Weekend Workouts

Yay it's Teacher Appreciation I'm so excited my school spoils us and always makes this week a fun one for us from, hour lunches to mini massages and healthy lunches!

The weekend was pretty relaxing, I did have an engagement  photo shoot and I babysat but other than that not much. Friday Dobby (our dog ) was going nuts by our spa when DQ went to find out why this is what we found.

They were so stinking cute and we thought about keeping them for a hot second but my allergies would go into def con 5 so we didn't and the Humane Society came and picked them up on Saturday morning so DQ did get to cuddle them for a bit.

Saturday I made sure to get my "on my own" weight work out in.  Holy crap it was awesome, I did an upper body workout and between circuits I ran around my block (about 1 minute)
Circuit 1   3x 15reps
Single Leg Overhead Press
Bicep Curls  
Renegade Rows

Circuit 2    3x 15reps
Lat raises
Rear Delt Flys
Tricep Dip

Circuit 3    3x 20reps
Chest Press
Tricep Kick Backs

I also did some core work like Russian Twists, Planks, and bicycle crunches.
I was dripping sweat by the end and I had the best work out high!!

Sunday was a rest/walk day so I decided to do a hiking trail near me and I forgot how it literally goes straight up then down my ass is feeling it today so I really should say this was a lower body day, just check out the elevation gain almost 300-400 ft. per mile. 

After I celebrated with the most perfect ice cream cone from McDonalds ever

It's almost to pretty to eat.

and since it's still pretty warm here DQ decided to take Dobby for a swim...and he actually liked it.

This Weeks Goals

1.) Follow my written Workout plan all week. (that's all "my own" weight days except one)
2.) Burn at least 500 kcals on my work out days.
3.) Stay within my 40/30/30 macros.

I'm linking up with the beautiful Katie at Healthy Diva Eats, and the girls from the awesome Motivation Monday Team cause we can always use a little extra  of that :) 

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  1. Enjoy the week of spoiling at your school! Great job on your weekend workouts!

    1. Thanks I love this week it's always so much fun.

  2. Such a great motivational blog for me to read :) you defiantly deserved that ice cream:)
    have a lovely week ahead


    1. Thank you Shauna :) It was really really good.

  3. Awesome week and KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww too bad you are so allergic!

    1. I know and I love them, it's such a bummer...maybe I need to get a hairless cat haha.

  4. Loving this post!! Glad to see that there are actual weekend workouts happening...lol...I like your goals!!! Great job!

    1. Got a get them in no matter what the day right. Sometimes it's just easier on the weekends with my crazy commute durning the week.


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