WIW.....This Should Be Illegal

Hey guys It's WiW and guess what....
 I have no numbers for you today.  I kept the promise to myself to not get on the scale. To be honest I'm a little nervous but I'm felling really good, and I do think I'm making some progress.
Though I 'm on vacation I have been busting my booty and getting in the workouts.  It also totally helps that these girls are here and we keep each other in line.  All for one and one for all!! at least until the Carne Asada comes out then it's every girl for herself I kid.

I have a totally yummy new thing I tried with my new obsession, Quest Nutrition Bars.
I was running low on my favorite flavors so I picked up some more and I also got a few loose ones to try and see which ones I like, so I don't make the mistake I made with the Cinnamon Roll flavor.
Everyone said they were really good so I bought a whole box (not cheap) and when I got them home they were just al'right.  So now I have a whole box of these things I need to eat so after some browsing on instagram I saw that a lot of people "bake" them. So this is what I came up with

I warmed it up in the microwave for 10-15 seconds then put it in a muffin tin and baked it at 300 for 8 minutes (random I know) once it cooled I popped it out and filled it with vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds.  It turned out really good almost like a cinnamon "crust".  Yum these bars are really too damn good they should be illegal!

Happy Hump Day!


Weekend Rambles

Happy Memorial Day
It has been a very relaxing weekend so far, just getting things ready for our river trip.
We leave tomorrow morning after DQ's doctors appointment (nothing major just a check up). YAY can't wait.
I was able to get a few workouts in this weekend, and I totally stuck with my plan and goals for this week in that area (food not as great). I made sure for every workout (that was four workouts)  I hit my goal of 500+ kcals burned though a few times  I had to push to get there. I don't think I will do this again this week because I will be on vacation.  I will get my workouts in but I'm not going to put a number on it this time I do want to relax a little lol.
Speaking of workout, look what the hubs got me...

T25... Holy crap was I a sweaty mess!
So exciting yesterday was supposed to be a rest day but I just had to try it.  It was awesome I will definitely  be putting it into rotation.  I don't think I will follow the plan like it is written but I will add it to what I'm doing already and  maybe add it in the mornings for a double day or when I really just don't want to do something.  It moves really fast and there is NO breaks at all but it goes by pretty quick and just when you are about to collapse it's done.
Last weeks goals
1. follow written plan    DONE
2. Burn 500 Kcals  DONE
3.  Stay with in my 40/30/30  Not quite was off on 2 days and one day was over my kcals by 600+
Weekly Goals 5/26 - 6/1
1. Follow written workout plan ( I am brining all my workout stuff) 
2.  Stay within my 40/30/30 macros
3. Do 2 T25 workouts
4.  Relax and have fun!  I am on vacation
And just cause I haven't done it in a while here is my ootd.

I just got this new skirt at Target along with this bright ass top... I love it, and the bright color makes me actually look tan, pre vacation :)


Five on Friday

What a fun week it has been!!  
I just love Teacher Appreciation Week and we were thoroughly  spoiled!

and this Friday is even better because it is the start of my vacation week Whoop Whoop!!
Bring on the sand, sun and water.  I can not wait.  So I'm not sure how posting will go next week I will be bringing my iPad, but service out there can be spotty at best.

So on to Friday's Five



Like I said we were spoiled.  My admin really does it up for us.  This years theme was relaxation and spa.  Every day there was something new in the "relaxation room for us, we had a special luncheon and we even got 20 minute massages on day from Massage Envy.


This was from a parent along with a beach bag and towel.  OMG so good!
I may be having an affair with cookie butter.

I actually made it to Aqua this week.  I have not been since before surgery, it was even better that I remember and I love Kim the Wednesday instructor.  I don't know how it happens but I am actually sweating in the water!

So thank god I went to the aqua class because this so happened!!  I wasn't going to post it at first but everyone has days like this I'm sure or at least I hope I'm not the only one who falls of the wagon once in a while.  And damn it that Chik-fil-A was fearing worth it and now the craving is done. I can move on.

{ five}
My eating May not have been perfect but I did stay on track with burning 500+ calories on my work out days... And I felt fantastic!!! 

Now time for Vacation!!!


WiW... And The C Word!

