Weekend Recap... So much Food

How was your weekend?

 Here we had a quiet and relaxing weekend.  Not much going on just some house cleaning and grocery shopping,  we were running pretty low.  Of course I went just before lunch so I was starving... but  as you can see it's not always a bad thing.
They recently closed  Trader Joe's by me...NOOOOOO!!!   Luckily they did open a Sprouts (think TJ's on a slightly bigger scale with more fruits, veggies, and well everything...they even have stuff like oat flour, chia seeds, and stuff that you can buy in bulk from these huge wine barrel type things) 
... so all is forgiven. 

My instagram pic on Saturday you can follow me here
With all these tasty things in the house I had an itch to order pizza  cook  so Saturday night I tried my hand at eggplant pizzas. I have a zucchini pizza recipe on my Pinterest  page but I liked the idea of a bigger, heartier bottom, 
 and because I need  a cure for that pizza craving.
pizza, eggplant,

It was really easy to make just slice a large eggplant about 1/2 inch thick, then sprinkle a good amount of salt on top to "sweat" it and lay a paper towel on top (to soak up the extra moisture), let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour then wipe off any extra salt.  
Heat oven to 350 F, lay your eggplant on a cookie sheet (I lined mine with foil so I wouldn't have to scrub off stuck cheese cause I'm lazy like that) Then top with pizza or tomato sauce of your choice, skim-milk mozzarella and turkey pepperoni (or what ever other pizza topping you like). 
pizza, eggplant, weightloss
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This was GOOD....
  like I may be cured of my pizza craving forever, ok for at least another week. 
I had two of these and a light Caesar salad for dinner. Oh and they are even better the next day!
*myfitnesspal calculated it to be approx. 115 kcals, 6g fat, 9.6g carbs, 9g protein, and 4.5g fiber per pizza

The rest of the weekend we did some more shopping at Ikea (me and the crazy cat lady lol) and the 99 cent store.  I was actually pretty shocked at some of the decent produce I got there.  Mushrooms, cauliflower and a big bag of mini peppers and they were all still fresh...not to bad. Sometimes eating healthy on the cheap is possible.
Girl takes after her pizza lovin mama...and I didn't even have a bite,  go me!!

So  did you try anything new this weekend? 


Fab Friday ... Link-Up

Can I Borrow That?

 This weeks fab find came when I was browsing Target without the kid the only time I get to browse.  I totally pulled a fast one on the hubs.  I had to take my car to get an oil change and recall part taken care of (Thanks Toyota) and when the shuttle came I left DQ with the hubs and of course stopped by Target for a "few" things, yeah famous last words.  I can't help it if I had to go down every single isle to look for those "few" things ;)
I digress,  of course I was hungry so I go down the food isle.  I didn't have my normal starbux cuppa joe so these babies caught my eye....ummm caffeine.
almonds, mocha, coffee,

They are MOCHA flavored almonds... yum.  Of course I had to check the serving size I didn't want the flavoring to add so many calories that I only  got to eat a few some times it has to be quantity or have a shit ton of sugar that totally negates the health benefits see I'm thinking quality too 
To my surprise  it wasn't to bad  you get 24 nuts per serving at 160 calories,  3g of fiber, 6g of protein, and only 3g of sugar. 
They claim that one serving size has the same amount of caffeine and 2oz of coffee so I'd have to eat the whole bag to get my fix.  But overall they were really good, not super sweet and the mocha flavor is pretty mild.  I really enjoyed them they are a great alternative to plain almonds and have a  less sodium than dry roasted.  I think they are a great sweet treat that fits in with my healthy diet.
almonds, mocha, coffee
This is one serving size


Weigh in Wednesday... Busting at the Seams

It's Wednesday you know what that means

Weigh In Wednesday

So this week I was down to 173.8  almost a pound.. Not quite but close enough. I am discovering it is harder to lose the last 30 than it was to lose the first 50 (understandable but still try to accept it ) and the kicker is not being able to workout at the intensity that I'm used to since surgery. I was going to the gym 5-6 times a week running and lifting heavy, and now I am only able to walking for the time being. 
But I have been really on point with eating this week.  I have stayed at or just below my calories 1500 and have been watching my carb intake in the evenings. It's really proving  that I can lose the weight (though slow) pretty much just through the way I eat.
healthy, chicken, burrito
Saturdays lunch salsa chicken burrito & fruit I'll post the recipe next week it's so easy!

