Busy Bodies & Breadsticks

Yesterday was Drama Queens Graduation from Pre-K, she did such a great job and delivered her line perfectly "B is for busy bodies at work or at play" ya totally fits her Ms. Busybody lol.
Drama Queen and Mommy  (is it me or do we look like oomph loompas) 

So afterwards her dinner of choice was steak, yes that girl is just like her father.  We headed down to our favorite place and I had already figured out what I was gonna have prepared girl that I am (BBQ chicken and grilled veggies) look at me aren't I a rockstar...ya until that basket of breadsticks hit the table.


I swear I must have ate my weight in breadsticks...ugg and to top it off I felt like total crap afterward, not just guilty like, but literally my stomach hurt all the way home and I felt like I was gonna hurl any minute I didn't but not sure if that was a good or bad thing. So now I am totally kicking myself and feeling like a total loser since the scale was up like 3 pounds Yes I know salty food and bloat not to mention PMS is rearing her ugly head...blah, let's hope today will be better.  


  1. Ok, I have 2 comments: First, I TOTALLY thought the title to this post was "Busty Bodies & Breadsticks" and I couldn't figure out what the heck the 2 had in common LOL Apparently, I need to either get reading glasses or sloooooow down when reading lol.

    Secondly, I say you look at eating all those breadsticks and feeling like crap after as a positve thing-the next time you want to eat that much in one sitting, I have a feeling you'll remember how crappy you felt and won't want to do that to yourself again. See? Win-Win!

    I hope you're having a good day :)

  2. That's a great photos of you and your daughter. I totally know what you mean about the breadsticks. If they ever have those somewhere it's hard for me to stop eating them. I hope that 3 lbs disappears fast for you. :)


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