OC Half Marathon ReCap

I made it and I actually feel pretty good, just really tired more from the lack of sleep than the half itself. It was an EARLY race time 6:15am and OC is a point to point, so we had to park at the finish line and be bussed to the start at 4:30AM.. Now you know when I say I'm tired I  really mean I am typing this with one eye closed and half my brain in lala land. 
So let's recap Friday real quick.  Mom, TaTa and I met up with Carrie at the expo to pick up our bib's and pick up some shot blocks (I found a new flavor I like Orange).  We walked around a bit but it was a pretty small Expo so we left and met up with Barb at the Cheesecake Factory.

This is how we carb load.

I was actually good, I ordered the steak medallions of their Skinnylicious  menu, so good and under 550 kcals (which naturally left room for dessert...we split two slices of cheesecake between the 5 of us so not to much damage done). We went home and relaxed after that and TaTa and Barb already started looking for another race to do.

 #runnerslife haha.

We tried to go to bed early but for some reason I could not get to sleep until after 10:30pm.
And  our 3:30am wake up call came pretty damn quick (thank god for adrenaline, right?) We rolled out of bed got dressed and headed out with out breakfast of PB toast and bananas.
I just love my girl. Look at her lovin' on her mommy!!

We got there pretty painlessly with minimal  traffic and hopped on a shuttle.  It was so well run and they had giant school busses so there were no long waits at all.   When we got to the start line we did the pre req's of the port-potty (here's a little secret *use the ones in the middle there are hardly any lines...everyone else just goes to the outside ones they see first and don't venture inward total time saver trust me). 
We lined up in our corral just as the sun was rising took a few a lot of pictures while we waited for the start.  

I am really bummed I waited this long to run the OC Half.  I chickened out last year because I had heard it was "hilly"   yes it was a bit but almost 80% of it was actually downhill, and it was so beautiful.  It went through a ton of residential neighborhoods with gigantic I could only dream of living in houses, and the people were so friendly some of them passed out water, or gummies, and a few were spraying their hoses (it was a hot race with a ton of sun towards the end).

half way done mile 6.55

the 11 mile stretch..with a small hill not cool.

Obviously TaTa  took off like a shot (she finished in 2:19) Carrie and Barb were not far behind (they both finished in 2:35ish...)  Me well this was by far my slowest half  (Mom and I finished in 3:33) could I have done better, yes for sure. I walked almost all of it to stay with mom.  She did try several times to get me to just go but I really wanted to be there with her.  I was the one who had faith in her that she could do this, and it was because of me that she signed up, so I was going to stick with her no matter what.  Around mile 8 she was having a real hard time her feet were really starting to hurt and she was worried she wasn't going to finish.  No worries we just slowed down and took it mile by mile I talked to her, joked with her, told her stories to try and keep her busy.  Next thing you know we are at mile 12.  So it was no stopping and we crossed the finish line together!! 

I am so extremely proud of everyone, but especially my mom and TaTa it was their first half and they only did it because of me and I am so grateful. I have the best family and friends ever!!
but guess what I don't think it will be their last :) 
And our celebratory meal of fish tacos and beer at Wahoo's yumm
And of course I'm linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Eats cause she is fabulous! 


  1. Awww what a wonderful recap and congrats to your mom and Tata! Looks like an all around wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, we did have a great time, I guess if walk/running 13.1 miles is considered fun lol :)

  2. Congrats to you all for finishing the race :)

  3. So nice of you to walk w/ your mom! Congrats on finishing!

    1. It was by far my slowest but really I think I enjoyed it the most. It was pretty cool that I did it with my mom and daughter :)

  4. Congrats you guys! So so awesome that you walked with your mum Aww! How sweet-I told my toddler girl that one day we will run together too !

    1. and you will it really is special to have that memory :) We have done a few fun 5ks with the little one and she loves it!

  5. I'm all about running in a pack! I think it's great you stuck with your mom, because really it's not always just about the time. Great job!

  6. Great recap. I love your pictures and all your smiling faces. That's how I imagine my face is post-workout but I could be wrong...LOL

    Just stumbled on your blog and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your goals!!


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