WiW... Can't Keep Up

Holy smokes all I can't believe it's already Wednesday and almost the end of the month. Our new schedule has time flying by.  Pretty much I am busy every night during the week and that's after working a full day and commuting 1-2 hours one way.  Since starting the new TC24 training we meet 3 times  Mon, Wed, Fri. From 6-7 then on Tues & Fri DQ has gymnastics and Thursday is girls gym night with my BFF Carrie.  I pretty much have not been home all month. 

The good news at least is the weekends have been pretty quiet, so Sunday the hubs decide he wanted to go to breakfast, since I didn't get a run in I talked him into walking to the restaurant, and to my surprise he actually said ok! It was a fun walk with the family and not to long just over a half mile one way.
Even though we went out I still wanted to make the healthier choice so here is the yummy veggie omelette and side of fruit but those damn hash browns were calling my name happy to say I didn't cave. #onepointme

Training club has been super awesome I am loving the accountability and of course Doben is always awesome and ready to get my ass in gear.  On Friday I totally had Biggest  Loser moment...we did 1/4 sprint on the treadmill and Soben came by and bumped my speed from a 5.2 all the way to a 7.1 and told me not to touch it!  Holy shit I was freaking out but I so did it I'm not sure if it was cause I was scared to fall on my face or look like an ass with all the other ladies around but I did it 4 FREAKING TIMES!!!

and the consistent burn is right on track.

This is the current group of ladies that are trying now.  They are all really nice and everyone encourages everyone. I love the camaraderie of group I really hope that 24 hour fitness keeps this program around awhile, and it's actually pretty affordable compared to one on one training.

and finally here it is down another pound.  Awesome!


Oh Hey 5 on Friday…Moments

Thank you all for your sympathy it really is appreciated.  Though it is hard it just reminds me to never take a single day for granted and to make the most of every moment.
So here a few great moments that have happened. This week:

Last week was also my Moms birthday.  It was great spending the day with her and planning our next half marathon. Yup we are doing it again the OC half in May! 

Spending some one on one with my big girl she also has a birthday next week.  I can't believe she is turning 21 where has the time gone.  I love her so much and am so proud of the woman she has become. Beautiful, fearless, kind. 

Moments like this are my favorite.  Just some quite time (after a run) sitting down enjoying a cup of coffee at my own personal zoo otherwise known as my backyard.  

And now my zoo is finally paying it back. We got our first egg yesterday.  Was it writes that I was so excited!! DQ wants to keep the shell so I will blow it out tomorrow and make a scrambled egg out of it. Hope it's all that it's cracked up to be. Sw what I did there lol I'm so funny. 

I love when I find a Pinterest recipe and it really is as good as it says and looks. This is a Pesto Caprese thingy <--- thats a word right?  Any way its a whole wheat roll split in half with about a tablespoon of pesto spread then topped with mozzarella tomatoes (you are supposed to add basil leaves but I didn't have any) a bit of Parm then put it under the broiler for 3-5 minutes and drizzle with balsamic glaze.  

What's your favorite Pinterest find lately?

The Diary of a Real Housewife


WiW… I'm Trying

Sorry for the late weigh in. It's been a rough week. I am actually down a bit ( not quite a pound) I wasn't expecting much so this is good.  182.8

As I said this week was pretty hard Monday we had a funeral to go to, and it was very difficult.  My cousin lost his 19 year old son very unexpectedly.
 TaTa drew this portrait of  "little" Timmy to give to his dad.  I am in awe of her talent and have no idea where she gets it from.  

Since it has been a busy week and DQ started up school, added a day of gymnastics and my group training started we are trying to get into the new routine.  I have discovered I pretty much have no time so I had to use my lunch break to hit up the grocery store #noexuses  

and yesterday was my first day at group training.  So far I really like this group of ladies, a lot of them are new to training so we are starting out a little on the easier side but Soben is so awesome and modifies mine so it's a little harder or adds more weight for me.  I already feel it in my booty :)

my burn from last night.

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