Now remember I told ya all about how a little part of my incision was open (you can read about my surgery here),  well when I went back to the doctors on Monday a whole lotta of it was open ..
 OMG I am busting at the seam literally!!
I almost took a pic but then I realized that would be taking TMI to a while new level and possibly illegal in a few states haha.  The incision is right at my bikini line same place as my 2 c sections... (I think my skin is just saying enough is enough!)  luckily no stitches but he did put on some steri strips and bandaged me up.

And as long as we're talking TMI  (my "fuzz" finally was at a place where it wasn't poky anymore from surgery but  then he had to go shave it again to put on the strips geez add insult to injury why don't ya and to top it off I think I may have scarred DQ for life as she was sitting right there while this 60 year old guy was shaving my who-ha! 
 Ah hell looks like I'm paying for her therapy.
Now that means I have to wait even longer to start doing any major exercise.. Ugh I am so over it. I'm not sure if I'm even suppose to be walking at this point but I went ahead and went for a quick 2 miler yesterday quick being relative it was a 16:32 pace but I just had to
I'm starting to go crazy.

Don't forget Fab Friday is coming up and it's
 going to be a linky party...
So come join up and share your fabulous tip !!


No Workouts a Blog Fail ...So Cookies it is.

This is was what I was planning for this weekend!  I just got them (the Reebok Dumbells and the C9 Yoga Mat, thank you Target for the sale)  on Wednesday and was looking forward to trying them out with some YouTube work outs I found.

workout, yoga mat, fitness
I will get to use this soon!

But that didn't happen... remember I went to the doctors Thursday for my recheck (if your new hi :) I had a desmoid tumor removed from my abdomen about 8 weeks ago. You can read more about it here.)  Well turns out a little piece  of my incision was open, he didn't seemed worried and it hasn't bothered me at all so he just smeared some stuff on it (I assumed it was like glue or something).  But the next morning I woke up and more of the  incision was open!!  Holy crap I called them and they said as long as it's not oozing GROSS or hurting to just take it easy and come in Monday.

So instead I did a lot of cooking and a bit of cleaning, (so my house thanks me) and I did catch up on some of my shows like Under The Gunn, Shameless, and I'm kinda liking this season's cast of Dancing with the Stars, it's going to be a dual of the 90's girls. Not sure if I'm Team DJ Tanner, or Winnie Copper yet, I loved them both.

Back to cooking I was craving something sweet as always
 and I had a shit ton of brown bananas again...

ripe, fruit, mashed, brown
why do I always have so many brown bananas

 So I found a great recipe  for healthy cookies made with of course bananas, chocolate, oats, and PB, on my Pinterest board (you can follow me here.)
 It's from Six Sisters and is a great little sweet tooth satisfier for only 47 calories per cookie, and it's pretty easy to make.  DQ wasn't as thrilled but I am still working to improve her pallet from junky overly sweet food to better less sugary foods I blame her Dad haha.
God give me strength and patients with that girl ... I NEED it.
healthy, peanut butter, banana, chocolate
Little bites of yumm
 Oh another good thing that came out of the weekend and all the sitting, is I finally figured out how to host a linky party so this weeks Fab Friday will be a link up... Make sure to join up!
And finally I am STILL workin' on putting all my missing pictures back on old posts.  Every single picture was deleted (that was over 600ish in the last 2 years) UGH... Google Plus is NOT my friend. #blogfail

How was your weekend?  Eat any yummy healthyish treats? 


Fab Friday... Protein Style

friday, heart, glitter, blog, button

 Happy Friday.... Yay we made it another week.

Ok before I get in to this fab find I just wanted to let ya'll know, all my pictures on the blog were deleted somehow :(    I am working on getting them back on, but who knows how long that will take .  Ugh so effing  frustrating... so just bear with me. Thanks 

Okay this fab  Friday is due to the fact that I had a bunch of bananas in my fruit bowl that were turning a beautiful brown color. 

