Weigh-In Wednesday

So I didn't want to be late with posting my weigh in again... So I'm posting this from my phone sorry if there are any mistakes or crazyness.

DQ and I are actually at Carebears house for the second night in a row (hence the phone post) The Hubs cough turned into the full blown flu so I ended up staying on the couch. After two nights of that my back was killing me and definitely not conducive for a well rested, relaxed body that is supposed to be running some major miles this weekend. So I packed up and decided to crash at Carebears for a few nights Thank Gawd for guest rooms and awesome friends!!

Anyway I stayed the same 189 no loss but no gain, and I'm ok with that. I have been snacking a bit more than usual but for the most part it's been healthy, I just want to make sure I'm fueled for this weekend and and that I'm not run down and get sick on top of it. Don't know if really make any sense or a difference for that matter but hey I'm feeling pretty good so I'm gonna just go with it (for this week any way) and then I'll buckle down and cut out some of those "extra" snacks.


Coughing, Splits, and 10 Miler

My morning did not start off as great as I had hoped or planned.  The Hubs started coughing yesterday and it got progressively worse as the evening continued so bad in fact that around 3am I headed to the couch.  Then commenced the tossing and turning for a few hours and then I finally dozed off, I finally woke up around 7am ugg. I had planned on getting up around 5:30ish and get out the door about 6:30-7 so needless to say I didn't get out until 8:30 and was a little sore to boot damn couch. 

Once I got outside and started to move things felt better and began to loosen up and it was my ideal running conditions a bit chilly, overcast and even a little threat of rain (which never happened, so perfect).  It was a great run, I felt good and though it always takes me a few miles to find my groove I loved it.  The only bummer was I got a cramp in my left calf and had to walk more than I wanted because every time I tried to run it would tighten up on me pretty bad.  I'm not sure why I got a cramp that has never happened before and I was really good at making sure I hydrated well the day before.  The only thing I did different was I did get a massage on Friday to help loosen my muscles and I skipped my morning coffee... Don't think it was the coffee but maybe the massage (but oh it was heaven).

So I finally figured out how to get a screen shot of my splits (Thanks TaTa) so here they are:


Not too bad, so my next long run will take place on Sunday, 13 point freaking 1!!!
Surf City ready or not here I come....

Oh and my updated pics and measurements did not fall out of my head, I just ran out of time and my camera wasn't charged :(  but I did take my measurements and they are looking pretty good)  I'll get them up soon promise.


Great Start

What a great start to the weekend!!!

Last night I went to the Surf City site to confirm myself for the race next weekend (HOLY CRAP NEXT WEEKEND!!!) and look up my bib number and got this sweet surprise....

I know this may not jump out at you but to me it was like a sign!  My lucky number is 19 and has been since like, well birth seeing as my birthday is on the 19th.  It is also TaTa's birthday.  I tried to get DQ's birthday on the 19th as well but the doc said that was pushing it to far (I had a scheduled C-section).  And as far as the 3 my goal is to finish in under 3 hours so kinda neat.
Then this morning I got on to my computer to catch up on all my blog reading and saw this!

OMGoodness!!!  Talk about awesome I won my very first giveaway EVER!!! 
Simpy Sarchet  had a giveaway of her favorite things and I won! YAY how exciting I've never won anything in my life...so with these two awesome things I'm hoping like really really reeaallyy hoping this is a sign of things to come, (say like a good race experience next weekend.)  Oh and you should soo go check out Simply Sarchet Amanda is awesome-sauce.

Now off to bed I go have a 10 miler in the morning.  Oh and it would be great if it wasn't raining (just putting it out there) Night all

My Brain is a Sieve

I would totally lose my head if it wasn't attached somedays...  I've been so busy trying to stay healthy  for this half mary next weekend that I totally forgot to post my weigh-in.  I lost -1 lbs so I'm down to 189....Yay I'm  officially in the 180's now.  Which also means I've lost about 33 pounds I will have to take more pics and update my measurements (my goal is to do that this weekend if it doesn't fall out of my brain).

As I was saying I am trying my hardest to stay healthy, the kids in my class are dropping like flies, and so are the ones in DQ's class. Basically I'm bathing in hand sanitizer and washing my hands so much they are permanently wrinkled.


Party Time, Excellent....

Did I just totally age myself by quoting Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure???  dude that movie came out in like 1989...whoa

Well I guess I am getting older seeing as it was  TaTa's 19th birthday this weekend ...

