Friday Five....Refrigerator Surprise

Yup I am still doing Fridays Five I can't help I like it :)  this weeks five is pretty much a little recap of my week so let's do this.
I have been doing great in my food choices and staying on track.  Sometimes it's really hard since my school serves up some pretty tasty snack for the kiddos ie. pot stickers, bean and cheese burritos, English muffin pizzas...so much food.  But I am staying strong and my  goal is to only eat what I have brought in my lunch  bag (yes I pack a lunch every darn day).
apples + pb = best combo ever

berry chicken salad
and as far as food goes it is not the only thing in my fridge at the moment thanks to DQ.  She is my own Dr. Doolittle.  This girl loves every creature under the sun (except maybe spiders but can you blame her) so some times I find things like this.

dand I need to go to the grocery store...
continuing on that path I think I'm slightly to blame for her creature/animal obsession.  I was like that too when I was younger and still am a bit the only thing that stops me now is that my mom isn't here to take care of the animals when I tire of them lol just kidding sort of  hence how we ended up with a dog after the hubs swore we would never have any more (just had to give him the sad eyes... works every time how do you thing I finally got my dish washer).
which brings me to my new pinterest board

Yup we are getting chickens.  Not right this minute probably in the next month or two. We need some time to get a coop (hello those thing can be pricey, any one out there want to donate to my farming dreams lol)  and all the other necessities for being "urban" chicken farmers :)

add that to my little plot of a garden and I am a happy little "wanna be" urban farm girl!
isn't my cantaloupe cute

Now I'm off to celebrate Carries Birthday with a few margaritas and some paddle boarding.

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WiW.... Not Enough Equals Too Much

Ugg…I knew it wasn't going to be good, but seriously. 
  I'm up 2.8 this week.

It doesn't help that it's that time of month, could also be why I had such a hard time saying no to all those yummy treats I got for the girls why Ash was here.

Pizza and sundae making…

S'mores by the pool

I was really hoping to jump right back on track full force but it's taking all I have latley.  I am getting some activity in (because come on exercise doesn't always have to mean the gym, it can be fun too)  but not nearly as much as I have wanted (it's just so damn hot).  But I at least getting in my steps, getting the garden (yard) up to par,  and swimming ok splashing a lot in the pool with DQ, but it's definitely not enough. 

This weekend is Carrie's birthday and we are doing dinner and drinks in Huntington Beach but at least it will be followed by paddle boarding the next morning.  I'm so excited!! We found a Groupon for it so decided to try, I have heard it's a great core workout!  We will see, and since we will be heading to the beach early that should keep most of the "drinking" in check. I'm not sure how hang-overs and paddle boarding would go, and I'm honestly getting to old to find out.

I haven't made any goals in a while so this week I will and it will be to make it to the gym at least twice this week and do one at home "fun" activity. Also really watch what I an eating and track everything.

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Back to Normal

Life is somewhat going back to normal this week.  It's no less busy but at least I know what's coming.
This weekend we had to take Ash back home to Arizona.  This is actually only the second time we have had her for more than a few hours (in the early years the hubs and his ex did not get along at all, but in the last few years things are so much better.  Everyone seems to be in a happier place in their lives and getting along which is great.  It makes me so happy to work on becoming one big happy family and the ex is actually pretty ok).

So we started off early Saturday. As you all know I'm the morning person, and the commuter so of course I drove while they all slept.

Shh don't tell but I actually like it that way, it was a nice quiet drive with my thoughts and the radio.

After dropping Ash off we headed to our friends Amy and Jason it was great to see them and the girls and DQ had so much fun playing with them I really wish we could have stayed longer, next time for sure!

I shoved everyone in the car early again on Sunday to head home.  We hit a ton of thunder and lighting storms on the way home.  It was so neat to watch (we have very little "real" weather in Southern California). It even broke up enough to get a rainbow.

After sitting all that time I really need to move around, I thought about going to the gym but there was so much that needed to be done around the house, and DQ has been asking to plant the garden again, (obviously we are very late in our summer planting this year) and I just watched Food Inc..  (more on that later) so I went full force on the garden and that was my work out. When I was done I was dripping sweat and smelled like rosemary better than manure I guess but that rosemary bush was a bitch to get out!  It looks so pretty now though and hopefully we will have some melons, squash,peppers and a pumpkin or two (that was what DQ really wanted)  in a few months. 

One last but awesome thing Tia over at Hand On Pants Off is hosting a giveaway for a $25 Target gift card, so why not head on over and enter!

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