My Brain is a Sieve

I would totally lose my head if it wasn't attached somedays...  I've been so busy trying to stay healthy  for this half mary next weekend that I totally forgot to post my weigh-in.  I lost -1 lbs so I'm down to 189....Yay I'm  officially in the 180's now.  Which also means I've lost about 33 pounds I will have to take more pics and update my measurements (my goal is to do that this weekend if it doesn't fall out of my brain).

As I was saying I am trying my hardest to stay healthy, the kids in my class are dropping like flies, and so are the ones in DQ's class. Basically I'm bathing in hand sanitizer and washing my hands so much they are permanently wrinkled.

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  1. UGH this flu/cold season is dragging on and on. Spring needs to come fast... oh wait, but then come the allergies. ((sigh)) lose lose there. Anyhoo, congrats on getting into the 80's! Awesome! I hope to be there, ya know, within a year. But seriously that is so awesome! :)


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