The End Is Coming..

I know a tad dramatic haha, but as most of you awesome blog readers know Google Reader is going buh-bye this weekend so if you follow me why not head on over to Bloglovin and find me there, that way you don't lose me forever :) 


Bad, Bad, Blogger....

I am so sorry yet again!  I am a bad, bad blogger.... This month has just been so hectic!

I am glad to say that it will be back to normal finally.  July looks like it will be pretty chill.  So though I did well on my weight loss this month ( I lost another pound this week putting me at 170.4 so close,  so so close to the 160's) I really want to kick it up a notch and get back into a good routine.  Especially after these last two weeks.  Though the scale has been going down I really haven't been getting to the gym. Sure I'm more active in general but I'm feeling a little lazy, and I can feel myself wanting to not go to the gym.  Also I can sense that that is also causing me stress.  

My gym time is my alone time, my "me time". I am a pre school teacher and I am always interacting with kids, parents, someone, and it's my job to take care of their needs first.  I love my job there is nothing else I'd rather do  except maybe win the lotto travel the world and shop all day but it does take it's toll not really physically but for sure mentally so when I'm in a good routine I can turn my mind off and just do it!  I love the gym for this, I go in and let my body take over.  It knows it has to do and does it! Even when I have to dig deep and get into it mentally its my needs that are being met and I find strength in that.  Wow that was deep! 

So anyway I'm going to make a plan and get myself into a good place brain and body wise and just recharge a bit.  Also I'm really wanting to add a few fun things on here and get back into the habit of better blogging :) so be on the lookout. I'm sure there will be some recipe stuffs on here soon and I'm trying to come up a few other things.... What would you like to see? I'd love any suggestions 

And I can't leave ya with out a picture so this is what happens after your baby turns 6.... 


Bouncy PitBull

Ok, so I've been MIA for a week it's not that I don't love you all, it has just been the craziest week since like E-VER!  Here I'll recap it for you.
Tuesday was so much awesomeness my head almost exploded.  My girlies and I went to the PitBull and Ke$ha concert in Hollywood.  It was AMAZE-BAlls like really we literally danced like 4 hours straight!  Ke$ha was just so-so her music is fun and great to dance to be she sounds really bad live can we say auto-tune much, and is even to raunchy for my taste ok maybe not but she just tries to hard.  PitBull  on the other hand was like sex in a bottle.  That man is muy caliente  (for you non spanish speakers that mean very effn HOT) and he can sing and dance.  He kept the show going all night and was full of energy.  I will figure out a way to see him again soon!

 Then as beat as I was (we didn't get home until 1:30am and had to work the next day) I had to spend Wednesday evening making a zillion cupcakes and put together "pony treats" (apples & carrots) for DQ's birthday party.

Then Thursday was the day.  DQ had a great time at her party and all went smooth.  It was at Pump It Up   which is a huge warehouse filled with every imaginable bouncy house, where the kids (and in my case the adults) are set free to go bat shit crazy!  It was a great time and instead of doing the "typical mom" thing and sit around and chat I got my butt in those bouncers and went nuts it was soooo much fun.  I went so nuts I even have a battle wound to prove it

Yup that's what happens when you go bouncing with a bunch of 6 year olds.

Also about weigh-in I was very nervous last week I have not been to the gym or done any sort of "real" work out in over a week and a half.  But I lost -1 pound!!! I am 171.4 Holy Shit! that is amazing.  Not the fact that I lost but that I am almost out of the 170's.

I am actually really happy with how last week went I knew I wasn't going to be able to get to the gym with everything going on so I made sure to eat well, and squeeze in any "extra" activity I could.  I walked a few times on my lunch break.  I danced at the concert all night and when any one wanted more beer (yup it happened) I would volunteer  to go get it, and I loved bouncing with the kiddos instead of just standing around and chatting.  It was an awesome week over all.



So right now I should be finishing up the horsecicles for DQ's B-Day Party.....

I know horsecicles gross not really look

See not quite as gross as they sound... I have to make 24 of those huge ass chocolate horse pops, for DQ's party on Thursday.  Luckily I bribed TaTa to help me as well as put together 24 goodies bags, glue cute circles with horses on them to the bottom of about a million Hershey Kisses.  Now to talk her into helping me make 4 dozen cupcakes and put together a shit ton of "pony treat" boxes filled with carrots and apples on Wednesday.  UGGG I thought having a her party at a "place" would be easier, but I soo am that mom that can't do stuff half way and go totally Martha Stewart for parties. 
Remember DQ's Mermaid Party that was not suppose to be a party.