I think I may have to give up the scale for a while.  It's so not moving and I always feel so redundant on WiW about not losing.  I am killing it in the food (have been on point in my calories and my macros) and exercise department (have stuck to the 500kal a workout burn) but that damn thing doesn't move or goes the wrong way. But on the up side I feel good!  I'm feeling strong and I think I see some changes in my muscles as itty bitty as they are.  So I think for the rest of this 4 week macro/weights challenge I gave myself I will not worry what the scale says and then re-evaluate after I do my measurements.   So after all that here are the numbers
I'm up 0.6 just over a half pound pfftt..... But TOM is also here so whatevs like I said I'll wait until and see what the tape measure says (two more weeks).

On a completely different note some of you may or may not know I was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor in October and it was removed in January, it is a rare but mild (if you can say that) type of cancer.  I am pretty lucky, though my type of cancer is rare it's pretty treatable.  There are many other types of cancer and did you know that May is National Cancer Research month.
 I was recently contacted by Heather Von St James she is a mesothelioma cancer survivor and this is a little bit of her story.
At age 36, just 3 ½ months after first and only child, Lily, was born, she was diagnosed with mesothelioma and given 15 months to live. Miraculously, she beat the odds and is still here eight years later.
Mesothelioma is considered one of the most aggressive and deadly cancers; most people are given just one year to live upon diagnosis. There is no known cure for mesothelioma and the future continues to look grim as attention to the disease as well as research funding continues to decline. The only known cause of ‘meso’ is exposure to asbestos, which is still not banned in the US. Sadly, it doesn’t look like asbestos will be banned anytime soon, as there is too much money being made by using this deadly mineral.
This is really scary especially because the Hubs is a HVAC contractor and works in attics and homes that are filled with asbestos. and to think that most people live in home with asbestos.
So please take a minute to check out this site that Heather and her husband blog for, the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance it has a ton of information about the disease, and asbestos.
Thank you so much!

Also linking up with the beautiful Liz over at Fitness Blondie and Amber at Fit Foodie Runs


Weekend Workouts

Yay it's Teacher Appreciation I'm so excited my school spoils us and always makes this week a fun one for us from, hour lunches to mini massages and healthy lunches!

The weekend was pretty relaxing, I did have an engagement  photo shoot and I babysat but other than that not much. Friday Dobby (our dog ) was going nuts by our spa when DQ went to find out why this is what we found.

They were so stinking cute and we thought about keeping them for a hot second but my allergies would go into def con 5 so we didn't and the Humane Society came and picked them up on Saturday morning so DQ did get to cuddle them for a bit.

Saturday I made sure to get my "on my own" weight work out in.  Holy crap it was awesome, I did an upper body workout and between circuits I ran around my block (about 1 minute)
Circuit 1   3x 15reps
Single Leg Overhead Press
Bicep Curls  
Renegade Rows

Circuit 2    3x 15reps
Lat raises
Rear Delt Flys
Tricep Dip

Circuit 3    3x 20reps
Chest Press
Tricep Kick Backs

I also did some core work like Russian Twists, Planks, and bicycle crunches.
I was dripping sweat by the end and I had the best work out high!!

Sunday was a rest/walk day so I decided to do a hiking trail near me and I forgot how it literally goes straight up then down my ass is feeling it today so I really should say this was a lower body day, just check out the elevation gain almost 300-400 ft. per mile. 

After I celebrated with the most perfect ice cream cone from McDonalds ever

It's almost to pretty to eat.

and since it's still pretty warm here DQ decided to take Dobby for a swim...and he actually liked it.

This Weeks Goals

1.) Follow my written Workout plan all week. (that's all "my own" weight days except one)
2.) Burn at least 500 kcals on my work out days.
3.) Stay within my 40/30/30 macros.

I'm linking up with the beautiful Katie at Healthy Diva Eats, and the girls from the awesome Motivation Monday Team cause we can always use a little extra  of that :) 

Daily Dose of Del Signore


Fridays Five: Some Like It Hot

Hi all we made it to another Friday...

Let's get down to business shall we then we can get this weekend started!

Time for Fridays Five...


It has been hot as balls here in southern California over 100+  and it seems as everything is on fire.  
Scary shit!  Even though the fires are over an hour away we can still see the smoke and smell it. My hearts go out to any and all that it is affecting and hope everyone stays safe.
That's fire haze from the San Diego fires over a hour away.


I know this is weird to come right after talking about fires and stuff but with all this hot weather I'm also thinking pool time is right around the corner and lucky me I have one about 10 feet from couch.  All I want to do is sip drinks and get a little color on these pasty white legs.  I know pool side drinks can be full of empty calories especially the yummy girly drinks that I like.  So I came up with this quick and pretty guilt free glass of awesome.
taste delish and only 78 calories per drink!