 I already had so many bananas in my freezer I have no more space and honestly I haven't been eating  my banana "ice cream" so I decided to look on Pinterest for some protein banana bread recipes and I found this great recipe by The Protein Chef on YouTube.  He has a ton of different recipes on there I can't wait to try more, and if they all taste as good as this one score... he's also pretty easy on the eyes win-win

This is easy to whip up real quick just don't do what I did because it was almost a pinterest fail. I didn't have any oat flour so  I did what he suggested. You take regular oats dump them in the blender and pulse and minute or two... The recipe calls for 90 grams of oat flour (about 11/4cups) but 1 1/4 cups of oats doesn't necessarily come out to 1 1/4 cups oat flour .... so needless to say mine came out more the consistency of a bread pudding but it was still delish I did wonder why it was so thin.

banana, bread, protien, recipe

Also I did change it up a bit. I didn't have any applesauce so I used Greek yogurt instead, it worked great and added even more protein, and I also had an extra nana so I just tossed it in. I also didn't put in any nuts.  The serving size is 1/8 of the loaf (which is a pretty big serving) and it keeps me full for quite a while. It's great for a snack especially with some grapes.
sncak, banana, protein, recipe, grapes

Protein Banana Bread by the Protein Chef
90g Rolled Oats (1.25 cups) turned into Oat Flour (90g) remember 1 1/4 cup
3 scoops Protein Powder (Vanilla or Banana)  I used vanilla cream weight loss premium protein by bpi sports 
½ Cup Sweetener I used Splenda with fiber
3 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon
1 ½ Teaspoons Baking Powder
3 Teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract
½ Teaspoon Baking Soda
2 Large Egg Whites
4oz Unsweetened Apple Sauce I used plain fat free greek yogurt
3 Medium Bananas  go ahead throw in that extra one
¼ Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or milk substitute)

Mix your dry ingredients in one bowl and your wet ingredients in another bowl. Use a mixer/blender/whisk to mix together the wet ingredients. Slowly add in the dry ingredients. Spray a 9'' bread dish with non-stick cooking spray and then throw it in the oven on 350 for around 35:00-40:00. Let cool. Cut into 8 pieces and devour!

*myfitnesspal calculated this to be aprox. 134 calories per serving.

Brew Mama


Let's Be Friends

Why can't we be friends... Why can't we be friends... Why can't we be friends...

So anyway Why. Can't. We. Be. Friends.  All you have to do is click on that little button over there --->  the one that says followers. Then you can show everyone that we are friends :)

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 I like you, let's be friends!!!


Weigh In Wedensday with Nachos

Weigh In Wednesday

So not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about this weeks weigh in.  Yes I made a plan for our getaway, but I wasn't perfect.  I DID have those ah-mazing nachos and a few too many adult beverages.  But my goal has never been to be perfect just better (I think that's my new mantra) and that was accomplished.

So here's the damage.

I'm up 0.2.... It ok I'll take it.  Now to buckle down and get to business.  I'm going to Vegas in a month for a concert And my goal is to be under 170... So that means I need to lose about 5 lbs in a month, totally doable.

On to other things I go see the doctor Thursday (if you want to know more on why you can read this older post here)  I'm hoping he clears me and actually says yes to exercise.  I admit I have done more than just walk. I've been trying to "be good" but I'm feeling great and honestly I wanted to test myself out, a little bit so that's why I threw in a little jogging to my walk this past weekend.  I just couldn't help it, but I was very careful and did my best to listen to my body and really assess what I was feeling. 

Who would have ever thought I would miss exercise this much!! CRAY-ZZ!

But I also know that I want to heal and heal well so I can come back better and stronger.  Cancer may have slowed me down but it ain't gonna stop me.

Even though I would have loved to get in a "run" in today I was a bit sore (probably from working back in the classroom. I'm easing my way back, I just miss those kiddos so much).  So instead of a run DQ and I took Dobby out for a walk. 

Remember exercise doesn't need to be drastic, little changes add up. 

What are you doing to get your fitness in?


Take Me Down to Paradise City

Happy Monday all!  How was your weekend? 

Here is a little of what mine consisted of... yes it totally was heaven.

The grounds, and the beach just outside our room.

If you read last weeks post you know we went to the Paradise Point Resort and Spa.  I was a little worried about the mixed reviews I  read after booking of course cause I'm smart like that especially cause it was a bit pricey.  I will confirm it was totally worth it!  I can see what some of the people where saying, it was a little on the older side and a bit worn, but overall it was so beautiful and relaxing.  The service was fantastic the staff was very friendly and the food at the resort was fantastic!!

