Weigh In Wednesday...Let It Ride

I'm hooking up with these lovely ladies again for

This is what it looks like this week

In Vegas terms it's a push, no gain, no loss so let it ride.  I am going to worki extra hard to get a good loss next week. 
So to finish up my recap Vegas was a blast the Bastille show was fantastic they are great live so much energy I probably burned 500 calories just jumping around and dancing.

But now it's back to the regularly scheduled program or as most call it real life. I had to make a skirt for DQ's spirit day on Friday it's 50's Day so a purple poodle skirt is what she wanted. Luckily I have a few hidden talents and was able to sew this yesterday.

I have been taking it easy with my run/walks the last week. I was a little sore after that 7 miler.
My mind thinks I'm all well but my body has not quite caught up.  I'm confidant that I will be able to finish the Half (in two weeks holy shit!) but I don't want to fight through a lot of pain and my doctor will have my head. So I've tried to stay pretty low impact and do the elliptical and only run once durning the week.  I hope this doesn't screw me up.

Speaking of doctor I finally got the steri strips off and my incision is finally healed.
I can't believe how long it took.  I'm just happy I can take a shower with out Saran Wrap!! 
It's the little things...

How'd you do this week?

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