Keeping along the lines of pools and hot (I see a theme starting here) the week after next is our annual camping/river trip.  I can't wait I am ready for vacation.  I am already starting to make lists of healthy meals to make and workouts I can do while I'm there if the weather stays below the temp of hell (last year it got up to 117).


Ok I can't think of anything else to do with pools, heat or vacation.  But I am excited for next week, it may not be vacation but it's the next best thing Teacher Appreciation week at my school ( I know we are quite late but for some reason we have always done ours the week before Memorial Day).


I have made all my goals again this week.  This weekly goal setting seems to be really working for me so far.  I also made a calendar of workouts for the rest of the month.  Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I love lists because once I write it down I can kind of forget about it and then later I just have to look at my list and just do whatever it says.
Have a great weekend. 


Weigh In Wednesday.... Macro What?

I am so damn frustrated...

Seriously I'm up again!  1.4 pounds.

I swear I am doing everything I can to get this scale to move, but it seems to be permanently stuck!
My eating has been spot on all week (the only hiccup would be the beer at the concert but I calculated them into my daily calories and I was still on target)  I've been working out 4-5 times a week.  
I really don't know what else to do at this point...except keep moving forward.
Even though I'm pissed to no end I need to just keep doing what I'm doing and hope it will all fall into place... and sooner rather than later would be nice.

I talked Monday about macronutrients.  It kinda started with The Plan.  On Friday when I got home the book I ordered had come. 

I think I heard about it from Heather at Half Size Me. It has some great information and a lot of science and numbers stuff but Lou Schuler has a way of writing that made it really semi easy to wrap my brain around.

So macronutrients are three major things that the human body needs in order to function properly: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. So what I'm doing is is pretty much keeping those three things in a certain percent. I want  40% of my daily calories and nutrients to come from carbs, 30% from protein and 30% from fat.  **this is a very basic/simple explanation I am just starting this to see if it works for me.  I am in no way an expert/doctor/anyone who knows anything.**
I am using the myfitnesspal pie chart to keep track.

I am still going to keep doing my weekly goals and hopefully things will progress.  And I will work on practicing what I should be doing and take my measurements and focus less on the scale I tell myself this all the effing time but I always fall back to scale watching it's like a drug no lie.

Measurements for May
Bust - 35.5"
Waist -34.5"
Hips - 44.5" (these hips don't lie haha )
Bicep - 12.5"
Thigh - 23.75"

I'm going to follow the plan for at least a whole month and retake measurements
and see what's up.  I just need something to tell me that all this hard work is paying off!!

What are some of the ways you know your making progress? 


If It's Too Loud... You're Too Old

Happy Day after Mother's Day hope you all had a wonderful one!
I'm still recovering myself. 
 Mother's Day was actually very restful, all I did was do some grocery shopping, some food prep for the week, and snuggled on the couch with DQ.
I was still recovering from my Mother's Day with TaTa that we celebrated on Saturday.
  We went to Wango Tango and was sooo much fun. 
 I will admit I'm kinda a concert whore.  I love all types of music so I will go to any show.
It was pretty cool because I actually took TaTa to her first concert when she was 6 (Dixie Chicks see told ya all kinds of music) and it has, over the years become our thing. I also took her to her first Wango Tango about 10 years ago  and now here we are drinking beers at one.  Besides the beer and one cocktail we were really good. We did a workout in the morning and we made sure to eat a  healthy lunch on the way.  I also brought my new favorite snack

 But  Gawd I have gotten old.  I sent this text to Carrie about 1/3 of the way into the night.

Here is a little taste of our night!  I may be old but I love dance music (and Calvin Harris and ZEDD were both there) so I got a great work out in dancing and jumping all around. My fitbit tracked over 20.000 steps! 

Then towards the end of the night TaTa's favorite came on Ed Sheeran and some people who were leaving early asked if it was just the two of us when I told them yes they gave us their 3rd row floor seat tickets.