Speaking of food, though I wanted to have a mini getaway I was NOT going to give myself permission to stuff my face and just having a free for all weekend.  Going in I knew I was going to indulge in some adult beverages so I had to make a plan... 

First off I scoped out the menu before going and figured out what I was going to eat, then I packed some healthy and filling snacks (I am a total snacker so this is a must).  I also packed some greek yogurt and an oatmeal packet (they had coffee makers in the room but no microwave, you can just brew the "coffee" with no grounds and then you have hot water for your instant oatmeal) for breakfast.  It was perfect and it saved us some money on eating out.

Some  Fiber One Chocolate cereal for my sweet tooth (tastes good and only 80 calories, granola for the yogurt, apples. some cuties, and can't forget the protein.  The easiest way I found for me is beef jerky, and nut butters.  I have to get the Justin's nut butter packets, I know that it's way cheaper to get the jar but I have no self control I will eat spoon after spoon straight from the jar.  This way it's built in portion control and no need for a spoon :)  I also brought some sprouted wheat bread to pair with the nut butter to make a sandwich.

It was also such beautiful weather and scenery it was easy to get out and go for a run/walk in the mornings.  It doesn't hurt that I am an early riser who is ready to go when I wake up and the hubs is a little slower on the start.  So while he is still a walking zombie I get out and get it done.  I did a little over 2 miles on Saturday and on Sunday I did 3.1, and I took my time and really enjoyed being there.

Here are just a couple more pics of us at the pool, it was absolutely beautiful.  We really enjoyed it and I was over all really good, but I did allow myself a treat or two Like the fab nachos poolside.  I so could have eaten them all  but the Hubs and I shared them, see not perfect just better :) 

These nachos were so worth it....also part of the reason I ran both days ;)

How do you stay on track when your out of town or on vacation?


Fab Friday... Spring Jewlery

pink glitter heart fab friday

Hey dolls, hope you are having a Fab Friday!!  

I'm working on starting a weekly post and possibly a link up (if I can figure that out haha...baby steps guys, baby steps), of some of the things I'm loving, aka fabulous finds, or fab tips, basically anything to do with fitness, fashion, or food and of course it has to be FUN AND FABULOUS... I think you get the idea :) 
So to start it off I picked up these great baubles from OKAJewelry.  It was a totally random find, I was on Google looking for  "bow rings"  and it popped up and there you have it (don't you love when that happens).  They have some cute pieces at great prices then they have some other stuff that's not really my thing but hey you never know.  Anyway their policy is buy three items and they ship free NICE.  I believe I got these for around $8 total since most of it was on clearance (Oh yes I am thrifty to boot)! Fun and ca-ute, and the bow ring is too adorable!!!

jewlery, acrylic, bracelett,s ring, bow ring

 I'm totally into the bright pop of color right now.

See did I not tell you sooo stinking cute!

I'm so excited in 3 hours the hubs and I will be on the road to San Deigo.  Ahhh heaven and it's supposed to be in the 70-80's... 

Look out people my pasty white ass is ready for a tan! 

I'm thinking I won't be posting until Monday, but I'm sure I will be taking a crapton of Instagram pics so if you want to "virtually" join me on my mini vacay, as DQ called it, follow me. Just click the little Instagram button at the top under connect with me :) 

Are you doing anything fun or special this weekend?  
Also do you have any Fab Finds, I'd love to know? 



Those Machines Lie

This makes the second week of hittin up the gym.  Now if I could only do more than walk that would be great...But I can't.... pfftt
So what I really wanted to talk to ya'll about was those fancy, dancy machines at the gym.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  Some of them have a screen so you can watch TV (really who doesn't love to sweat to a good episode of The Walking Dead no spoilers I'm still trying to catch  up.)  Most if not all have the heart rate monitor and it tells you how many calories you burn. 
Don't believe it!! They are big fat liars.
I used to get so excited when I would finish up on the elliptical and see I had burned over 500 calories. That is until I got a heart rate monitor, then I found out the truth I was burning any where from 50-100 calories less that what I thought. 
So now I always, ok almost always, wear my heart rate monitor when I'm working out even at the machines.  It's the best way (I think) to get an accurate number on how many calories you burn.

The difference between the elliptical and my HRM  for a 30 min. workout

Finally worked up a sweat... Probably for the first time in 6weeks!   #roadtorecovery 


*in case you want to know I just have the basic Polar FT4 HRM in (pink of course) that I got on Amazon.

