Opps Late Again

Damn I'm late with weigh in again...so sorry...I'll get my act together... someday...promise

Well the good news is I'm down 2 lbs  YAY!! the not great news is I still have 3.4 lbs to go before I'm back down to where I was before the holidays.

So yesterday was my first day back at work and back in to the routine of going to the gym.  A lot of the classes were "on break" over the last two weeks and the one time they actually had a class that I wanted to do and that fit my time frame I didn't make it because they didn't have enough staffing for Kid's Club...Ugh talk about buzz kill.  But we made the best of it and DQ and I headed to the park.  It's actually a pretty cool park, and it's the one that I loop a few times on my long runs.  It has this cool "gym" style equipment for you to use.  It's pretty basic but I love that the city is helping to make getting  healthy :) more accessible to everyone.

DQ trying out some of the equipment :)  A stair climber type thing
So today is kinda a scary day for me... In one month I will be running the Surf City Half Marathon
Holy cow ONE MONTH!!  Where has the time gone.  Some days it feels like I've been training forever like on those weekend long runs that seem to be never ending and others it feels like I don't think I'm ready , Have I trained enough??  I'm hoping that is just the nerves talking.  But that being said,  it has been a little harder getting my two short weekday runs in.  It gets so freaking dark so early and by the time I get home I have maybe 30-45 minutes before it gets dark, which would be fine if I was just doing 2-3 miles but I'm supposed to be doing 4-5 and it's just not enough time.  I've though about going to the gym and doing them on the treadmill, but I hate that.  I get super dizzy and off balance running on a treadmill I've almost fallen off twice, bad news for me but I'm sure pretty funny if you were the person behind me lol.

So I've decided to switch it up a bit since it's only a month I'm going to try stay later after work leave DQ at school and run there  (plenty of daylight).  Then just hang out with Grammie C and have dinner or  hang out write a blog post  until the traffic dies down, because if I don't leave by 3pm the traffic is a nightmare and will take me 2+ hours to get home.  So that is the plan...

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