Good to be Home

It feels good to be home. I love vacation it's great, but it always feels nice to get back to normal. Honestly I should call that a trip because a vacation (to me) is just that a break from everything, no cooking, no cleaning, sitting on the beach with a pineapple filled with some sweet cocktail in hand and a trip is going some place fun but still pretty much having to take care of and do everything. Also you add in close quarters with family and major heat and after awhile people can get grumpy majorly pissy so needless to say I am glad to be home, and I missed the husband just a bit a lot  he had to work and couldn't get the time off :(   so here a few pics from our trip (ok more that a few but enjoy :)

 Our Beagle Baby Emily (she did great for her first "river" trip

 The Drama Queen and Grandma

 Ta Ta and cousin Kay we made it all the way to the Dam

 Time to cool off we swam floated down about a mile before hopping back in the boat.

 Me and the girls.

 Papa with a all but two of his granddaughters (yep all girls)

 Me and DQ out for a ride

 My little river rats could not get enough of the water or jet skis 

the very lonely road home... good thing Grandma was following behind.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but the first thing I did when I got home after I hit the potty was jump right on that scale, I was scared hopeful, I felt like I'd really done a good job of watching what I ate. I pretty much stuck with my plan for breakfast I had greek yogurt ( I'm still trying to decide if I like Chobani or Fage best, but price still pretty much decides that for me still) with berries because it was too damn hot for oats. Lunch was pretty much a piece of chicken breast or leftover carne asada and dinner was what everyone else was having just a small portion of it. For my dinner night I ended up making pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches in the crockpot ( so easy just throw a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot with some BBQ sauce and done! dinner in 6-8 hours) I served them with some Kings Hawaiian Rolls yes a few more calories but well worth it :).  So I like i was saying I jumped right on the scale and...wait for it.... 213.0 WHOO WHOO. I SWEAR I FELT LIKE I HAD JUST WON THE LOTTERY!!! Damn I am happy like really really freaking happy.  I gives me a sense of hope.  So I can't wait until "Official" weigh-in day on Wed. to see what it will be, though my monthly visitor came on Sunday night ugh.


  1. WooHoo!! That's great! I would have done the exact same thing when I got home from a trip-heck, I take a "trip" to the mall, the bank or Target and come home and jump on the scale lol

    Congrats again!

  2. LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one...I have been trying to cut back to once a day (well I try anyway)

    1. The scale just sits there, staring at you. Screaming "step on me, c'mon, I dare you" all day! lol I try to limit it to once a day too but it's hard. I actually had to move my scale to my laundry area because when it was in the bathroom I was on it 8 times a day-or however many times I was in there a day lol


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