 3 days just to avoid it). 
So I had all these grand plans to get in a good two runs this week and maybe even hit up a Body Pump class but that is now shot to hell. All I want to do is shove tissue up my nose (oh yes I did)  and drink tea and sleep. 

Yup that's me in all my, no make-up, tissue nose glory

At least I got in a pretty decent 5 miler on Sunday

and I may try for at least a 2 miler after work today or Thursday depending on how I feel.
In happier news I got these beauties this weekend. 

 I'm so excited, we really needed a new washer our old one was leaking and if I did any more that 2 loads at a time the garage floor was soaking wet, so yay for dry floors.  But my favorite thing was the dishwasher, I wasn't expecting that.  I hate dishes more than anything in the world I would scrub a million toilets rather than do the dishes, so the hubs surprised me. I love going to bed with a clean sink and waking up to clean dishes in the morning.  Funny how our ideas of romantic changes as we get older haha. 

I also linked up with Liz from Fitness Blondie for

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Cause she is awesome-sauce!


  1. Aww sorry you aren't feeling well! (I totally do that with tissue too when I'm sick!) Hope you feel better asap! Awesome loss this week though!

  2. my nose bleeds a lot, so i am always shoving a tissue up my nose, lol. hope you are feeling better soon! 2 lbs is pretty freaking awesome :)

  3. Haha for that nose tissue! You look beautiful with and without make up! Congrats on your weight loss! and All the very best for your Half :)

  4. New appliances oooooooo exciting! :) Congrats on your weight loss this week and good luck at your half!


  5. Nice loss! Boo on the cold. I've got one now too! Stinks! Good luck on your half!


  6. Nice loss! That is great :) I hope you start feeling better for you half - Good luck - we are rooting for you!

  7. YAY for losses and dry floors and clean dishes :) PS I am super jealous of ur dishwasher if and when we ever dtop renting it is one of my must-haves :)


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