Oh Hey Friday…Dance Party

I have been doing really well at getting in my 30 minutes of activity and most of the time I am doing more than that. I guess the no expectation is working (so far).  The thing that has always helped is my tunes if I have good music I can do just about anything.

So for this Fridays Five I  put together my faves for the last few weeks.

I LOVE this song besides being fun and catchy the message is pretty damn awesome!

This is my new anthem.  The older I get the more I really don't give a you know what!
It's kinda liberating :)

This is my high school self coming out, 

I can get down and work up a good sweat to this one enough said!

another great sweatin' song but every time this comes on when I'm run I lose my rhythm,
cause the latin in me just wants to dance! haha

So  there you have it the music of my life :)

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WiW…All or Nothing

Hi Guys, thanks for letting me vent yesterday.  I have just been in a funk lately. trying my best to stick to something...anything really.  I think summer just got the best of me, to tell the truth this year has got the best of me.   I don't know if it's because of the surgery or all these fricken  aches and pains due to surgery. Not that I'm trying to make excuses.  Yes some of those aches and pains make it a little harder to go all out at the gym or on runs but I am still fully capable of going for a walk, and  make healthy food choices.  There is no reason for me to be sitting there at night mindlessly snacking,  (and yes Desiree you hit the nail on the head it's just boredom).
After writing that I have been trying to be more mindful of what I'm eating and doing.  Even though I still feel in a bit of a funk I am working on getting back into good habits. I'm really working on NOT snacking. the plan is to come home make and eat dinner then 20minutes later I can have dessert.  But only ONE!  It can be whatever I want but one sensible portion. As for working out my goal is to get in  at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. Again it can be what ever I want a walk, run, swim, or weights but at least 1/2 hour if it's more great, but I won't force myself to always go big because then I just won't do it if I'm not feeling it. 
So far  Monday I made myself go to the gym and told myself I could just walk for 1/2  hour then I could go home.  But when I got there I ended up doing the elliptical, then I figured ok I'll just add 15 minutes of stairs.  When I was done I went to get DQ from kids club but she begged to stay a little longer (they were doing relay races) so I walked on the treadmill for another 15min so all in all I got a whole hour in. 
Tuesday I had a ton to do at home (aka fight DQ on homework... it's already started)
so I told myself if I run on my lunch (1/2 hour) then I don't have to do anything else when I get home.  so I busted out a quick 2 mile 30 minute run in the heat I was sweating buckets but it I knew I could do it because it was only 30 minutes, and I didn't feel guilty that I didn't go to the gym.

I really got into the mind set of all or nothing and  I think that screwed me up.  So now I'm back to baby steps and taking it one day at a time.

Now that I have made you read a novel lol here is today's weigh-in.

I'm actually down .2 pounds go figure.  Hopefully the means my one day at a time attitude is working.

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I have a confession to make. 
 More like a realization... I am struggling.  

The scale is slowly creeping up and I can make all the excuses, and I have.  I tell myself it's only one pound, then next week oh it's only one pound , the problem is those pounds are adding up. Then I realize weigh in is coming and try to "be good" to get the weight back off so I don't disappoint you  or embarrass me. It's become a vicious cycle.  

The same with my daily eating. Basically this is how my day goes, breakfast a healthy balanced one normally some thing like oatmeal, or egg whites with a piece of lean ham with coffee lots of coffee!
Then lunch comes and it's pretty good too, a lean protien (normally chicken or fish) with some veggies, and piece of fruit.  

Then I get home and it begins… 

The snacking.  I go to grab a string cheese then think I'll add a piece of fruit. Then oh maybe a handful of cereal. Then I think to myself,  stop Alma just make dinner so I do . It's a healthy one similar to lunch, and then it just keeps going.  I'll have "dessert" and think ok done...then a while later I think I'll just have another spoonful of __________ fill in the blank, and next thing I know the "one more spoonful" has turned into and empty container. 

WTF am I doing??  

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