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 This weeks fab find came when I was browsing Target without the kid the only time I get to browse.  I totally pulled a fast one on the hubs.  I had to take my car to get an oil change and recall part taken care of (Thanks Toyota) and when the shuttle came I left DQ with the hubs and of course stopped by Target for a "few" things, yeah famous last words.  I can't help it if I had to go down every single isle to look for those "few" things ;)
I digress,  of course I was hungry so I go down the food isle.  I didn't have my normal starbux cuppa joe so these babies caught my eye....ummm caffeine.
almonds, mocha, coffee,

They are MOCHA flavored almonds... yum.  Of course I had to check the serving size I didn't want the flavoring to add so many calories that I only  got to eat a few some times it has to be quantity or have a shit ton of sugar that totally negates the health benefits see I'm thinking quality too 
To my surprise  it wasn't to bad  you get 24 nuts per serving at 160 calories,  3g of fiber, 6g of protein, and only 3g of sugar. 
They claim that one serving size has the same amount of caffeine and 2oz of coffee so I'd have to eat the whole bag to get my fix.  But overall they were really good, not super sweet and the mocha flavor is pretty mild.  I really enjoyed them they are a great alternative to plain almonds and have a  less sodium than dry roasted.  I think they are a great sweet treat that fits in with my healthy diet.
almonds, mocha, coffee
This is one serving size

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  1. Hey Alma, I would try and do this when I find some stuff, I love your almond finds, should look for some locally!


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