Busy Bodies & Breadsticks

Yesterday was Drama Queens Graduation from Pre-K, she did such a great job and delivered her line perfectly "B is for busy bodies at work or at play" ya totally fits her Ms. Busybody lol.
Drama Queen and Mommy  (is it me or do we look like oomph loompas) 

So afterwards her dinner of choice was steak, yes that girl is just like her father.  We headed down to our favorite place and I had already figured out what I was gonna have prepared girl that I am (BBQ chicken and grilled veggies) look at me aren't I a rockstar...ya until that basket of breadsticks hit the table.


I swear I must have ate my weight in breadsticks...ugg and to top it off I felt like total crap afterward, not just guilty like, but literally my stomach hurt all the way home and I felt like I was gonna hurl any minute I didn't but not sure if that was a good or bad thing. So now I am totally kicking myself and feeling like a total loser since the scale was up like 3 pounds Yes I know salty food and bloat not to mention PMS is rearing her ugly head...blah, let's hope today will be better.  


Weigh-In Wednesday #9

Today's weigh -in was 207.6 down -1.2lbs from last week whoop whoop!

Wow it's been 9 weeks already an I've lost a total of 14.2 pounds not bad, nope not bad at all.

In other awesomness I went to Target yesterday to pick up a gift for a birthday party DQ and I are going to this weekend and I walked around a bit "just looking" cause, really who goes to Target for just ONE thing, not this girl.  Anyway I totally scored check it out

 Some new running/workout shirts in just my size, it was fate I tell ya.  so of course I picked up the two they had and was even super happy about the colors especially the pink one.

$6.98 what a great deal

Then to make a great day even better I found my favorite bra (every girl has a favorite bra am I right?) on  the next clearance rack over for $11.99 the only thing was it was a 38 (I'm normally a 40-42) but I decided to get it anyway, with the pounds finally coming off I figured I would eventually get into it.  Just to see I tried it on when I got home and HOLY CRAP it fits now. Which is fantastic cause my other one is getting pretty ratty (hey don't judge I love that fricken bra it makes the "girls" look like they are not making a bee line for my knees a million bucks).



Yup I too am doing Run with Jess's  Lose a Marathon.  I figured it would give me a little more focus and I won't back slide.  I have actually learned something about myself and losing weight over the years, I don't fall off the wagon when things go wrong (when that happens I just suck it up and try even harder). But I take a flying leap fall off that wagon when things are actually going good, (freakin weird I know) but I think what happens is when I start losing the weight I say to myself "Oh I can have that cookie I lost 2 pounds this week" or "Hey I just ran 2 miles I can have that second helping of pasta."   So I hope think this will keep me buckled in that wagon nice and tight :)

On that note I will be adding a new page up there on top dedicated to Losing a Marathon and of course I will throw in a post  here and there about it to :)  So the first mini-challenge was to write out a detailed plan on how you are going to achive your Lose a Marathon goal, take measurements and pics.

So quickly here is my plan:

 * Keep counting my calories using my LoseIt! app ALL THE TIME

*Start Hal Higdon's Novice 10k Training Plan.
 I really like this plan it pretty much makes me do some  kind of activity each day with one rest day on Friday. (I'll post a more detailed plan on the tab up there)

*and I WILL NOT reward myself with FOOD (I'm not a dog lol)

Well that pretty much sums it up.  Oh wait I will be weighing in on Mondays with Jess, but I will also be keeping my "normal" Wednesday weigh-ins here. I figure that will help me stay focused over the weekend and well into the week,  and y'all know my love affair addiction to my scale so this will make me use his powers for good and not evil.  Good Luck to all you fellow Marathon Losers out there!!!

What are your plans?


Morning Run

This was this mornings run.  Not bad... I always walk the first .25-.50 miles to warm up, then the last to cool down.
that 1st  & 2nd little dip is when my freaking shoes kept coming untied lol.

whoop whoop an 11'11" min mile awesome sauce!

I really wish I could run in the morning all the time, I'm more refreshed, less tired and overall have a better run and pace. But alas that is not going to happen I already get up at 4:00AM (yes an ungodly time) during the week for work every day, so I really don't think running in the am is happening.  Actually I probably could,  I am a total morning person, please don't hate me  but running in the dark scares the crap out of me so evening runs it is.  Have a great Sunday everyone!


10 Pound Difference

So this is what my before and after looks like -10lbs... Okay don't mind the crazy face, DQ was at the end of the hall making silly faces at me lol. and Ta Ta didn't take them at exactly the same distance away, but overall I can see a little bit of a difference. Like there is a deeper curve under my boobs (top waist??).  That's where I always lose first. And in the front facing a little more of an hour glass shape maybe?

