Party Time, Excellent....

Did I just totally age myself by quoting Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure???  dude that movie came out in like 1989...whoa

Well I guess I am getting older seeing as it was  TaTa's 19th birthday this weekend ...

That meant the weekend was full of birthday madness. We kicked off the weekend by going out to dinner with PaPa. He took us out to TaTa's favorite restaurant Mongolian BBQ.  Not the most diet friendly but I choose turkey meat and loaded up on the veggies, I also didn't eat the fried wantons and egg rolls (they looked like they were swimming in a pool of oil so it wasn't hard yuck) and I only ate about half ... Since I knew what was coming up the next day.

Saturday TaTa planned a birthday lunch at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour.  That place is so much fun and TOTALLY not diet friendly, but it's part of life and birthdays happen once every year to be exact lol.  So I prepared myself and went in with the mindset of yes I will eat ice cream No I will not over do it.  I ordered a Harvest Salad with chicken (half size) and a diet coke (I very rarely drink soda maybe 2-3 times a month if that) even though I really wanted the Cobb Burger but one of Tata's friends ordered it and was kind enough to give me a small bite :) which was actually enough to satisfy my craving.

Then we ordered this little gem... The Farrell's Zoo and HOLY CRAP that thing is ginormous here is the description   right from the menu
The World Famous
Zoo®Serves 1-10
Every creation except the keeper. So
huge it takes two strong Servers
to deliver it to your table. Their
knees sag under FOUR flavors
of our famous ice cream.
THREE fruit flavor sherbets,
FOUR delicious toppings,
whipped cream, cherries, and

Yup a total of 5 pound of ice cream!!

And we ate every last bite... luckily there were a few people to help so I only ate about a cup and a half (not to bad considering)

and then of course I finished off the weekend with another long 9 mile run, it went well and I felt good I only have one more long run before the half in TWO WEEKS!!! wow that went fast

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