WiW… No Rest for the Wicked

Weigh In Wednesday

After a week of no workouts and no calorie counting….

So as I expected I am up 2.6 pounds.  I honestly thought I would be more seeing as I only got in one good workout while on vacation. Not to mention all the sitting we did while traveling all over.  Also all the fantastic Mexican food we ate!!  So I'm ok with it and like Desiree from Skinny Geek Within told me Monday "now time to get back to work!" and that's what I'm doing.

Of course it's still not easy, because I'm really not back to my regular routine.  As soon as I got home from Mexico the next day we drove 3 hours to the  Arizona/California border to pick up my step-daughter Ash and turned right back around to go home (she is staying the week).  Which meant more sitting, but at least there were restaurants with salad (and milkshakes but I refrained except for one or two bites)
I may be turning into a rabbit.  And this weekend we are driving her all the way back to Phoenix (5hrs) but at least we will be making it an overnighter and staying with our  friends Amy & Jason. It's been forever since we saw them last.

Though this week is crazy trying to figure out where the girls will be, or who will stay home with them, it's all working out!  I've even managed to get in some work outs.  I got a 3 mile run in on Saturday

then sunday I went for a 5 mile hike with Claudia and her sis in law Debbie.

Followed by all day at Knott's Berry Farm.
 Holy crap I don't know what I was thinking, my legs are still quivering, and my fitbit said I had walked over 24,000 steps and climbed 175 flights of stairs!

My goal was to hit up the gym on Monday & Tuesday but I was so tired that I 've been asleep  7:30pm.  So today I will make it to Aqua cause I LOVE the class and I gotta lose those 2.6 pounds.

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I NEED Veggies!!

Holla Amigos, I'm back!!
Whew that was one busy but fun week, I do not know how people who travel a lot do it.  I am exhausted!!  It truly was a trip and not a "vacation".  I saw lots of family that I haven't seen in almost twenty years (all who do not speak a lick of English) so needless to say my Spanish got very good there towards the end. So much so that I swear I started to dream in Spanish lol.
As well as having lots of family time we also did A LOT of sight seeing. My dad is very big on exploring and not staying in one place for to long. and making sure we see every freaking stature in the state and a mummy museum to boot, true story!

So while I was gone I learned a few things.

1. There are a few places in this world where it is just not safe to run.  My Dad's hometown was a great place and everyone was super friendly as long as they were NOT in a car! I swear they drive like maniacs seriously they play chicken for sport. And the sidewalks were pretty non-existent. But I did climb a butt load of stairs sight seeing!
Just one of the many flight of stairs we climbed. This is the Guanajuato University

2. There are no veggies in Central Mexico!  Ok that's not really true, but it felt that way. There seriously was not a salad in 99% of the places we went, and no veggies with your meal.  I'm not really sure why and my dad couldn't say either it's just the way it is I guess.
but the tacos were Ah-Mazing!
3.  Going "off the grid" was way harder that I thought is was going to be. I guess I never really though about how much I/we are on our phones, tablets, just technology in general.  By the 3rd day I was ready to sell DQ begging for some wi-fi.

So that pretty much was my trip in a nutshell I don't want to bore you with a play by play, but I'm sure I will be peppering my next few posts with a story here and there of our trip.  And I'll finish this post with a few pics.

Last but not least I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my bestie Carrie for throwing in a guest post last Wednesday for you all.  Not going to lie I am a bit jelly of all the fun those girls had! Looks like we might need to plan another so I can go :)

We had to sit through two Catholic masses in one day! Holy Crap I forgot how long those babies are..
Daniella the Birthday girl.
The city of Guanajuato
Checking out the mines...so many stairs...
Having lunch al fresco.
The Famous Juarez Theater

Me and my Pops

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WiW.....guest staring Me.......bestie Carrie

Happy Wednesday all.  I've never Blogged before and I'm going to try my best to make Alma proud. That's Alma for you, always the motivator and the gal who gets you to try new things!

I figured I would keep her WiW tradition alive. Granted I'm a little scared  because I'm coming off a girls weekend in San Diego to celebrate one of our friends, who turned the big 3-0! I do my weekly weigh-in's on Fridays, so I normally get 2 more days to recover. ��

Woo hoo only up .5lbs! �� It was a great weekend, the only thing missing was Alma! She made it safe and sound to Mexico!  I got this gem of a text "made it safe, it's pouring rain, found food for DQ so she won't starve lol! She's already playing with cousins even though they don't understand each other! Lol!

So, for a little recap of the fun times she missed out on. A group of us gal pals headed down to San Diego, to relax by the pool and dance the night away in the gas lamp district! I was super proud of myself because I made each of the girls a "weekend survival bag" I put in a bunch of goodies like a cup, cocktails, snacks,  gum, Advil, band aids, sunscreen, Chapstick, fans, and safety pins. They were a huge success! 

We stayed at the Marriott Marquee and Marina, it was beautiful! A little Pricey, but worth it! Oh, and  it was $28 a day to self-park! �� Somehow we scored because all of our parking got comped! �� I channeled my inner Alma a went for a run along the marina Saturday morning! The girls thought I was crazy! I also tried a new bootcamp style class with our friend Barbie (you've seen her here before). The pool was very relaxing, and my tan was greatly improved. 
Now for the fun stuff! Drinks, dancing, and shots of Adios mother f-ers to help Michelle say "adios" to her 20's! Haha I'm so clever! 
A little back story..........I am really good at taking really bad pictures, but I love this picture! It's my favorite from the weekend. Do you think Alma is jealous yet???? Not until she reads about my experience in "Man Diego" I experienced first hand how this little nickname rings very true! More back story.....I'm the eternally single friend who they are always trying to hook up. ☺️ These gals suckered me into trying out Tinder (a dating app based on your location) OMG! They had more fun playing on it and pimping me out all night to all the beautiful men with perfect arms out and about. Pure torture I tell you! �� Good times, I kept wishing Alma was there! I truly missed her! 

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