Weigh In Wendnesday

It's been a full week of carb cycling, it's been ok.  Nothing to drastic but I have noticed I get headaches on my low carb days.  Also I'm having a hard time coming up with some low carb snacks (besides hard boiled eggs or peanut butter). Don't get me wrong I love peanut butter but it's very easy for me to eat the whole damn container.

And the results are today's weight is 174.5  so not quite a pound. Hummm I am actually a little disappointed I was hoping to see a bigger loss especially with the first week of cycling... Maybe it's that damn peanut butter.  I'm really tempted to quit and just go back to doing what I know works for me or at least what has worked for me in the past.  Counting calories and working out and make sure I am measuring out my portions when I track instead of guesstimating like I was starting to do.    

So this happened

Yup it's been less than a month and we've already broken the dog!! I still can't believe it.  It happened when we dropped him of at Grammies I was trying to get his harness on while DQ was holding him and he wriggled out of her arms and fell.  After his intial yelp he seemed ok but when we got back he still wasn't putting any weight on it.  I took him to the vet and turns out his leg is broken in two places HOLY CRAP!  Poor baby I felt so bad.  But no worries he is not letting that cast hold him back he is still all over the place and full of energy!   

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  1. Poor puppy! I hope he'll be all better soon. I'd be terrified to have a little dog because they seem so fragiel. I have a hard time eating low carb. I just feel like crap, tired and I get headaches too. I definitely try not to eat high carb or the "bad" carbs too much, but I have a hard time finding stuff I like to eat.


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