To be honest I really hoped to see more of a difference.  But hey maybe at -20lbs right??  


June 13, 2012

May 1, 2012

June 13, 2012

May 1, 2012

Any who, I may not be seeing the results right away but some of the results I have been feeling are my clothes are way more roomy and comfy, I even had to retire a pair of elastic waist pants (way cuter than they sound) that kept slipping down.  I don't feel as lazy, I can be on feet a lot longer without them hurting if at all, and running is getting a whole teeny tiny bit easier.  So come on -20lbs momma needs a new iPhone :)


Just Keep Running

So the  last few posts I've eluded to my Fantastic runs of late...

Though I do think we need to  get some things out in the open and clear first.

I want to be  am a runner, I am actually excited for my runs, and I feel AMAZING after my runs but....

I HATE RUNNING... yes you heard me! I hate it while I'm actually running. one foot in front of the other I am totally hating it, constantly talking to myself... why am I doing this, isn't there some easier form of exercising, (ok just get to the next block) wait I could take up swimming, hell I do have a pool... damn sweat in my eyes, (ok now get to the stop sign) wait breathe, oh good song, ok breathe again (well I'm almost home just keep my feet moving)

Then next thing I know I'm done... wow I just ran 3 miles... wait what!!! Yup 3 damn miles!!!


Yes that's right I can now run 3 full miles straight, yes my pace is still slow (I'm averaging 12' 30" but it's getting better and better everytime I go out) and I still take small shuffle type strides but hey my feet are moving right?  I really want to thank that person on sparkpeople who wrote that blog post, ever since I slowed my pace and shortened my stride I have been able to run longer and faster, go figure. I never in a million years would've thought that I could run 1 mile let alone 3, and yet here I am actually doing it.  I think the reason I have always wanted to be a runner is because I equate it with being in shape and fit, long and lean.  I'll admit I will NEVER be long (come on I'm 5'3") and I'm not lean (YET), but I am much more fit and every time I run I'm getting into better shape.

 So basically yes I hate running while I'm doing it, but I love what it's doing for me.  I feel strong, I'm not so tired anymore, and  can see my body changing (yes slowly but it's changing) and I love to come home and tell my family about how much better this run was than the last and hear their praise. This is what I love about running, and why it's fantastic.



-10lbs Reward!!

Just a quick post to show off my -10lbs reward. TaTa actually found these and I instantly fell in love. Who doesn't love a wedge sandal :) and the color is gorgeous. I may need to keep these under lock and key, I have a feeling TaTa may borrow these ( as of yet we only have the same shoe size lol)

Weigh-In Wednesday

Yay another successful weigh-in. I'm down 2.6 this week  for a total of 13 pounds.  I've also finally taken my 10lbs loss pics last week, but being so lazy busy I haven't had a chance to post them yet...I promise I will do it before weeks end.  Basically what I've been doing this week is really watching my calories (I try to stay between 1300-1400) using the Lose It app on my phone (I just find this most convenient for me) and I've also been running three times a week ( I think I'm going to start Hall Higdon's 8k Training for Novice pretty quick).  I also really have to tell you about my last few runs, they have been freaking fantastic!!! Now I just need to find the time to write the post.

 So who knew? Healthy eating and moving more really do work...Damn no magic pill... LOL

How's everyone out there doing?


Mermaids & Cupcakes

Yup you read that right... My weekend was invaded filled with mermaids and cupcakes, and of course it was all my own doing lol. 

My sweet, sweet Drama Queen turned 5 this week (holy hell where did the time go) and every year we have a had a big party for her. This year was suppose to be the year of no party due to TaTa's graduation and vacation being so close together. We were planning on just doing some small family thing. Then DQ begged, pleaded and harassed asked me if it could be a Mermaid BBQ.  I hate to admit it, but I am that mom and I can't do a "party" half assed, sorry can't help it, and add the other addiction of Pinterest and this is what you get 

Mermaid Goodies

As requested by DQ I made chocolate cupcakes, I did think about making a healthier cupcake but decided against it, then just to tempt myself further I filled them with bavarian cream and topped them with Belgian chocolate seashells . I figured I would just have two or so one.

I also saw these cute little buggers on Pinterest and just had to make them. They were so darn easy and tasted delish (so I heard I actually did stay away from these).

Me and my besties 

The weather was perfect for the pool, yay mermaids

My Mermaid and her cupcake

So over all it was a fintastic <----- like that...weekend and I actually did do pretty good. We did grill burgers and dogs and though I did make the full fat cupcakes I lightened up just about every thing else, such as light mayo for the macaroni salad, light sour cream for dip with baked chips, and the burgers were lean turkey :) I didn't get a chance to run my scheduled run on Friday but did make up for it on Sunday morning but more about that in my next post.