Anyway This week is a busy one and I'm afraid I'm not going to make it to the gym at all. So my goal is to at least get in my 10,000 steps a day and be really good food wise.  Also since her party is going to be at a jumper place CareBear and I are going to make that our workout for Thursday and jump our asses off!

I'm actually bummed that we are not going to make it to the gym this Thursday.  We missed the last few due to her, then me being out of town.  So last week was finally a girls night.  CareBear suggested a ramped up workout of running to the gym (2 miles away) then take our Body Pump class then run back to work to pick up DQ.  I was a bit nervous that's a lotta working out, but I figured why not if we ran out of steam on the way back we could always call a coworker to come and rescue us.  So off we went.  It was actually not to bad just really freaking sweaty.  We were def slower on the way back but made it in time to pick up DQ before school closed which is always good.  I felt great after and we burned over 1000 calories according to my HRM.

Too bad we then proceeded to eat that many calories at Souplantation afterwards... Best laid plans right??  It's the damn bread I tell ya....


Weigh-In On Thursday...Yet Again, and again, and again...

Another late weigh in folks...sorry.

I think I will be saying this a lot this month it's CRAY around here.

 Between vacation last week,  today is DQ's Birthday the big 6!

 Next week me and my girlies are going to see Pitbull and Ke$ha on Tue then DQ's actual party on Thurs night ( I know slightly weird to have it on a weeknight but we live far from school and there is this awesome party place that is a huge room full of bounce houses really close to school so we decided to do it there to save on driving out an extra day  and the fact that they have a great special of kids eat free on a Wed or Thurs night party  hey I'm cheap sue me..  Then the following week my stepdaughter Ash will be coming out from AZ to stay with us for the week (this is a bit nerve wracking seeing as this is the first time ever that this has ever happened and she is 11 yrs. old)  but we are very excited.  And it's also DQ's Kinder promotion so like I said CRAY!!

Well now that you all know my every waking step for the next month let's get to it!
I was on vacation last week and lost so was a bit worried that I wasn't going to lose as much if any especially since it was so hot (120 F) the last few days I didn't work out too much in the morning and just swam and did a lot of treading water (had to stay cool some how).

When I stepped on the scale yesterday I was sooooo happy another loss -2.2 pounds so I am now at 172.4  OMGEEE so close to the 160s I can not freaking believe it.  I really did work hard this vacation and watched what I ate made healthy choices and made my body move even when all I wanted to do was sit on my ass and drink beer!  Don't get me wrong I did have a few cocktails,  and  ate what everyone else ate (dinner mostly).  I just was mindful of my portion size and if I did have one to many chips I swam and extra lap.  

eating healthy even on the road!!!  (Ya I'm pretty multi talented...eating, picture taking and driving all at the same time... I kid, I kid,  I took this before I even pulled out of the parking spot cuz I was starvin)


Another Late Weigh In, but I'm on Vacation Time

Hi from the sunny and hot Colorado river!! 

It suppose to be a balmy 112 degrees today.  Talk about effing hawt! 

Anyway I am having a great time soaking up the sun and floatin it the cold ass water.  I am being good though.

TaTa and I are waking up supa early before it gets unbearable to walk and workout

Also I'm doing really well on my eating and made sure to bring lots of healthy options like fruit and veggies.  Even though I'm surrounded by chips, candy, and everything else you could imagine. 

So my weigh in yesterday was good!!
Check it out

I'm down -1.8 lbs this week!!! I made it under my short term goal, guess its time to come up with a new one.  

I'll leave you with one more

I think this is the first time ever I've a actually  liked a picture of myself in a bathing suit.  Talk about HAWT! ;) 

*sorry if the pics are low quality and it comes out all funky. I have no wifi access and am posting this from my phone. 


Still Here

Hey I'm still here!!!

It's just been a little crazy, I've been getting ready and packing for Vacay!!

I promise a real post soon. 

Yes I know there are chips and Capri Suns, not for me but the kiddos :)

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