What's your favorite way to burn those calories?

Failing to Plan

Wedensday DQ had an early release day at school, and since we will be gone this weekend and she will be with Grammie I wanted to spend some  extra "fun" time with her.  That means it was time for, Knott's Berry Farm.  We had a blast, luckily DQ is finally tall and brave enough for some of the bigger rides since Camp Snoopy (the kids part) was mostly under renovation.

It was so dead there and we didn't have to wait for anything really so we got a lot in and even did doubles on Jaguar (a coaster) and DQ did the swings twice there was no way I could do that sucker twice to much spinning and as it was I had a slight headache, I think was because I was hungry. 

Riding on an old fashioned stagecoach around the park

So after a few rides we both started to get hungry so we went tin search of food.  Let me just tell you I know that theme park food is over priced but this was redic...seriously is was $14.99 for a burger and fries... uh hell NO! So we decided to go to El Pollo Loco down the street after a few more rides.  But poor DQ was as she put it "Mama I'm gonna faint I'm sooo hungry... Why are you making me starve..." really kid really now you know why I call her Drama Queen.  So I finally caved for fear that someone would really think I was starving her and call CPS... not really, sort of and we found a place that sold chips.  By this point I was starving too but I just 't cave.  As we rode the last of the rides I did ask a few employees if they had a fruit cart/vendor any where in the park and most of them didn't know or said no.  When finally I spotted it...
I was so excited they only had apples and oranges and a few fruit cups but at that moment it was perfect.  I didn't even bat an eyelash at the $2.50 per apple price tag.

Our long sought after apple
The moral of the story here is I totally failed at planning ahead and it almost led to me stuffing my face with a Huge Ass funnel cake (oh yes they are famous for those as well as fried chicken). 

Do you plan ahead,  what are some of your tips?


Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Welcome to another weigh in Wednesday. Not gonna lie I felt a little defeated this morning on the scale.  I am 174.4 so only down .4 ounces (not even half a pound) and what is killin me is I have been so on point!

I am happy that it is not a gain so I should quit complaining and move on... Yup gonna do that.  I'm going to chalk it up to my body trying to find its mojo again after all this crazy crap that's been going on with me. 

So to make myself feel better and give me a confidence boost that I need I made sure to put a little extra into my outfit this morning. The chevron stripes help make me look slimmer (love those optical illusions) and the jean jacket gives some structure and shape.  I paired it with my fave geometric necklace and earrings and some bangles

Dress and Jacket - Kohl's
Necklace - H&M
Earrings and bangles  - Forever 21 

Another great thing about WiW means that it's hump day  

Ya I just did that.... 

But yay we are on the downward slope to the weekend!!  And I can't wait for this one, the hubs decided we needed a weekend getaway (we haven't had any "alone" time since way before surgery) so we booked a weekend at the Paradise Point Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego. It's a little pricey and we don't normally go that big but it was so beautiful.  I've read mixed reviews on yelp and tripadvisor so well see, if it was worth it.  I'm just looking forward to laying by the beach with a drink and my honey.  

If you found me through Ash & Heather's WiW,  thank you so much for stopping by
:) hope you stick around and check out my blog.

Did you WiW?     How'd it go?  


Time Change the Good/Bad and the Ugly.

Ahhh time change.....Uggg time change.  I'm not really sure where I fall on this. I have to admit that I love it staying light longer into the evening, it's nice getting home and actually having some daylight to work with (and it makes getting in a run well walk at this point still that much easier).  The downside is waking up at the ass crack of dawn. It's gonna take a few days to get into my groove and it's dark until forever.  I hate opening my school by myself when it's dark...can you say super creepy.  The worst part about the time change is getting the kiddo to sleep.  She slept in until almost 8:30 go figure the one day she's not all bright eyed and bushy tailed tonight is going to be a nightmare.
Wish me luck...I'll need it.
This weekend was actually pretty busy. DQ had a birthday party at John's Incredible Pizza on Saturday.  That place is like Chuck-E-Cheese on steroids  WoW!! and it was at 10am I seriously did not need pizza that early in the day.  I survived by have a huge salad and one slice of pizza but I so could have mowed down another 4 slices ya it's my kryptonite    good thing I had a protein filled breakfast and wasn't so hungry as to lose all willpower.  I have to admit I did have a small piece of cake good thing it was chocolate not my fave so I only ate about half, then we finished up the day by babysitting for a family from my school.  That meant more pizza  REALLY??   My will is strong... You have no power over me... 100 points if you get the quote I really do have a nerd side.

