Five on Friday

What a fun week it has been!!  
I just love Teacher Appreciation Week and we were thoroughly  spoiled!

and this Friday is even better because it is the start of my vacation week Whoop Whoop!!
Bring on the sand, sun and water.  I can not wait.  So I'm not sure how posting will go next week I will be bringing my iPad, but service out there can be spotty at best.

So on to Friday's Five



Like I said we were spoiled.  My admin really does it up for us.  This years theme was relaxation and spa.  Every day there was something new in the "relaxation room for us, we had a special luncheon and we even got 20 minute massages on day from Massage Envy.


This was from a parent along with a beach bag and towel.  OMG so good!
I may be having an affair with cookie butter.

I actually made it to Aqua this week.  I have not been since before surgery, it was even better that I remember and I love Kim the Wednesday instructor.  I don't know how it happens but I am actually sweating in the water!

So thank god I went to the aqua class because this so happened!!  I wasn't going to post it at first but everyone has days like this I'm sure or at least I hope I'm not the only one who falls of the wagon once in a while.  And damn it that Chik-fil-A was fearing worth it and now the craving is done. I can move on.

{ five}
My eating May not have been perfect but I did stay on track with burning 500+ calories on my work out days... And I felt fantastic!!! 

Now time for Vacation!!!


  1. You were really spoiled. Hehe I bet you had a great week. Happy Teacher's Day.


  2. I want work where you work lol! So nice!and you look fabulous :)

    1. It is pretty awesome :) and Thank you!

  3. Unfortunately - yes - I have days like that too - more than I care to think about. How awesome is it though that you were able to burn so many calories? Way to go!


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