Bad, Bad, Blogger....

I am so sorry yet again!  I am a bad, bad blogger.... This month has just been so hectic!

I am glad to say that it will be back to normal finally.  July looks like it will be pretty chill.  So though I did well on my weight loss this month ( I lost another pound this week putting me at 170.4 so close,  so so close to the 160's) I really want to kick it up a notch and get back into a good routine.  Especially after these last two weeks.  Though the scale has been going down I really haven't been getting to the gym. Sure I'm more active in general but I'm feeling a little lazy, and I can feel myself wanting to not go to the gym.  Also I can sense that that is also causing me stress.  

My gym time is my alone time, my "me time". I am a pre school teacher and I am always interacting with kids, parents, someone, and it's my job to take care of their needs first.  I love my job there is nothing else I'd rather do  except maybe win the lotto travel the world and shop all day but it does take it's toll not really physically but for sure mentally so when I'm in a good routine I can turn my mind off and just do it!  I love the gym for this, I go in and let my body take over.  It knows it has to do and does it! Even when I have to dig deep and get into it mentally its my needs that are being met and I find strength in that.  Wow that was deep! 

So anyway I'm going to make a plan and get myself into a good place brain and body wise and just recharge a bit.  Also I'm really wanting to add a few fun things on here and get back into the habit of better blogging :) so be on the lookout. I'm sure there will be some recipe stuffs on here soon and I'm trying to come up a few other things.... What would you like to see? I'd love any suggestions 

And I can't leave ya with out a picture so this is what happens after your baby turns 6.... 

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  1. My daughter's are both grown now, but I sure remember those days when they would lose a tooth. With my part time job as tooth fairy, I would always keep change around to slip under their pillows when they fell asleep at night. Also, when I first started my blog, I would post every day, but it does take time away from so many other things. Now, I just try to focus on getting a post out every couple of days or so. That leaves me time for my family, too.


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