Weekend Rambles

Happy Memorial Day
It has been a very relaxing weekend so far, just getting things ready for our river trip.
We leave tomorrow morning after DQ's doctors appointment (nothing major just a check up). YAY can't wait.
I was able to get a few workouts in this weekend, and I totally stuck with my plan and goals for this week in that area (food not as great). I made sure for every workout (that was four workouts)  I hit my goal of 500+ kcals burned though a few times  I had to push to get there. I don't think I will do this again this week because I will be on vacation.  I will get my workouts in but I'm not going to put a number on it this time I do want to relax a little lol.
Speaking of workout, look what the hubs got me...

T25... Holy crap was I a sweaty mess!
So exciting yesterday was supposed to be a rest day but I just had to try it.  It was awesome I will definitely  be putting it into rotation.  I don't think I will follow the plan like it is written but I will add it to what I'm doing already and  maybe add it in the mornings for a double day or when I really just don't want to do something.  It moves really fast and there is NO breaks at all but it goes by pretty quick and just when you are about to collapse it's done.
Last weeks goals
1. follow written plan    DONE
2. Burn 500 Kcals  DONE
3.  Stay with in my 40/30/30  Not quite was off on 2 days and one day was over my kcals by 600+
Weekly Goals 5/26 - 6/1
1. Follow written workout plan ( I am brining all my workout stuff) 
2.  Stay within my 40/30/30 macros
3. Do 2 T25 workouts
4.  Relax and have fun!  I am on vacation
And just cause I haven't done it in a while here is my ootd.

I just got this new skirt at Target along with this bright ass top... I love it, and the bright color makes me actually look tan, pre vacation :)


  1. As always gorgeous! Good going :)

  2. Food is always the challenge for me ... and for exercise, I get in the quantity, but not necessarily the quality. I don't know how you do either on vacation though!

  3. I always struggle with the eating ... I have the exercise down pretty good, but I'm more quantity than quality. I don't know how you keep up with either on vacation though!


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