Weigh-In Wednesday

I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it. I'm one of those people that weigh themselves everyday...

Yes My name is Alma and I'm a scale-a-holic...

I've tried to stop, I've moved the scale countless times but I just can't help it.  Every morning I hop on "just to see" and sometimes I leave smiling and my day is awesome, but then other times I want to throw the stupid thing across the room.  I've finally come to realize that while I may not be able to stop...lol see a true addict. I can stop letting it control how my day is going to be and just go with it.  For example yesterday was one of those throw the damn thing across the room days, but 3 different people said "Wow you are looking really good, you can totally tell you are losing weight."  Really?? Thanks, see stupid scale ha!  I just need to let it go... I'm gonna try really really hard, cause I feel good, I feel strong, and I feel healthy that needs to be what I let control my day :)

Oh and I did obviously weigh myself today (it is weigh-in Wednesday) and I'm down 2.2lbs!

Can I kiss you scale?...   :)


Life Style Changes

Before LSC (Life Style Change) a normal weekend would consist of lounging around in Pj's catching up and clearing out the DVR,  maybe clean up around the house. Then hit up Target with my mom to buy stuff I don't need with money I don't have, and then almost always go out to eat and almost always make bad food choices.

Since LSC it's been pretty crazy with graduations and vacations and such until this weekend.  Finally a relaxing "normal" weekend, so what to do??? I did think about catching up on the DVR (hey I ran 3 days this week and ran a full mile) with all the exercising in the evenings I've missed a lot of good TV (Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, SYTYCD) I deserve a break right???

WAIT that's the old lazy me trying to wiggle her hefty butt back in...Get the hell OUT of here bee-otch!

 My mom has been super impressed how I have stuck with things so far and I think seeing me get out and get moving has maybe rubbed off on her a bit :) So when I told her about a hiking trail I wanted to check out(it's in an area we used to live when I was a kid) she really wanted to check it out too.  So we decided that Saturday morning we would go and take DQ with us.  I heard it was a pretty easy trail and a few "mommy" friends of mine have taken their kids and they seemed to do ok so I wasn't too worried though it is a 5 mile hike.

Saturday morning we were up and out early and everyone was pretty excited. It was a beautiful day and the trail was packed with people, kids, dogs, and even a few horses. It started of  easy then as you got higher it started to get a bit steep, we only had to stop a few times for a rest/water break for mom and DQ (I really didn't mind either) it was pretty much uphill for the first 3 miles and everyone was a trooper. The last 2+ miles was downhill and I did end up having to carry piggyback DQ on and off for the last mile and a half or so. Needless to say I'm so proud of my mom and DQ for doing this with me.  We are even going to try and make this a bi-monthly thing :)  Here are a few pics from our "New" healthy active weekend activities.

Starting off strong

About 1/3 of the way to the top

Grammie and DQ

DQ and the flowers she picked along the way

We made it to the top!

Why do my boobs look so lopsided lol.

Trying to keep up with the "cowboy"

Piggy back time (now I feel like a horse lol)

We did go out for lunch but this time it was healthy choices... Subway at the park.

Yay for new LSC

It turned out to be about 6.77 miles by my Nike app (from start to end) and we finished in about 2.5 hours (not to bad).  Afterward everyone was pretty spent so we just chilled at home until DQ and I went to babysit for one of my students (I'm a pre-school teacher and occasionally parents will ask if I'm  free to  babysit for them, hey extra money is nice why not). So it was a long day but a great one though my hips are a little sore now lol.  Oh and old Hefty Butt Me... Buuh-Bye  Bee-otch!!


Kids Ugh!

So as most of you know I have two girls TaTa (18) and Drama Queen (5 as of next week). I love my girls, I would do anything for them. They are the twinkle in my eye, the icing on my mini cupcake.....

But damn sometimes I want to throttle one or both. This rant is thanks to the big one. I swear if she gets another tattoo I'm going to kick her curvy little butt!

The most recent one a tree frog  

Don't get me wrong I love tattoos. I myself have 7 of them and want more *insert hypocrite here* but my problem is mine are all easily hidden if necessary, and she is starting a sleeve!!  And she is only 18, I got mine gradually over time, in the last 4 months she has gotten 3 (a moon with a paw print on her inside forearm, the Deathly Hallows sign from Harry Potter inside wrist, now this tree frog on the outside of her wrist).  She wants to get a tattoo to symbolize everyone in the family. So this last one,  the frog was for me because I love frogs (I have one tattooed on my foot).

I know she is 18 and an "adult" but she is still my baby, all I'm asking is for her to slow down a bit, give it a little more thought. Oy!

Kids are overrated.... But I love them! sometimes


The Full Mile


Wait what....

OMG I did IT.....

