Bra Burns...

All I can say is OUCH!

I seemed to have gotten this little battle wound on my last long run,  which seems weird to me.  I have two jogging bras the Juno Bra by Moving Comfort that I absolutely love!!!  *a little back story here, I'm on the bigger chested side (38D) so when I started running it was impossible to find a sports bra that worked for me so I just wore a regular bra and then a cheaper sports bra over which I must say worked pretty well. Then one day I was reading Mama Laughlin's Blog (I highly recommend reading her blog she is HI-LARIOUS and totally tells it like it is) and she was talking about her awesome sports bra that keeps her "girls" in place. So I checked it out read some reviews and got on Amazon (another LOVE) and totally scored. The blue one was on sale, cause honestly they are a little pricey. I LOVED it and even bought another (at full price *Gasp*) .

So anyway that's why it totally took me by surprise when I jumped in the shower after my last run and that little spot stung like a bitch, and later there was a scab...WTH??  I've probably run a hundred miles in those bras and that has never happened.  I don't know what could of changed?  I talked to Erin and she has had that happen just not in the same place, she suggested using moleskin (the kind with the sticky back) and stick it on my bra.  So now to go out today and get some, we'll see how it works.


  1. This happens to me when I need a new bra. You might need a smaller size. I found that it was rubbing and causing chaffing because it was too loose, so maybe where you've gotten smaller it means you need a smaller band. When I got a smaller band, it made a huge difference. On long runs (more than 5 miles) I use body glide to prevent chaffing.

  2. Ouch! That does look like it hurts. I hope the mole skin helps!

  3. Okay so I totes follow Mama as well, but my Juno Bra experience completely sucked?! Im a 40 D in my VS bras, and I got a 40 D in a sports bra, thinking even if it was a little snug it didn't matter. I want my junk up and barely moving when I run. So I ordered one from Sierra Trading Post and I couldn't get the B**** on! Wait... I like.. I got it over my arms, got stuck, and required assistance. Why can't I wear the Moving Comfort?! Is there a secret I'm missing?

    1. I totally get what your saying it took a few times to figure it out. What I do is undo the clasp and straps then put it on backwards over my head then do up the clasp spin it around then reach back grab the straps and do them up. Sounds totally confusing I know. It for sure is tricky but once I got used to it went fine. And it's true they do run really snug.


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