Not The Muscle... Why not the Fat?

  • So about the surgery, it seriously sucks.  Turns out it was not a simple cyst as I had hoped but instead I have what is called a Desmoid tumor. Basically it's a cancer type tumor that does not metastasize to other parts of the body (it's localized) so it stays in the original spot.  It's slow growing and attaches to the muscles (in this case my abs).  It's pretty rare but luckily very few people die from it (well that's good news and I guess if I had to get "cancer" this is the one to get).  If you want you can read more about it here.

  • The plan is to have surgery on the 28th, I was hoping sooner but I think I may have pissed of the Nurse when I called back not once, but twice because I hadn't heard from them yet to schedule it... What I was told was he will be cutting out a large portion of my ab muscles (to make sure he gets all the "fingers"  (so it has a harder time growing back) then he will put in a mesh patch to bond the muscles together and hopefully it will hold and new muscles will form over it. (are you freaking kidding I'm finally working on those damn muscles and getting results.  Why can't it be the fat, I still have that and surely I wouldn't care if you cut that off!!). That's why I have to take so much time off from workouts, gotta give my tummy a chance to heal god knows I don't want that shit to rip, could you imagine ouch!! 

  • The bummer besides having my insides be part of a bad game of Fruit Ninja, is that I won't be able to run the Surf City Half this year and extra bummer Barb and CB are... uggg life is being quite the bitch right now.  I did think about pushing the surgery back (it's only a week) but the hubs did not like that idea at all. Really it needs to be done and I can't afford or justify the $125 registration when it's already gonna be tight as all heck if I have to be on disability for any length of time (damn car payment).  So that is the long and short of it.  Until then I'm going to work my ass (and my abs) off while I can, and hopefully being in pretty good shape I will be able to bounce back a little faster.

Oh wait it is....  Well Damn!
*Okay I know I'm making light of a lot of this but it's just my way of coping.  I know that not everyone feels the same or thinks it's funny, but this is how I'm getting though it in my life.  


  1. I'm really sorry you have to go through all this. It's just not fair. I hope that you will heal great after surgery so you can resume your regular routine as soon as possible.

  2. I think you have a great attitude about all of it, Alma. That will help when things get really hard. My suggestion? Request steel mesh for your surgery - Abs of Steel, baby. Done.

    1. Also, my iPad ate the first part of my comment which was - I'm sorry you are going through this. Cancer sucks.

    2. Lol I love it Kelly, I'll look into that :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow, what a pain in the....ABS! (sorry, I have a very dark sense of humor)
    The body part which I left in the surgical discard pan was unfortunately my thyroid gland - I've always said that thyroid cancer is the type to get (if you have to get it at all), but it's made my life a continuous challenge to regulate ye ol' metabolism (even worse since I passed 40)
    Best wishes, Val


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