Mermaids & Cupcakes

Yup you read that right... My weekend was invaded filled with mermaids and cupcakes, and of course it was all my own doing lol. 

My sweet, sweet Drama Queen turned 5 this week (holy hell where did the time go) and every year we have a had a big party for her. This year was suppose to be the year of no party due to TaTa's graduation and vacation being so close together. We were planning on just doing some small family thing. Then DQ begged, pleaded and harassed asked me if it could be a Mermaid BBQ.  I hate to admit it, but I am that mom and I can't do a "party" half assed, sorry can't help it, and add the other addiction of Pinterest and this is what you get 

Mermaid Goodies

As requested by DQ I made chocolate cupcakes, I did think about making a healthier cupcake but decided against it, then just to tempt myself further I filled them with bavarian cream and topped them with Belgian chocolate seashells . I figured I would just have two or so one.

I also saw these cute little buggers on Pinterest and just had to make them. They were so darn easy and tasted delish (so I heard I actually did stay away from these).

Me and my besties 

The weather was perfect for the pool, yay mermaids

My Mermaid and her cupcake

So over all it was a fintastic <----- like that...weekend and I actually did do pretty good. We did grill burgers and dogs and though I did make the full fat cupcakes I lightened up just about every thing else, such as light mayo for the macaroni salad, light sour cream for dip with baked chips, and the burgers were lean turkey :) I didn't get a chance to run my scheduled run on Friday but did make up for it on Sunday morning but more about that in my next post.


  1. Parties for our babies do not have calories. It's a rule.
    Good for you lightening up where you could and staying away (mostly) from what you shouldn't have!

  2. What a great party!! You are so creative. Great job on lightening up the main dishes where you could and I totally would've made the full fat, full calorie chocolate cupcakes too! If I'm going to splurge on one thing, it better be the best thing I can find.

    Great job!


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