Yup I too am doing Run with Jess's  Lose a Marathon.  I figured it would give me a little more focus and I won't back slide.  I have actually learned something about myself and losing weight over the years, I don't fall off the wagon when things go wrong (when that happens I just suck it up and try even harder). But I take a flying leap fall off that wagon when things are actually going good, (freakin weird I know) but I think what happens is when I start losing the weight I say to myself "Oh I can have that cookie I lost 2 pounds this week" or "Hey I just ran 2 miles I can have that second helping of pasta."   So I hope think this will keep me buckled in that wagon nice and tight :)

On that note I will be adding a new page up there on top dedicated to Losing a Marathon and of course I will throw in a post  here and there about it to :)  So the first mini-challenge was to write out a detailed plan on how you are going to achive your Lose a Marathon goal, take measurements and pics.

So quickly here is my plan:

 * Keep counting my calories using my LoseIt! app ALL THE TIME

*Start Hal Higdon's Novice 10k Training Plan.
 I really like this plan it pretty much makes me do some  kind of activity each day with one rest day on Friday. (I'll post a more detailed plan on the tab up there)

*and I WILL NOT reward myself with FOOD (I'm not a dog lol)

Well that pretty much sums it up.  Oh wait I will be weighing in on Mondays with Jess, but I will also be keeping my "normal" Wednesday weigh-ins here. I figure that will help me stay focused over the weekend and well into the week,  and y'all know my love affair addiction to my scale so this will make me use his powers for good and not evil.  Good Luck to all you fellow Marathon Losers out there!!!

What are your plans?


  1. Oh my gosh, I do the EXACT same thing!! Here's what goes through my head:

    "Hmmm, if I lost 2 pounds this week and I ate 2 cupcakes and a half moon cookie, then I can definitely have that piece of lemon merringue pie and be fine-weigh in isn't for 4 more days, I can work it off"

    Seriously?? And this is exactly why I'm STILL trying to lose weight. So, don't feel too bad, you aren't the only one. Glad to see you're doing the Lose a Marathon too!!


  2. Hiya,
    I thought I'd pop by and say hi - love your blog, I've just read it from start to finish and can't wait for your next post.
    I'm exactly the same in terms of falling off the wagon - I need to somehow reprogramme my brain to recognise that the good stuff happens when I pay attention to my food and exercise - not simply by magic and yes I can eat cake and still lose weight!! Silly Hannah!!

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks yours is great too. Congrats on your swim, hope you are still not to sore, and yes we can still have cake, but I need to make sure it's just a piece and not the whole darn thing lol.


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