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Hi I'm Alma I am a 39 year old full time working mom and wife.  I have two daughters Sydney (7)  aka DQ cause that girl is a Drama Queen and Tatiana or as her little sis likes to call her TaTa who is 20.

  Yes I am crazy I had so much fun with the first one I wanted to do it all over again. I also have a wonderful Hubs Steve who puts up with all my crazy.

 I live in sunny Southern California (always have) and most of the time love it (except the traffic since I commute and hour to and from work every damn day). But I guess you get the good with the bad. 

I pretty much started this blog because I was tired of being the overweight friend, mom... everything.

One day while we were  shopping for an outfits to wear to TaTa's  High school graduation and hers were much cuter than mine  I decided I didn't want to be fat any more I wanted to wear the cute clothes and be the hot mom... (hey I'm still young enough) and be the healthy role model for my girls

 See Tata is my mini me she is all cute, all tall and curvy, and has a ton of style and can wear anything...ya one of those and she's mine, so really  can't hate her, well I could but then really I'd be kinda' a shitty mom and really do we need any more of those in the world. Anyway every time I we are together or I have introduced her to someone, it's always the same wow you guys look so much alike, and I always look at her and think really I DO NOT look like that I wish, hell I'd give my second born to look like that, ok maybe not give but sure as shit loan her out for a while. So my comeback is always and I do mean always "haha yes she is the young, hot, thin version of me" believe me this gets the laughs. ;) 
One day I was like, really I want to be that version of me, I can will be  
 I have lost almost 50lbs  and working on losing the last 30. My goal is to do it in a way that I will be able to keep doing forever. It's a journey not a destination and I want to enjoy it all.


  1. I love finding other "mom" blogs AND you're a Sweat Pink Ambassador too!

  2. Hey you! Say, I'm So. CA too; Mission Viejo! I have a sneaking suspicion you are LA though...

    Will definitely be following you, and good luck! You've done great so far!


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