That meant the weekend was full of birthday madness. We kicked off the weekend by going out to dinner with PaPa. He took us out to TaTa's favorite restaurant Mongolian BBQ.  Not the most diet friendly but I choose turkey meat and loaded up on the veggies, I also didn't eat the fried wantons and egg rolls (they looked like they were swimming in a pool of oil so it wasn't hard yuck) and I only ate about half ... Since I knew what was coming up the next day.

Saturday TaTa planned a birthday lunch at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour.  That place is so much fun and TOTALLY not diet friendly, but it's part of life and birthdays happen once every year to be exact lol.  So I prepared myself and went in with the mindset of yes I will eat ice cream No I will not over do it.  I ordered a Harvest Salad with chicken (half size) and a diet coke (I very rarely drink soda maybe 2-3 times a month if that) even though I really wanted the Cobb Burger but one of Tata's friends ordered it and was kind enough to give me a small bite :) which was actually enough to satisfy my craving.

Then we ordered this little gem... The Farrell's Zoo and HOLY CRAP that thing is ginormous here is the description   right from the menu
The World Famous
Zoo®Serves 1-10
Every creation except the keeper. So
huge it takes two strong Servers
to deliver it to your table. Their
knees sag under FOUR flavors
of our famous ice cream.
THREE fruit flavor sherbets,
FOUR delicious toppings,
whipped cream, cherries, and

Yup a total of 5 pound of ice cream!!

And we ate every last bite... luckily there were a few people to help so I only ate about a cup and a half (not to bad considering)

and then of course I finished off the weekend with another long 9 mile run, it went well and I felt good I only have one more long run before the half in TWO WEEKS!!! wow that went fast


Torture, Scars, and Huell Howser

Well will you  look at this....  (awww Huell Howser you will be missed, especially by my crazy husband who has watched   every episode of your shows and thinks he really knew you)

My left knee from when I slipped on the ice and fell.
please don't mind that shmutz on my pant leg it's
a bit of lotion I put on before taking this sexy pic of my legs
a girl can't look ashy on the interweb can she :)

These are scratch marks left by my heart rate monitor .

Erin and I were texing each other after our long runs on Sunday and comparing them then we moved on to comparing battle wounds lol, We were laughing saying that this is probably considered torture in some places.  I knew running would be hard on my body but I didn't know it would leave actual scars! Yikes oh well I guess it gives me character.


Weigh-In Wedensday and Dating

Good Afternoon friends, how's it going?  Here not to shabby I'm down -.08 lbs  I would have like to see a bigger loss say, an actual whole pound but hey I'll take what I get.  I've been snacking more than usual.  I'm just so hungry after runs lately not sure if it's the longer miles or just thinking I've done more so I can eat more, so I'm really gonna try and keep it under control this week.  I am so close to the 180's and have been like forever I can taste it. 

I had another great run after work with CareBear.  This time we didn't listen to any music, instead I listened to her adventures in on-line dating.  Some good, some bad, and some just to fing funny...really you can't make this Sh*t up folks. Some guys can be total douche bags.  One actually called a half hour after they were supposed to meet from his house asking what she was up to, when she replied that she was getting ready to have dinner with two friends (they had come to spy keep an eye on her for safety) he got all flustered and was like "I'm not ready to meet your friends" really?? She then replied well it was just me 30 minutes ago when you were supposed to be here! WTF??

 Anyway we only planned on doing a short easy 2 miles, due to my sore knee, and my quads are still kicken from my 9 miler, but the stories were just to awesome to stop so we ended up doing 4.25.  I may get used to this running with friends thing...

Here are a few pics from our run:
Running past the lake

Waiting for a stoplight...her caption on this one was
"ARGGG she's making me run!"... lol  Don't let her
fool you she loves it :)


Birthday Parties and Ice Patches

I was so not ready for this weekend I was so freaking tired all week, and Drama Queen had not one, but two birthday parties to go to and I had my longest run EVER......

but it was AWESOME!!!

