Just Keep Running

So the  last few posts I've eluded to my Fantastic runs of late...

Though I do think we need to  get some things out in the open and clear first.

I want to be  am a runner, I am actually excited for my runs, and I feel AMAZING after my runs but....

I HATE RUNNING... yes you heard me! I hate it while I'm actually running. one foot in front of the other I am totally hating it, constantly talking to myself... why am I doing this, isn't there some easier form of exercising, (ok just get to the next block) wait I could take up swimming, hell I do have a pool... damn sweat in my eyes, (ok now get to the stop sign) wait breathe, oh good song, ok breathe again (well I'm almost home just keep my feet moving)

Then next thing I know I'm done... wow I just ran 3 miles... wait what!!! Yup 3 damn miles!!!


Yes that's right I can now run 3 full miles straight, yes my pace is still slow (I'm averaging 12' 30" but it's getting better and better everytime I go out) and I still take small shuffle type strides but hey my feet are moving right?  I really want to thank that person on sparkpeople who wrote that blog post, ever since I slowed my pace and shortened my stride I have been able to run longer and faster, go figure. I never in a million years would've thought that I could run 1 mile let alone 3, and yet here I am actually doing it.  I think the reason I have always wanted to be a runner is because I equate it with being in shape and fit, long and lean.  I'll admit I will NEVER be long (come on I'm 5'3") and I'm not lean (YET), but I am much more fit and every time I run I'm getting into better shape.

 So basically yes I hate running while I'm doing it, but I love what it's doing for me.  I feel strong, I'm not so tired anymore, and  can see my body changing (yes slowly but it's changing) and I love to come home and tell my family about how much better this run was than the last and hear their praise. This is what I love about running, and why it's fantastic.



  1. That's so awesome! I can run 3 minutes straight...never thought I could even do that...and I too HATE it the whole time I'm doing it...I NEED an MP3 player...ASAP! lol

    Congrats of becoming a runner...I hope to join the club too some day soon.

    1. YOU are So in the club :) you are running!! Who cares if it's 3 mins. or 3 miles.
      and yes get a MP3 player it really does help lol.

    2. Yeah, right now I'm trying to sing songs from memory while running. Doesn't work to well when I'm so concerned with controlling my breathing. lol

  2. Total props for getting out there and sticking with it! 3 miles..whoa!! I hope to get there one day. Congrats! Just don't give it up!

  3. Woo Hoo!! That's so great. I'm so happy for you. Yes, you ARE a runner!

    So cool!


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