Take Me Down to Paradise City

Happy Monday all!  How was your weekend? 

Here is a little of what mine consisted of... yes it totally was heaven.

The grounds, and the beach just outside our room.

If you read last weeks post you know we went to the Paradise Point Resort and Spa.  I was a little worried about the mixed reviews I  read after booking of course cause I'm smart like that especially cause it was a bit pricey.  I will confirm it was totally worth it!  I can see what some of the people where saying, it was a little on the older side and a bit worn, but overall it was so beautiful and relaxing.  The service was fantastic the staff was very friendly and the food at the resort was fantastic!!

Speaking of food, though I wanted to have a mini getaway I was NOT going to give myself permission to stuff my face and just having a free for all weekend.  Going in I knew I was going to indulge in some adult beverages so I had to make a plan... 

First off I scoped out the menu before going and figured out what I was going to eat, then I packed some healthy and filling snacks (I am a total snacker so this is a must).  I also packed some greek yogurt and an oatmeal packet (they had coffee makers in the room but no microwave, you can just brew the "coffee" with no grounds and then you have hot water for your instant oatmeal) for breakfast.  It was perfect and it saved us some money on eating out.

Some  Fiber One Chocolate cereal for my sweet tooth (tastes good and only 80 calories, granola for the yogurt, apples. some cuties, and can't forget the protein.  The easiest way I found for me is beef jerky, and nut butters.  I have to get the Justin's nut butter packets, I know that it's way cheaper to get the jar but I have no self control I will eat spoon after spoon straight from the jar.  This way it's built in portion control and no need for a spoon :)  I also brought some sprouted wheat bread to pair with the nut butter to make a sandwich.

It was also such beautiful weather and scenery it was easy to get out and go for a run/walk in the mornings.  It doesn't hurt that I am an early riser who is ready to go when I wake up and the hubs is a little slower on the start.  So while he is still a walking zombie I get out and get it done.  I did a little over 2 miles on Saturday and on Sunday I did 3.1, and I took my time and really enjoyed being there.

Here are just a couple more pics of us at the pool, it was absolutely beautiful.  We really enjoyed it and I was over all really good, but I did allow myself a treat or two Like the fab nachos poolside.  I so could have eaten them all  but the Hubs and I shared them, see not perfect just better :) 

These nachos were so worth it....also part of the reason I ran both days ;)

How do you stay on track when your out of town or on vacation?

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  1. I like your take on "Part of the reason I ran" You go girl! So jealous of the sunny side that you are in! Have fun :)


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