More Shoes!!

So remember the "magic shoes" I was all excited about back in October.   My Nike Pegasus 29... well I had to retire them.  I loved them and they were cute as heck, we even nicknamed them the smurf shoes, but  when it came right down to it the more  I started training and the longer my runs got my feet and knees would be killing me at the end.  At first I just chalked it up to the longer distance but I just couldn't shake the feeling that as cute as those babies were they just might not be the shoe for me, and as often as I have read and heard that the best way to get a good running shoe was to be fitted for one I have never done it.

 I think I was just nervous  my fat girl mentality kicked in to go into a "specialty" running store.  I don't look like a runner, I don't know all the running "lingo", I don't want to embarrass myself.  Yes even though I run 3 days a week and average 10-20 miles a week and am training for a half marathon, I was scared!!  But this weekend I finally sucked it up put on my big girl panties and headed to the running store. I was torn between two (Road Runner Sports and Snails Pace).  I actually have been to RR but just for packet pick-ups and to grab some GU or Shot Blocks and every time I've been the customer service just seemed to be lacking (I was actually looking for something to help with my sore feet even checking out the shoes and not once did someone come to help me I had to search them out) and that is the same reviews I read.  I'd never been to Snails Pace but read the reviews (all really good)  and it was actually closer, so I choose to go there.  OMG I am so glad I did they are SUPER friendly! As soon as I walked in to the store (along with Mom and DQ in tow) someone there was to greet us Shout out to Katie!!!  She was so helpful, she asked about my running routines how they felt, then had me step on this cool foot thing to see how my feet are shaped, where my weight falls, and whatever else it did :)  Then she watched me jog across the store a few times and told me I'm overpronating you can read more about that here, but basically it means my foot rolls inward and my arch is falling too soon.  So we tried on a few stability shoes all while DQ is running a muck and Katie was being so sweet with her and chatting away and jogged around the store to see which one felt the best.

These babies were the winner

They are Saucony ProGrid Omni 11 and felt great in the store so I took them out this morning for a little test run.  I had a 10k on the schedule and was able to run with them right out of the box.  My feet felt pretty good I still had a little ball of foot pain but not as bad and not as soon as the others.  I'm hoping that as they wear in a little it will get better, but over all I liked them and if anything I can return them in 30days if they don't work out.

I also picked up some more Shot Blocks, I like them way better than GU.  GU seems to give me a stomach ache I also got some nunn I've only tried GU Brew so we'll see.

Here we go for a test run!

*All opinions here are my own and from my own experience.

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  1. Too cute! Loving all these new shoes everyone seems to be getting for the holidays!


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