Kids Ugh!

So as most of you know I have two girls TaTa (18) and Drama Queen (5 as of next week). I love my girls, I would do anything for them. They are the twinkle in my eye, the icing on my mini cupcake.....

But damn sometimes I want to throttle one or both. This rant is thanks to the big one. I swear if she gets another tattoo I'm going to kick her curvy little butt!

The most recent one a tree frog  

Don't get me wrong I love tattoos. I myself have 7 of them and want more *insert hypocrite here* but my problem is mine are all easily hidden if necessary, and she is starting a sleeve!!  And she is only 18, I got mine gradually over time, in the last 4 months she has gotten 3 (a moon with a paw print on her inside forearm, the Deathly Hallows sign from Harry Potter inside wrist, now this tree frog on the outside of her wrist).  She wants to get a tattoo to symbolize everyone in the family. So this last one,  the frog was for me because I love frogs (I have one tattooed on my foot).

I know she is 18 and an "adult" but she is still my baby, all I'm asking is for her to slow down a bit, give it a little more thought. Oy!

Kids are overrated.... But I love them! sometimes


  1. I have a 17yr old daughter and I can totally relate. While she hasn't yet asked for tattoo's, although I think that's close, she's now wanting the piercings. She really wants her nose done and possibly her belly button. I decided to take the "you can get one but I have to be the one to take you" route so I know she's getting it done someplace reputable instead of fighting her on it. I'm praying she sticks with things that are mostly easy to hide. I know the nose is visible but I actually don't mind a little nose piercing.

    I guess I think of it as "at least that's all she wants to do to express herself". Meaning, at least she's not out doing drugs, selling herself or other horrible things. However, as a mother, I can totally see myself gently reminding my daughter, if she came home with that many tattoo's that were visible, that they will be there forever. (As a hypocrite though, I REALLY want to get my first tattoo soon. I've been wanting one since my kidney transplant lol)


    1. You're totally right Bee. She is a great girl graduated with a 4.0 has job, is starting college in 2 weeks, (she is starting in the summer session to a get a jump start) and will be majoring in Nursing. I really shouldn't complain but I guess that's what mom's do...Oh No I've turned into my mother lol :) She did also get a piercing (her tongue) which I'm fine with I also had mine piercied when I was younger but took it out a few years back just because. And I do love the little nose ones and Heck if I had the cute belly I would so pierce it too.

      You should get one if that's what you really want, but beware they ARE addictive! I still want two more one for my youngest and another that incorporates all of us as a whole. My mom got one to celebrate her 50th birthday a few years back and has never regretted it.

    2. I turned into my mother several years ago and I hate it!!! What I hate most is most is that she was usually right lol Believe me, if I had my daughter's belly, I would be right there next to her getting mine pierced as well! I want a small tattoo of a 4 leaf clover(because I'm amost 100% irish and went to ireland with my grandfather for my college graduation) with my kid's bday's, my bday, my aunt's bday(she gave me her kidney)and my transplant date. I'm not sure where I want it yet but I'm thinking upper chest, over my heart. I've just been too chicken to go get it lol


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