Today was mostly house cleaning and laundry since the laundry fairy never made it to my house but I did get a chance to sneak out and spend some of that babysitting money.  I went to ULTA just to browse and ended up getting a NYX under eye concealer I'm gonna need it in the morning and a turquoise eyeliner  to try this look on my Pinterest board I saw if you need some help wasting time feel free to follow me here.  I also hit G-Stage the clothing store.

..so much coral and mint.... I was in heaven
I got a few shirts for spring/summer and a cardi ... Hallelujah I  finally found a mustard color cardi... my prayers were answered, see I knew I was in heaven.

final stop was the grocery store to pick up a spaghetti squash for dinner and then this happened

I couldn't help it those evil things knew my name and wouldn't  stop until I took them home.  I did only get one box though and I hope those sweet little girl scouts and their crack cookies will be long gone by the time I have to shop again.
How was your weekend?     What do you do to help get your groove for "spring forward"?


Life Blogging

On my post Wednesday I was going to put another OOTD outfit of the day just I case you don't know believe me I have had to google my share of text/social media talk lol but didn't want to keep smothering you all with pictures of myself.... But

I've been thinking more about this blog and my life and where I want it to go.  I love sharing my weight loss journey, but I just feel that there is so much more I've been doing and that there is so much more that goes in to looking good and honestly feeling good.  The older I get I'm learning that it's not just the number in the scale or the size of your jeans not that those things  hurt but it's also how you feel.  Also I'm finding out how you present yourself to the world matters too.  I'm not saying be fake, but sometime when you put the extra effort in people notice, and it gives you a boost of confidence, which in turn helps you make better choices in the way of healthy eating exercising and so on.  It's kinda like a feel good, do good thing.

I've come to realize that my weight loss is a journey not necessarily a destination and though it is hard work...hard, hard work I want to enjoy it and celebrate it. Not just wait for the end to look and feel good.  Yes my goal is to get to a size 8/9  heck may be even a 6/7 but I still have a ways to go (I'm in a pretty solid 12 now but have a few 14's too) , but when I was a size 20 at the start of my journey I couldn't even imagine being in a 12 or a 14 or even a 16 for that matter, so why not celebrate all those milestones and give tips and advice while there.

  So I thought I would ask you...do you like seeing the different outfits?  I was also thinking of posting my beauty finds and stuff like that.  What do think?  What would you like to see?  Are ya'll on board!  

I'll leave you with my OOTD. This was actually Wednesday's  but it was just so cute I had to share, and a little trick... I tucked my shirt into my skirt and it makes me look taller and thinner.  I wore the chunky sweater so I felt a little more covered up with my shirt tucked in :)

This full look was from Forever 21. (Except the flip flops they are haviana's) 
I just started shopping there recently. I was always thought that I would not be able to fit in to the clothes, it being a mostly "junior" type store or that they would be to young for that same reason, but it think I've totally pulled it off even being the mature 39 that I am.  I may be older but I still want my fashion damn it!  


Weigh-in Wednesday Quick Breakfast

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy WiW and I'm sure you can tell by my chipper attitude that the scale was nice to me this morning.  I meant to take a picture but as always I was running late ugh, any way it was 174.8.

That is 1.8 pounds down from last week. 

 I'm hoping this means that my plan of more veggies and less processed food is working, but I'm not gonna lie I did have a Jimmy Dean De-light breakfast sandwhich this morning, as I said running late.  But overall I'm doing better and staying within my calories on myfitnesspal (you can friend me if you like AlmaCan1) I'm going for the 80/20 rule here 80% great 20% not so great.  I need to be true to myself and do something that I can stick with FOREVER.

jimmy Dean De-Lights, Breakfast,

I made it to the gym Monday and have the stuff in the car to go again today.  I figured I have a better chance of getting there if I don't have to stop off at home first, and DQ gets some extra playtime in before homework.  My plan today is to do 40 minutes  on the elliptical, and then 15-20 on the treadmill.  It's getting harder and harder to take it easy especially when I see people lifting and running.  I do miss running a bit, but I miss lifting weights a LOT!  I really fell in love with it last year.  Only two more weeks until my next Dr appt. and hopefully the all clear.


