Hey all, sorry about missing Friday. It was our annual Christmas program at work so it was a whirl wind of a day and not to mention it was apparently "stormaggedon" too.  We here in So Cal are such babies that the littlest bit of rain puts everyone in a  panic. 
Even with the rain it turned out to be a great weekend. The hubs and I took DQ to a Winter Wonderland holiday thing at a local park along with some friends.  It was lots of fun they had all different types of activities.
This is how we do sledding and snow in Southern California lol,

can you tell we were totally unprepared.  Poor DQ id in Vans and we totally forgot the gloves.  

But she did get to see Santa so that made the freezing hands and wet feet worth it.
After that I went out with my girls.  Our work party did not happen this year, kinda sad but no one wanted to host it so it just sorta fizzled out.  we made the best of it and got the crew together for dinner and dancing in downtown Temecula.

We are such dorks but we do have fun!

Finally after getting home at 1 in the morning my ass had to be up at 6 to get ready for my last holiday shoot of the year. 

It was actually two families that were related I was worried it was going to take forever but it went really smoothly and we were done in just over an hour.  Now I'm just putting some finishing touches on them and will have them out later this week.
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WiW....The Big Easy or So I Hope

I'm up a bit this week just a bit over a pound 180.6.  Seriously it was those cookies.  I can just say no to Thanksgiving (seeing as I stayed the same that week  but put a cookie in front of me and all bets are off.

But I'm getting right back to business because I am giving myself 7 weeks to lose 10 pounds (I'm shooting for 15 but I will be totally happy with 10)  because in 7 weeks this is happening!!!

Yup the hubby did it, he is taking TaTa and I (and TaTa's boyfriend) to New Orleans for our 21st and 40th birthdays (our bdays are exactly one month apart.)  I can't even tell you how excited we are.

So to keep on track and lose that weight I stocked up at the farmers market this weekend.

The beets are so good.  I can't believe that it has taken me all this time to actually like beets.


I also found some yummy brussel sprouts (yup just started liking those too)

and of course keeping up with the workouts. 


Cookie Monster

This weekend was our annual cookie baking party.  The Grammies, me, my girls and Auntie Bible (a friend and the bible teacher at work so DQ has always called her that) and in the last two years Carrie (who couldn't make it this time) have gotten together to spend all day baking up a storm of Christmas goodies.  

It has been a wonderful tradition that is going 6 years strong now.  The funny thing is the Grammies and Auntie Bible don't bake lol.  I didn't know this when I started it but they all try once a year for me and it so much fun and something crazy always seems to happen. Like one year Grammie C was making rice Krispie treats and just poured in the cereal and marshmallows in all together and made a big burning clump of crispy Krispies.

TaTa making some Oreo Truffles yumm...

Auntie Bible and Grammie J make the famous PB Blossoms.
and since there was so many cookies happening and of course we had to do some quality control and taste (just a few) TaTa and I decided that between every  batch coming out of the oven, or any waiting time (there were 4 of us using one oven) we would go in the backyard and run, squat, lunge, to the fence and back...that fence was far).  I even got in all 10,000 steps.

We are doing high knees here :) 
Then we always exchange small gifts.  This year I made every one a personalized cup.
and Auntie Bible gave us the most snuggly blankets ever!!

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