Birthday Parties and Ice Patches

I was so not ready for this weekend I was so freaking tired all week, and Drama Queen had not one, but two birthday parties to go to and I had my longest run EVER......

but it was AWESOME!!!

We started off running late as usual Saturday morning and had to go pick up DQ at Grammie C's then head off to party #1 it was for a family friend her little guy was turning 5.  It was a typical BDay party, bounce house, pizza, and cake.  I felt bad that we got there a bit late and could only stay a little over an hour but that meant I was not tempted by the food too much and we left before cake (bad for DQ but good for me :)  Then we headed for to party #2 it was for her "boyfriend"  G3 (the one we always go to Disneyland with) so she was super excited about that!  I was dreading and looking forward to this one.  Looking forward because I LOVE G3's  mom & dad and, his Aunt Barbie is one of my coworkers and running buddies.  Dreading because that also meant a lot of parents from my job would be there so I couldn't totally let loose lol cause you know I can be a bit CRAYZEE ya right.

But is was a blast yes also typical party fare bounce house, face painting, pinata and  pizza (one piece) and cupcakes (only one and it was so flipping good) and I was running 9 miles he next day so that so counts as carb loading right? 

A mash up of birthday party fun!

Oh and one other thing at G3's party this little baby was quite a hit!  The adult stuff on the sides came out later when most of  the "work" parents went home (except for a few who are cool like us) lol! and I only had one promise!

Then  this morning came I made sure to go to bed early because to be honest I was scared.  I had nine miles on the schedule today.  My longest run ever!!! So I got up early to give myself time to fuel properly and let things happen *wink*  and to catch up on a show or two who am I kidding.

So this was breakfast a coffee protein drink, whole wheat English muffin with PB and a banana.

Then off I went 9 freaking miles....9!!!  Holy crap!

It was one of the best runs I think I've ever had.  I started off running the block around my house then about mile 2 I ate shit!  I slipped on a piece of ice and hit the ground HARD.  I landed on my left knee.  OUCH!! i couldn't believe it.  I live in Southern California I was not aware of this phenomena ice on the ground?? I know, I know, spoiled we are but I never even thought to look for it.  Anyway after I went down I got my self up and limped a bit off the ice and walked a few minutes with tears in my eyes trying to shake it off.  I was determined not to let it ruin this run, so off I went to finish 7 more miles.   It was great at one point a great P!nk song came on Try, and I know it's about love but something about that line "Where there is desire, there's gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someones bound to get burned, but just because it burns doesn't mean your gonna die. You gotta get up and try, try, try..."  just get's me.  I  love it to me it kind represents my relationship with running.  I have the desire and the flame is there, but damnn it BURNS, but I WILL NOT DIE and I will TRY, TRY, TRY....so when it came on I just started crying.... I musta' looked a hot mess, tears, snot, and sweat, but I felt AMAZING like I could do anything and hell I was.....

My run in a nutshell! including that damn piece of ice I slipped on.

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