A New Look

So as you can see I'm trying out a new look...   I'm super happy about the colors they are just so bright and well happy.  I'm also trying to work on adding some social media buttons well really just instagram... I'd like to do more but I already  have a personal instagram and  FB.   I did start a "new" ig for the blog but I really don't think I could handle having a whole other FB too. I can barley make it on here as it is.  I am not trying to take over the blogosphere so I figured that's as good as it gets for a full time working mom, who's trying to eat healthy, be healthy, and look good.  At least that's all the time this one has. But until they are up you can find me on Instagram username : borrow_that so original huh...

So tell me what do you think?.... Are you like the new look

On another note happy National Pancake Day!  Ya it's a day really...don't believe me google it...true story.  So to celebrate what did we do, Why make pancakes of course.  DQ and I whipped up some regular pancakes for her and daddy, and as for me I found this recipe on Run, Eat, Repeat a blog I like to read.  She made them in to waffles but seeing as it was Pancake day and not waffle day I pancaked it.  It made about three med sized pancakes, and according to myfitness pal was about 163 cals.  I'm not gonna lie they were a bit on the dry side but they tasted alright.  If your looking for a low calorie high protein meal and are wanting to do something other with your protein powder  it's worth a try. 

I ate it with a bit of melted peanut butter, and some turkey bacon. 
Total calories 314 

And  of course here is my OOTD.  It's been nice and cool (finally) sorry all you peeps stuck in the polar vortex so I finally have been able to wear my boots and scarves.

Shirt - Target (on clearance for $2.80 score)
Denim Jacket - Elle Kohl's
Skinny Jeans - Jennifer Lopez Kohl's
Scarf - Amazon
Bangles - Walmart


Late Weigh-in...Just so tired...

  • It has been quite the week and a half.  I am so glad that I am back to work, but damn am I tired.  I think my body is still working on getting back to normal (oh ya and healing that big ass hole in my stomach) so when I get home from work I have zero energy.  Seriously my poor family is lucky to even see me as I walk by to my bed, and not to mention the state of my house... Seriously I need the laundry fairy to come to my house.  Please don't judge I'm just being real folks!

  • Oh did I tell you what else I got for my birthday....3 BIG POUNDS!!!That puts me at 176.6  Damnit I would totally be ok with that if I had, had a big birthday celebration dinner but I didn't.  I had my regular old meal of fish, rice and veggies and for a birthday treat a 100 cal popsicle.  I have no idea what's going on.  I am eating pretty well. I know the exercise is lacking in intensity but I am walking my feet off.   Uggg I am getting so discouraged I can't wait until I can do more.       
  • Yesterday I made it back to the gym for the first time. I went to TaTa's gym Fitness 19 (she was down visiting) their policy is members can bring in a "buddy" for free anytime.  It was even better because they don't try to upsell you on their gym like most do when you visit and I even took DQ,  kids club was $2.50 and she even got to do the kids Cardio Class.  I'm not sure if all the Fit19's are like this (I think they are franchised gyms not sure so please don't take my word on it). Anyway I walked on the treadmill for a mile then the elliptical was calling my name.  I figured it's kinda like walking  right?? So I jumped on one and kept it easy  I did bump it up to a level 4 but felt a twinge after a minute so I bumped it back down to a 2 I did another 3 miles.  I'm want to try to get back to the gym at least 2-3 times this week and see if that helps anything. 

  • My other goal for the week is to eat 3-5 servings of veggies a day.  I am a serious snacker  so instead of the "low cal" processed/convenience snacks I tend to grab I am going to go for veggies and wholesome unprocessed and see if that helps too. 

  • I am still keeping up with my new found love of being more put together...though the Hubs was doubtful not that he was being mean or discouraging it just seems to take a while and we do get up so early he didn't think I would keep it up instead of hitting that snooze bar a few more times...not mean just honest haha.  Though a few days I did think about it!  Honestly my weight and size being at a standstill I just need the extra confidence booster, and really it makes me feel good and when I feel good I feel more inclined to make the better/healthy choices to stay on that path. 

Shirt - H & M
Jacket - Elle (Kohl's)
 Pants - Jennifer Lopez ( Kohl's) 
Shoes - Kohl's ... and they are so comfortable, I may need to go pick up the coral pair
Jewelry - necklace Forever 21, bracelet Claire's 

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