Weigh-In Wednesday #9

Today's weigh -in was 207.6 down -1.2lbs from last week whoop whoop!

Wow it's been 9 weeks already an I've lost a total of 14.2 pounds not bad, nope not bad at all.

In other awesomness I went to Target yesterday to pick up a gift for a birthday party DQ and I are going to this weekend and I walked around a bit "just looking" cause, really who goes to Target for just ONE thing, not this girl.  Anyway I totally scored check it out

 Some new running/workout shirts in just my size, it was fate I tell ya.  so of course I picked up the two they had and was even super happy about the colors especially the pink one.

$6.98 what a great deal

Then to make a great day even better I found my favorite bra (every girl has a favorite bra am I right?) on  the next clearance rack over for $11.99 the only thing was it was a 38 (I'm normally a 40-42) but I decided to get it anyway, with the pounds finally coming off I figured I would eventually get into it.  Just to see I tried it on when I got home and HOLY CRAP it fits now. Which is fantastic cause my other one is getting pretty ratty (hey don't judge I love that fricken bra it makes the "girls" look like they are not making a bee line for my knees a million bucks).

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  1. Ok, you had an AWESOME day!!! Lost weight, found some great deals AND your favorite bra in a smaller size?? Damn girl! You're kickin' butt and taking names, great job!



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