We started off running late as usual Saturday morning and had to go pick up DQ at Grammie C's then head off to party #1 it was for a family friend her little guy was turning 5.  It was a typical BDay party, bounce house, pizza, and cake.  I felt bad that we got there a bit late and could only stay a little over an hour but that meant I was not tempted by the food too much and we left before cake (bad for DQ but good for me :)  Then we headed for to party #2 it was for her "boyfriend"  G3 (the one we always go to Disneyland with) so she was super excited about that!  I was dreading and looking forward to this one.  Looking forward because I LOVE G3's  mom & dad and, his Aunt Barbie is one of my coworkers and running buddies.  Dreading because that also meant a lot of parents from my job would be there so I couldn't totally let loose lol cause you know I can be a bit CRAYZEE ya right.

But is was a blast yes also typical party fare bounce house, face painting, pinata and  pizza (one piece) and cupcakes (only one and it was so flipping good) and I was running 9 miles he next day so that so counts as carb loading right? 

A mash up of birthday party fun!

Oh and one other thing at G3's party this little baby was quite a hit!  The adult stuff on the sides came out later when most of  the "work" parents went home (except for a few who are cool like us) lol! and I only had one promise!

Then  this morning came I made sure to go to bed early because to be honest I was scared.  I had nine miles on the schedule today.  My longest run ever!!! So I got up early to give myself time to fuel properly and let things happen *wink*  and to catch up on a show or two who am I kidding.

So this was breakfast a coffee protein drink, whole wheat English muffin with PB and a banana.

Then off I went 9 freaking miles....9!!!  Holy crap!

It was one of the best runs I think I've ever had.  I started off running the block around my house then about mile 2 I ate shit!  I slipped on a piece of ice and hit the ground HARD.  I landed on my left knee.  OUCH!! i couldn't believe it.  I live in Southern California I was not aware of this phenomena ice on the ground?? I know, I know, spoiled we are but I never even thought to look for it.  Anyway after I went down I got my self up and limped a bit off the ice and walked a few minutes with tears in my eyes trying to shake it off.  I was determined not to let it ruin this run, so off I went to finish 7 more miles.   It was great at one point a great P!nk song came on Try, and I know it's about love but something about that line "Where there is desire, there's gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someones bound to get burned, but just because it burns doesn't mean your gonna die. You gotta get up and try, try, try..."  just get's me.  I  love it to me it kind represents my relationship with running.  I have the desire and the flame is there, but damnn it BURNS, but I WILL NOT DIE and I will TRY, TRY, TRY....so when it came on I just started crying.... I musta' looked a hot mess, tears, snot, and sweat, but I felt AMAZING like I could do anything and hell I was.....

My run in a nutshell! including that damn piece of ice I slipped on.


Weigh-In Wedensday

Hi all!  Hope your day is going well.  Here not to bad I'm down some more YAY!!!

2.8 lbs to be exact like I said YAY!!! I think getting back into a routine has helped a lot.  Now my challenge is to stay away from the snacks we give the kids.  Ugg they are
just so good. So I went to the market and stocked up on some healthy eats that I can take and have at the the same time, like hummus and pita chips, string cheese, and grapes. 

Yesterday was a good day I stayed at work (as per my new routine) and talked one of my besties CareBear into running with me after work, then DQ and I planned on spending the night at her place.  Seeing as she lives very close to work and spending the night means "girl time" and saving on gas, not to mention sleeping in a whole extra hour WHOO-WHOO.  So I get off earlier that her and decided to run the first 2 miles solo then met back at work and together we ran another 3miles.  Normally I run alone I just prefer it that way.  Running is my ME TIME.  I put on my earbuds and block out the world,  just my tunes the pavement and some sweat.  But I actually really enjoyed running with her, we did chat a bit but then we would just stop and run in silence just enjoying each other being there with out having to interact.  lol sounds funny but it worked.  So we have a date to do the same next Tuesday.

CareBear hamming it up at the Color Run


What??? No Goals

So I've finally been catching up on all the blogs I read and obviously the theme is goals.  For me every year has been the same, lose weight and various things along that same line...go to the gym, no junk food, eat better etc, etc, etc,  and it's always been a big fat fail  literally bigger and fatter every year  so this year I decided not to do anything!  Yup you heard me I'm not going to do anything different than I'm doing now.  I started this journey not in January as a resolution or goal but in May because I was tired of it and finally ready to do it, and so far so good.  Yes,  I could probably be doing better, but I could be doing worse, and I'm living it everyday and it's working.  I've lost about 30lbs so far and it hasn't "felt" like a diet yes it's work and sometimes I really don't want to run or go to the gym, but I make myself at least try and if I really don't feel like it then I'll stop but guess what that has not happened yet.  Once I'm there I figure "well hell I'm already here might as well finish" and I've never felt bad after a workout.  On the food side I should be eating more veggies, and less processed foods (I'm not horrible with the processed foods but sometimes it's just convenient to grab a Lean Pocket) but like I've said what I'm doing right now is working so I'm not going to change a thing! Ok, ok, I am going to try to eat more veggies but I say that every week so really I'm not considering it a new years goal lol...