TOTALLY AWESOME!! who ever you were THANK YOU!!
You made my daughter one happy girl :)

Oh and I hit all my goals for the week:
2 Body Pump Classes
one weight on my own (done at the park w/TaTa and our own body weight) 
and 3 miles done

This week will be the same for lifting
 5 miles run/walk/elliptical
also I want to keep my macronutrients 40/30/30
(I'll explain this on Wednesday but basically I want to stay 40% carbs, 30% Protein and 30% fat)
in my daily diet

Also you should go check out these lovely ladies
from the Motivational Monday Team and their awesome link-up :) And some Marvolus Monday links here.
Daily Dose of Del Signore


Friday's Five

Happy Friday all. This had been the longest week ever, we have been getting ready for our annual Mother's Day luncheon at my school, which have made the kids a bit more crazy it seems.  Today I'm joining April for Fridays 5 so here it goes...


I am so excited for tomorrow TaTa and I are going to Kiss FM's Wang Tango (it is a festival type concert).  We have gone to quite a few when she was younger but I haven't been in years (cause they have had sucky bands) but this years line up looked pretty good... Maroon5, Ed Sheeran (the reason she wanted to go this year) One Republic and some other
really fun ones.


We have started our Thursday girls gym night again which meant I made it to my second Body Pump class this week.  I may even hit up a third on Saturday morning before the concert.  (If I'm not too sore)
I am killing my goals this week! 


I am loving all the awesome swag I got from my Swag Swap partner Tabitha over at Tiny Wishes.
She totally made this custom wine glass for me in my favorite colors of the moment mint and coral. 

OMG I am in love I stopped by GNC to pick up some Quest bars.  I have had a few different flavors (Chocolate PeanutButter, Strawberry Cheesecake, PeanutButter and Jelly all pretty good) and the Lemon Cream Pie (not that great.)  But I heard the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was really good so I had to try it my sweet tooth practically drove herself and no lie it is fan effing-tastic!!  Seriously if you love eating cookie dough  out of the bowl like me you need to go get this now... 
and It only has 1g of sugar, 17g of fiber, 21g of protein and is gluten free 
I was in no way paid to say that but if Quest would like to give me some more flavors to try, send them my way baby!!


Finally Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there.  Whether you be a mom to human babies, fur babies, or grown up babies (aka husbands lol) have a wonderful day!!  You deserve it.


Wendnesday Weigh-In... The Plan

It's that time again...

I'm up one pound.... 173.8 
I expected this if I said I wasn't a little bummed I'd be lying but every time I run a half I always retain a bit of weight I've come to accept it, like no, but I'll deal.  I swear you run 13.1 miles for 3+ hours  in 75 degree heat you think the fat would just melt off right....why do I keep doing it I'll never know cause I'll tell you the truth running kinda sucks but I just can't quit it. 
It's ok cause I got a plan. Now that the half is over (and there isn't another until Oct.) it's time to move on to other things.  Just look
I am working on a plan of action.  I want to get back to my Aqua and Body Pump classes (as long as I do light weights for a while longer I think the doc will be ok with it but when do I ever listen)I also want  to do more lifting in general.  But honestly I'm a little nervous.  I have a hard time lifting on my own .  I LOVE it, but I feel more comfortable with someone telling me what to do.  (God do I miss my trainer Soben, but my pocketbook just doesn't have the wiggle room to make it happen right now).  So I am researching, studying, pinteresting <--- new word? and making lists 
(I love lists, I am a total list maker).  I will make this happen!   
So if any of you have any advice or tips please send them my way. 
I need that scale to move the hell down.   I think I'll also start posting my weekly goals here or on instagram (I really haven't figured it all out yet)  I like the idea of weekly better than monthly,  I always start out strong but then towards the end lose steam.  And since we are talking goals I didn't do great but I wasn't horrible on my April goals  I only missed a total of 4 days of not drinking warm lemon water and 3 of not hitting my fitbit goal.  But I didn't lose 5 pounds and one week I got zero miles in for running.  I did great all my fruits and veggies in (that one was pretty easy I love em')
So even though this week is half over I'm NOT going to do the wait till Monday thing Let's get this shit started NOW!!!

See I already started yesterday :) 

Weekly goals May 5-11
1. At least 2 Body Pump Classes
2. One lifting session on my own (gotta break out of my comfort zone some how)
3. Walk/Run at least 3 miles for the week
 (I know this seems low, but I did just do 13.1 my legs need a little rest right...)
Oh and one more thing I started a Facebook page I would love for you to go and check it out Here.
Thanks so much you are awesome!

As always I hooked up with the girls Heather, Ash and Erin for WiW and I've also linked up with
 Shanna from because Shanna said so... I love her outfits they are adorns, and Amber from Fit Foodie Runs.

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