Weekend Shenanigans

Happy almost Thanksgiving.  Can you believe it the holidays are here, I swear it was just summer wait I live in Southern California it was just 85 degrees last week.  Any way the holidays marks the beginning of all the crazy weekend shenanigans, and this was the start for me.

Saturday was my friends Kerry & Dan's wedding.  It was held in a beautiful winery in San Juan Capistrano.  

We clean up pretty good.

the hubs and his best impression of the thug life lol.

and then of course the best photo bomb award goes to this guy who offered to take our picture.

The wedding was so much fun we drank, danced, and did a little more drinking.  

Sunday was my first official photo shoot of the season and it was with one of my favorite families.  Gary is actually my running buddy Barb's brother.  I just love them and their boys are so stinking cute! I want to marry DQ off to little Gary :) 

Then of course I used the rest of my free time making bows and such.  I'm seriously thinking of reopening my easy shop. I just need to build up my stock first.

How was your weekend?

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WiW...I May Have Found the Secret.

Happy WiW everyone.  I have been working.  Not necessarily  working out  but working at figuring out why my weight loss has seemed to have stalled this last year.  I know some of it has been because I've bounced around and tried different things (you can read about that here). Then one day I started going through old blog posts and thinking about what I was doing not just on the blog but in my life

then it came to me...
  I was doing a lot of crafting.  I love to craft, I love trying new crafts, I even turned TaTa's old room into my crafting/office when she moved out.

  I sew, do paper crafting, some jewelry making, and bows.  I used to LOVE to make hair bows.
 I would sell them at my school and even had an etsy shop for a bit.  Then for some reason I just fell out of it. 
When I was reflecting I really thought about it and tried to figure out why I was doing better with my weight during that time. DUH... I was busy, busy making or sewing.  Planning or taking pictures.  My hands were always busy. 
My hands and mind were busy.  So there was no mindless snacking.  I would stop long enough to make and eat meals, and I wouldn't go back for seconds because I needed to get back and finish what I was working on. I wasn't mindlessly eating.   HOLY CRAP! I think I may have found the answer.
Also I love to watch TV and lately I've been sitting with DQ or at the kitchen table with my iPad and watch but then I would get bored and start looking for things to snack on. So I just brought my iPad in to my craft room/office and watched it while I was working on things.

and this is the result of finding the secret to hopefully my success  …
down 3.4 pounds

Now, any guesses to what I'm doing next? lol

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Vacation Recap Warning (tons a pictures)

So I have finally gone through my vacation photos and there were just so many (as you'll see).  It was a great time and we had a blast.  Not gonna lie the resort Be Live Canoa was just ok.  Don't get me wrong it was beautiful, but the service was just so-so.  But really I'm not going to complain because

The hardest decision was whether to go here.

or here

We also did some awesome excursions, like a catamaran.


we swam with sharks (a tad scary)

and rays

a sunset boat ride.

We also found time to hit the gym and get in a few good workouts (even though there was no air conditioning and we were sweating balls)

and some fun workouts like kayaking.

to counter act all the liquid calories



liquid calories...

So that's it in a nut shell.

Have you taken or are you getting ready for any vacations?

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