I will continue to run and I would like to do more races in 2013 but right now I'm really focusing on just the half mary coming up and then I think I will look in to more races. I know for sure my friends and I are going to attempt a mudd run and a few other fun runs this year, but as far as anything else I'll get to that soon enough.


More Shoes!!

So remember the "magic shoes" I was all excited about back in October.   My Nike Pegasus 29... well I had to retire them.  I loved them and they were cute as heck, we even nicknamed them the smurf shoes, but  when it came right down to it the more  I started training and the longer my runs got my feet and knees would be killing me at the end.  At first I just chalked it up to the longer distance but I just couldn't shake the feeling that as cute as those babies were they just might not be the shoe for me, and as often as I have read and heard that the best way to get a good running shoe was to be fitted for one I have never done it.

 I think I was just nervous  my fat girl mentality kicked in to go into a "specialty" running store.  I don't look like a runner, I don't know all the running "lingo", I don't want to embarrass myself.  Yes even though I run 3 days a week and average 10-20 miles a week and am training for a half marathon, I was scared!!  But this weekend I finally sucked it up put on my big girl panties and headed to the running store. I was torn between two (Road Runner Sports and Snails Pace).  I actually have been to RR but just for packet pick-ups and to grab some GU or Shot Blocks and every time I've been the customer service just seemed to be lacking (I was actually looking for something to help with my sore feet even checking out the shoes and not once did someone come to help me I had to search them out) and that is the same reviews I read.  I'd never been to Snails Pace but read the reviews (all really good)  and it was actually closer, so I choose to go there.  OMG I am so glad I did they are SUPER friendly! As soon as I walked in to the store (along with Mom and DQ in tow) someone there was to greet us Shout out to Katie!!!  She was so helpful, she asked about my running routines how they felt, then had me step on this cool foot thing to see how my feet are shaped, where my weight falls, and whatever else it did :)  Then she watched me jog across the store a few times and told me I'm overpronating you can read more about that here, but basically it means my foot rolls inward and my arch is falling too soon.  So we tried on a few stability shoes all while DQ is running a muck and Katie was being so sweet with her and chatting away and jogged around the store to see which one felt the best.

These babies were the winner

They are Saucony ProGrid Omni 11 and felt great in the store so I took them out this morning for a little test run.  I had a 10k on the schedule and was able to run with them right out of the box.  My feet felt pretty good I still had a little ball of foot pain but not as bad and not as soon as the others.  I'm hoping that as they wear in a little it will get better, but over all I liked them and if anything I can return them in 30days if they don't work out.

I also picked up some more Shot Blocks, I like them way better than GU.  GU seems to give me a stomach ache I also got some nunn I've only tried GU Brew so we'll see.

Here we go for a test run!

*All opinions here are my own and from my own experience.


Bra Burns...

All I can say is OUCH!

I seemed to have gotten this little battle wound on my last long run,  which seems weird to me.  I have two jogging bras the Juno Bra by Moving Comfort that I absolutely love!!!  *a little back story here, I'm on the bigger chested side (38D) so when I started running it was impossible to find a sports bra that worked for me so I just wore a regular bra and then a cheaper sports bra over which I must say worked pretty well. Then one day I was reading Mama Laughlin's Blog (I highly recommend reading her blog she is HI-LARIOUS and totally tells it like it is) and she was talking about her awesome sports bra that keeps her "girls" in place. So I checked it out read some reviews and got on Amazon (another LOVE) and totally scored. The blue one was on sale, cause honestly they are a little pricey. I LOVED it and even bought another (at full price *Gasp*) .

So anyway that's why it totally took me by surprise when I jumped in the shower after my last run and that little spot stung like a bitch, and later there was a scab...WTH??  I've probably run a hundred miles in those bras and that has never happened.  I don't know what could of changed?  I talked to Erin and she has had that happen just not in the same place, she suggested using moleskin (the kind with the sticky back) and stick it on my bra.  So now to go out today and get some, we'll see how it works.


