Fridays Five: Some Like It Hot

Hi all we made it to another Friday...

Let's get down to business shall we then we can get this weekend started!

Time for Fridays Five...


It has been hot as balls here in southern California over 100+  and it seems as everything is on fire.  
Scary shit!  Even though the fires are over an hour away we can still see the smoke and smell it. My hearts go out to any and all that it is affecting and hope everyone stays safe.
That's fire haze from the San Diego fires over a hour away.


I know this is weird to come right after talking about fires and stuff but with all this hot weather I'm also thinking pool time is right around the corner and lucky me I have one about 10 feet from couch.  All I want to do is sip drinks and get a little color on these pasty white legs.  I know pool side drinks can be full of empty calories especially the yummy girly drinks that I like.  So I came up with this quick and pretty guilt free glass of awesome.
taste delish and only 78 calories per drink!


Keeping along the lines of pools and hot (I see a theme starting here) the week after next is our annual camping/river trip.  I can't wait I am ready for vacation.  I am already starting to make lists of healthy meals to make and workouts I can do while I'm there if the weather stays below the temp of hell (last year it got up to 117).


Ok I can't think of anything else to do with pools, heat or vacation.  But I am excited for next week, it may not be vacation but it's the next best thing Teacher Appreciation week at my school ( I know we are quite late but for some reason we have always done ours the week before Memorial Day).


I have made all my goals again this week.  This weekly goal setting seems to be really working for me so far.  I also made a calendar of workouts for the rest of the month.  Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I love lists because once I write it down I can kind of forget about it and then later I just have to look at my list and just do whatever it says.
Have a great weekend. 


  1. I am SUCH a list maker. It's so helpful to be done thinking about something and just do it. Also, Michigan teased us with a few 80 degree days, but we are back in the 60's and now I'm dying for some hot. I might crash your vacation to get some 100 degree weather! :)

  2. I would love to lay my hands on that Smirnoff lol! Also your handwriting is so neat! And BTW-Have I missed your earlier posts or ignored you at all--I haven't seen any posts for a while! Glad to read it now!

  3. Ive never seen the smirnoff pink here in Ireland but looks yummy :)
    happy friday


  4. Bwahahaha - hot as balls - my husband says that too!
    That Smirnoff drink looks yummy!


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