Torture, Scars, and Huell Howser

Well will you  look at this....  (awww Huell Howser you will be missed, especially by my crazy husband who has watched   every episode of your shows and thinks he really knew you)

My left knee from when I slipped on the ice and fell.
please don't mind that shmutz on my pant leg it's
a bit of lotion I put on before taking this sexy pic of my legs
a girl can't look ashy on the interweb can she :)

These are scratch marks left by my heart rate monitor .

Erin and I were texing each other after our long runs on Sunday and comparing them then we moved on to comparing battle wounds lol, We were laughing saying that this is probably considered torture in some places.  I knew running would be hard on my body but I didn't know it would leave actual scars! Yikes oh well I guess it gives me character.

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