New Routines

Yesterday the first day of trying out my "new" routine of staying late at work and running there. 

It wasn't to bad I got off at 3:00pm changed and hit the pavement by 3:20pm.  I was a very pretty run I just went out and ran an out and back from work there are lots of trees and a lake so great scenery, and the most important thing I finished with plenty of light left :)  goal accomplished!

Then I grabbed DQ (alot of the parents were surprised to see me still there and in running clothes nol less..lol but I got a lot of high fives and that-a-girls)  and off we went to meet up with Grammie C to have dinner.  We ended up going to Wahoo's, a great taco place that I haven't been to in years and I totally forgot how yumm it was.  I did stay on plan though I probably did have a bit to much brown rice..oh well better that, then the cupcake place right :)

It was great to just sit and chat with Grammie C instead of the quick run down about DQ during drop offs (I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but Grammie C and Bob *our "chosen" grandparents* take DQ for an over night once a week, normally on Fridays since DQ has started Kindergarten they don't get to see her as often as when they were her main care takers while me and the Hubs are at work and they miss her so much.  And come on a free Friday night Whoo-hoo gotta love it  we so lucked out with the best grandparents ever!)  So it was nice I love Grammie C she has become my Mom #2 and I don't know what I would do with out her she is like my other mom and my best friend, and my therapist all rolled into one.  And we both agreed that even after half marathon training this will have to become a regular occurrence :)

Grammie C, DQ, and Bob, look at all that love!

Grammie C and I being goofballs as always.


Opps Late Again

Damn I'm late with weigh in again...so sorry...I'll get my act together... someday...promise

Well the good news is I'm down 2 lbs  YAY!! the not great news is I still have 3.4 lbs to go before I'm back down to where I was before the holidays.

So yesterday was my first day back at work and back in to the routine of going to the gym.  A lot of the classes were "on break" over the last two weeks and the one time they actually had a class that I wanted to do and that fit my time frame I didn't make it because they didn't have enough staffing for Kid's Club...Ugh talk about buzz kill.  But we made the best of it and DQ and I headed to the park.  It's actually a pretty cool park, and it's the one that I loop a few times on my long runs.  It has this cool "gym" style equipment for you to use.  It's pretty basic but I love that the city is helping to make getting  healthy :) more accessible to everyone.

DQ trying out some of the equipment :)  A stair climber type thing
So today is kinda a scary day for me... In one month I will be running the Surf City Half Marathon
Holy cow ONE MONTH!!  Where has the time gone.  Some days it feels like I've been training forever like on those weekend long runs that seem to be never ending and others it feels like I don't think I'm ready , Have I trained enough??  I'm hoping that is just the nerves talking.  But that being said,  it has been a little harder getting my two short weekday runs in.  It gets so freaking dark so early and by the time I get home I have maybe 30-45 minutes before it gets dark, which would be fine if I was just doing 2-3 miles but I'm supposed to be doing 4-5 and it's just not enough time.  I've though about going to the gym and doing them on the treadmill, but I hate that.  I get super dizzy and off balance running on a treadmill I've almost fallen off twice, bad news for me but I'm sure pretty funny if you were the person behind me lol.

So I've decided to switch it up a bit since it's only a month I'm going to try stay later after work leave DQ at school and run there  (plenty of daylight).  Then just hang out with Grammie C and have dinner or  hang out write a blog post  until the traffic dies down, because if I don't leave by 3pm the traffic is a nightmare and will take me 2+ hours to get home.  So that is the plan...


Christmas Past

So this is my Holiday recap :) I'll try to keep it short and sweet, so I'm gonna do it in pictures!

It was actually pretty low key and, I was unfortunately sick for most of it :(  But I did rally and try to have fun and relax.

This was my work Christmas party it was lots of fun with good friends and too much good food.

The Drama Queen an I managed to squeeze in one last Disneyland trip before we were blocked out, and we took her "boyfriend" Gary.  I love taking them both (they keep each other busy in line)

Firat day of vacation all cozy with my cup of coffee and my snuggly blanket.

Christmas Day...DQ spoiled as always

Tata was also just as spoiled

and so was I :)  So excited about this one (THANKS MOM!)

I was off work for until today so I had lots of craft time...ahhh heaven. I made windowed toy bags to help organize the clutter in DQ's room

And this comfy carseat pillow.

So there you have it,  my holidays in a nutshell or instagram whatever the case :)

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