Yes folks, I did just do it, I ran a full freaking mile WITHOUT stopping!!!  Be careful I think pigs may be flying overhead.

Wednesday nights are our "kid free" nights. DQ's Grammy C keeps her for slumber party nights as a special treat ( Not sure who gets the bigger treat DQ or me lol)  and for the most part TaTa is either at work or off with friends seeing how she is 18 it seems as she is always gone anyway :)

So Yesterday was our night, we tossed around the idea of going to dinner or hanging out in the pool, but Steve was so tired (he's a Heating & Air contractor)  with the temps soaring around here its been non-stop work.  So I was torn I could sit and catch up on my shows in quiet solitude, fold the laundry that has been piling up & do the dishes have I mentioned how much I hate doing dishes I'd rather scrub toilets!! Not sure why but I absolutely hate it... I regress anyway or go for a run.  I wasn't really feeling it since I had such a hard time on Monday and still felt a bit sore in my thighs and calves (not sure why??) but that damn little voice in my head kept yelling at me GO RUN!!! Fine damn it I'll go just to shut you up *sticking out tongue*

Earlier in the day I was on SparkPeople and read a blog post about running and how to be able to run longer and more steady.  Basically she slowed her pace way down and started taking smaller steps (more of a shuffle) So I figured hell why not try it, and I did

It was Amazing!!!

I started the C 2 5K app on the last day of week 3 just to see.  At first when I started to run/shuffle it felt a little strange like I was going sooo slow, and my calves were starting to burn a bit but I pushed through it.  When the app binged that the 3min run was over I was all What?? wait I can still run some more. I wasn't all overexerted and gasping for breath. It was an awesome feeling. So I finished the whole cycle with ease and when It came time for the 5 min cool down just for giggles I wanted to see if I could run the whole time and I did, and when cool down was over I told myself hey just keep going as the Nike App (I have both running at the same time on my iPhone while I run) binged off another .25 miles then again and again and AGAIN! until a full mile had passed.  When my run was over (2.34 miles) I checked my pace because it really did feel like I was going so slow, to my surprise it was the fastest I had run a mile EVER!  13'16" pace over all.

Now the little voice in my head was all "see I told you so don't you feel so awesome now!!! "
Oh Shut up *tongue out* but smiling all the while.  Have a great day everyone.


Weigh In Wedensday

The results are in... 213.6 yes I know I'm up just a smidge under a half a pound but hey I'll take it, like I have a choice. But really I was on vacation for a week ( and I really don't think I gained) and now I'm on my period ( I know TMI but I think THATS the real reason why I'm up a half pound). All I can say is watch out scale I'm going to so kick your ass next week!!

Good to be Home

It feels good to be home. I love vacation it's great, but it always feels nice to get back to normal. Honestly I should call that a trip because a vacation (to me) is just that a break from everything, no cooking, no cleaning, sitting on the beach with a pineapple filled with some sweet cocktail in hand and a trip is going some place fun but still pretty much having to take care of and do everything. Also you add in close quarters with family and major heat and after awhile people can get grumpy majorly pissy so needless to say I am glad to be home, and I missed the husband just a bit a lot  he had to work and couldn't get the time off :(   so here a few pics from our trip (ok more that a few but enjoy :)

 Our Beagle Baby Emily (she did great for her first "river" trip

 The Drama Queen and Grandma

 Ta Ta and cousin Kay we made it all the way to the Dam

 Time to cool off we swam floated down about a mile before hopping back in the boat.

 Me and the girls.

 Papa with a all but two of his granddaughters (yep all girls)

 Me and DQ out for a ride

 My little river rats could not get enough of the water or jet skis 

the very lonely road home... good thing Grandma was following behind.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but the first thing I did when I got home after I hit the potty was jump right on that scale, I was scared hopeful, I felt like I'd really done a good job of watching what I ate. I pretty much stuck with my plan for breakfast I had greek yogurt ( I'm still trying to decide if I like Chobani or Fage best, but price still pretty much decides that for me still) with berries because it was too damn hot for oats. Lunch was pretty much a piece of chicken breast or leftover carne asada and dinner was what everyone else was having just a small portion of it. For my dinner night I ended up making pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches in the crockpot ( so easy just throw a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot with some BBQ sauce and done! dinner in 6-8 hours) I served them with some Kings Hawaiian Rolls yes a few more calories but well worth it :).  So I like i was saying I jumped right on the scale and...wait for it.... 213.0 WHOO WHOO. I SWEAR I FELT LIKE I HAD JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!! Damn I am happy like really really freaking happy.  I gives me a sense of hope.  So I can't wait until "Official" weigh-in day on Wed. to see what it will be, though my monthly visitor came on Sunday night ugh.

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