No Workouts a Blog Fail ...So Cookies it is.

This is was what I was planning for this weekend!  I just got them (the Reebok Dumbells and the C9 Yoga Mat, thank you Target for the sale)  on Wednesday and was looking forward to trying them out with some YouTube work outs I found.

workout, yoga mat, fitness
I will get to use this soon!

But that didn't happen... remember I went to the doctors Thursday for my recheck (if your new hi :) I had a desmoid tumor removed from my abdomen about 8 weeks ago. You can read more about it here.)  Well turns out a little piece  of my incision was open, he didn't seemed worried and it hasn't bothered me at all so he just smeared some stuff on it (I assumed it was like glue or something).  But the next morning I woke up and more of the  incision was open!!  Holy crap I called them and they said as long as it's not oozing GROSS or hurting to just take it easy and come in Monday.

So instead I did a lot of cooking and a bit of cleaning, (so my house thanks me) and I did catch up on some of my shows like Under The Gunn, Shameless, and I'm kinda liking this season's cast of Dancing with the Stars, it's going to be a dual of the 90's girls. Not sure if I'm Team DJ Tanner, or Winnie Copper yet, I loved them both.

Back to cooking I was craving something sweet as always
 and I had a shit ton of brown bananas again...

ripe, fruit, mashed, brown
why do I always have so many brown bananas

 So I found a great recipe  for healthy cookies made with of course bananas, chocolate, oats, and PB, on my Pinterest board (you can follow me here.)
 It's from Six Sisters and is a great little sweet tooth satisfier for only 47 calories per cookie, and it's pretty easy to make.  DQ wasn't as thrilled but I am still working to improve her pallet from junky overly sweet food to better less sugary foods I blame her Dad haha.
God give me strength and patients with that girl ... I NEED it.
healthy, peanut butter, banana, chocolate
Little bites of yumm
 Oh another good thing that came out of the weekend and all the sitting, is I finally figured out how to host a linky party so this weeks Fab Friday will be a link up... Make sure to join up!
And finally I am STILL workin' on putting all my missing pictures back on old posts.  Every single picture was deleted (that was over 600ish in the last 2 years) UGH... Google Plus is NOT my friend. #blogfail

How was your weekend?  Eat any yummy healthyish treats? 


  1. Youch! Sorry about the incision! Hope all that gets taken care of.

  2. Yikes about your incision! Take care of that!


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